How to wash mold from clothes without damaging the fabric?

How to wash mold from clothes is a question that often arises before many housewives. The fact is that mold on clothes can appear for many reasons. One of these is poor drying of things after washing.

When mold appears on the surface of clothing, itbegins to turn black and green. In the event that molds appear on the surface of natural tissues, their destruction may occur, which leads to spoilage of the product. Natural fabrics in case of their defeatmold fungi are rotted. It is the negative impact of molds on any fabrics that are used in the manufacture of clothing, leads to the fact that the housewives question how to wash mold from clothes at home.

When mold appears on the surface of clothing, it begins to turn black and green

Important! In case mold appeared on the surface of the fabric, do not despair, since there are a lot of ways how to wash the stains from the mold that appear on the clothes.

The causes of the appearance of mold on the surface of clothing

The appearance of mold fungi on tissues is easier to prevent, than then to deal with their excretion.

Disturbance of drying technology - the reason for the appearance of mold on the surface of clothing

In order to prevent contamination with mold fungi, appropriate storage conditions for clothing should be created. The main causes of the appearance of mold are as follows:

  • violation of drying technology;
  • storage of clothing for a long time in a damp environment;

  • Things are amazed at storage with the infected linen located on the next shelf of a wardrobe

  • things are amazed at storage with the infected linen located on the next shelf of a wardrobe.
  • Mold stains on tissues can be black orgreen color. The longer the fungus develops on the surface of clothing, the deeper the fungus enters the thickness of the material. With long-term development of the fungus, a stage begins where it is practically impossible to get rid of mold, or this process becomes very time-consuming and time-consuming. In some cases, after a very long exposure to the materials from which the clothes are made, they begin to rot. Rotting cloth leads to the fact that the thing can not be fixed and it is only necessary to throw it away.

    In order that there is no mold formationon the surface of tissues, it takes drying things to pay great attention. To prevent the occurrence of a problem, you should regularly ventilate the cabinets and rooms where the clothing is stored. This approach to preventing the appearance of the problem can prevent the spread of mold from things that are affected by the fungus to things that do not have mold on their surface.

    Means of household chemicals for removing mold from the surface of clothing

    The only way to prevent the emergence offungus on clothing - creating conditions in which the spread of fungus is impossible. For this purpose, it is necessary not only to regularly ventilate the damp premise, but also to heat it, and clothes that are in such a room should be dried regularly.

    In order to get rid of infection of the tissue with mold fungi, various means of household chemicals can be used

    Is it possible to wash mold from clothes? This question is the first, which is assigned to itself by any mistress, who revealed the presence of fungus on clothes.

    Washing in a washing machine withconventional washing means can not always rid the thing of having a problem. In order to get rid of infection of the tissue with mold fungi, various means of household chemicals can be used.

    Cleaning clothes from fungus using household chemicals

    To answer the question, what can be washed stains of mold from clothes, it is necessary to recall what means of household chemicals exist.

    Hydrogen peroxide from mold fungus

    To remove the fungus, you can use:

  • bleaches;
  • hydrogen peroxide;

  • Household soap for removing mold from clothes

  • special means for removing mold;
  • laundry soap;

  • Ammonia alcohol when removing mold from clothing

  • ammonia;
  • turpentine.
  • In addition, to get rid of the problem you can apply:

  • chalk during ironing;
  • onion juice;

  • Onion juice from mold fungus

  • dairy products;
  • clay.
  • The most common method of removalmold from the surface of clothing is the use of bleach. This method is ideally suited for getting rid of the problem of fungal tissue contamination, capable of withstanding high-temperature processing.

    Application of chalk to remove traces of fungus from clothing

    How to wash black mold from clothes withbleach? For this purpose it is necessary to boil a thing in water with the addition of a small amount of bleach, for example, you can use "Whiteness". Boiling an object in a bleach solution allows you to safely get rid of the presence of mold on the fabric. Thus, it is possible to carry out processing of cotton fabrics of white color, which easily tolerate boiling. When processing, the process should be constantly monitored. The spots formed by mold begin to disappear after 10-15 minutes after the beginning of the boil. Once the dirt has disappeared, the clothes should be removed from the solution and washed.

