How to properly clean the sneakers?

Know how to clean the sneakers, should any man,actively engaged in sports and prefer a healthy lifestyle. The thing is that, despite the wide distribution of running shoes, conventional sneakers are still a very popular footwear among athletes and tourists. In this case, they naturally get dirty and lose their appearance, which must be periodically put in order.

In order to understand how to clean the sneakers, it will be necessary to decide in advance with the method of such cleaning

Preparation of the shoe for cleaning, cleaning itself

Most of the instructions, written on the topic of that,how to clean rag-top sneakers, argue that immediately before the cleaning itself, it will be necessary to perform some preparatory procedures without fail. For example, they include:

  1. Cleaning the rubber soles of shoes from dirt with the use of warm water, rags, brushes and cleaning products.
  2. External inspection of the shoe for any mechanical damage.
  3. Washing of insoles and laces.

In order to understand how to clean the sneakers, it will be necessary to decide in advance with the method of such cleaning. So usually this kind of footwear is cleaned and washed by hand. The fact is that this washing protects both the sneakers and the drum of the washing machine against possible mechanical damages.

The finished cleaning agent will need to be applied to the fabric base and sole

At the same time, before cleaning begins, it will be necessaryprepare the cleaning powder, adding warm water to it to get a gruel. Usually they take the usual washing, but there is also a way to clean the sneakers with soda. The finished cleaning agent will need to be applied to the fabric base and sole. After that, the shoes should be cleaned with an old toothbrush and washed with plenty of running water. If the first such cleaning does not help, the procedure will need to be repeated.

For cleaning you can use baking soda

In the event that you know how to clean the sneakers,and want to enhance the effect of using the above-described cleanser, you can add a simple vinegar in a 2: 1 ratio. In this case, in any case, after the end of the procedure, the cleanser should be thoroughly washed off the surface of this shoe. If this is not done, on its obverse side there will be ugly yellow divorces.

To enhance the effect, you can add vinegar

You can also clean your sneakers at home withusing a mixture of vinegar, soda and lemon juice in a ratio of 3: 2: 1. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the surface of the shoe, after which it is also washed off. Instead of all these mixtures, in principle, you can also use a detergent or shampoo.

After the end of cleaning and rinsing,the shoes will dry in a suspended state. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to dry the sneakers near the heating devices or on them in order to avoid deformation of the sole.

You can also clean the sneakers at home using a mixture of vinegar, soda and lemon juice in a ratio of 3: 2: 1

Methods for the removal of persistent contaminants

If you have a question, how to clean the sneakersfrom yellow spots or, for example, from grass, you will need to separately study the issue of their excretion. For this purpose, it is usually recommended to use a stain remover or a special detergent for stain removal. In addition, traces of grass can be very successfully derived from mixed with lemon juice soda.

The composition described above is applied to spots approximately20 minutes. After that, you can wash the sneakers with the same detergent. Then follows the rinse procedure in order to wash off the cleaning compound.

Starting to use serious cleaning methods, be sure to make sure that your shoes are quality

On a note! If you need to understand how to clean the sneakers from the yellow spots on the sole, it will be necessary to study the ways of using chlorinated bleach.

It needs to be diluted in a ratio of 1:10. After the solution has been prepared, it will need to lower the sole of the shoe for about 30 minutes. Then they are washed by hand and dried, setting vertically.

By the way, beginning to apply serious methodsclean, make sure that your shoes are quality. Low-quality footwear can simply get unstuck. Particularly carefully this issue will need to be studied before starting a machine wash. In addition, before loading into the drum, you will need to clean the shoes with a toothpick and rinse. If you do not remove the dirt from the sole, the topped shoe made of textiles will become gray-dirty and they will become unattractive.

Before loading into the drum, it will be necessary to clean the shoes with a toothpick and rinse

In addition, many guidelines on the issue, likeclean the sneakers with toothpaste, suggest using such a cleaning before washing. To do this, a toothpaste of white color is applied to the previously moistened shoes and the old dirt is cleaned with old toothbrush. After this, the composition is left on it for 20 minutes and washed