    Sour-milk products when removing fungus from clothes

    To carry out the procedure, you will need to prepare a working solution. The solution is prepared in the following proportion - 1 liter of water should be added 2 tablespoons of whitening composition.

    Than you can wash the mold with white clothes -a question that arises if the use of bleach is impossible due to the fact that the fabric is not capable of withstanding high-temperature processing.

    Clay in the fight against mold

    To remove mold on this type of fabric,use hydrogen peroxide. This chemical substance easily copes with pollution. When using this compound, make sure that peroxide does not damage the color of the fabric. If the use of hydrogen peroxide is possible, then it is applied to the spot for 20-30 minutes. After this time, the processed item should be sent to the laundry. After washing, the thing will get its normal look.

    The use of onions, fermented milk products, clay, turpentine and ammonia

    One of the most extravagant methods, how one can wash mold from colored clothes, is the use of onion juice. Despite its extravagance, it is quite effective.

    Turpentine for removing mold from clothes

    It is necessary to cut the bulb into several parts andscroll them in the blender. After this, the onion juice is squeezed out of the resulting mass. The resulting juice is applied to the contamination. To clean the stain should be left for 30-40 minutes. After the thing should be sent to the laundry. This method is effective in the processing of a small contamination formed on colored clothing.

    To get rid of mold you can use sour-milk products. For this purpose, whey is best suited. Serum is filled with contamination, formed on clothes.

    On a note! After 20-30 minutes of interaction, the contaminated thing should be washed in the usual way.

    To remove stains on colored clothing, you canuse ammonia alcohol. To remove stains, apply the solution to them and wait for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, the garment should be washed in a washing machine. Before using ammonia, as well as with the use of hydrogen peroxide, you should check the effect of the solution on the color of the fabric.

    When removing mold stains from dyed tissueYou can use cosmetic clay and turpentine. For this purpose, it is necessary to spread the contaminated area of ​​clothing on a horizontal surface, pour the stain with turpentine and sprinkle with clay. Then cover the place with a sheet of paper and iron it for 5 minutes. After the treatment, shake the clay and send the item to the wash.

    To remove contaminants, you can uselaundry soap. How to wash mold stains from white clothes with the help of laundry soap, experienced housewives know. The fact is that laundry soap is the most common household chemical product that is available in every home.

    To remove dirt, rub the stain with a piece of soap and send the item to warm water. The effectiveness of cleaning depends on the concentration of soap in water.

    Use of lemon to clean clothes and prevent the appearance of fungal contamination

    How to wash the mold from the surface of clothing,if an unstable dye is used in the manufacture of the article. In this situation, lemon juice helps. To remove stains, treat the contamination sites with lemon juice and sprinkle with salt in a few minutes. After the treatment site has dried, contaminated clothing should be washed in the usual way using detergent. Mistresses should remember that molds are afraid of exposure to acidic medium, so instead of lemon juice you can use acetic acid. It should be noted that when working with this chemical compound, care should be taken not to harm the body during its use.

    Lemon for cleaning clothes from mold

    To prevent the appearance of specific mold fungus spots and to prevent the appearance of the smell of mold on things, certain clothing storage rules should be observed:

    1. Moldy fungi love a moist and warm environment. For this reason, before storing things for storage, you should make sure that they are completely dry. Even after ironing, things can have a high level of humidity, so after completing work with the iron, it is recommended that you wait a while before placing the garments in a closet or chest of drawers.
    2. In the process of storing things in a closet, it is recommended that they be shifted with moisture-absorbing special packs.

    Habitats of mold

    1. Periodically, the ventilation of the wardrobes and the drying of the chest of drawers should be carried out.
    2. To prevent the appearance of mold, it is forbidden to store together clean and dirty clothes.
    3. It is necessary to strive to ensure that the air in the room does not have a high level of humidity.

    Vanish for washing clothes

    1. Do not install the wardrobe veryclose to the wall, since it creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of mold. The distance from the back wall of the cabinet and up to the wall should ensure a normal circulation of air masses.

    If all the same fungal infection of clothesoccurred, then to clean the affected tissue, you can perfectly use the remedy, which is available in almost every mistress. Such a means is "Vanish". The fact is that mold is a very sensitive fungus to the effect of oxygen-containing stain removers on it. By the way, "Vanish" is an excellent tool that allows you to get rid of fungal contamination on the surface of colored fabrics.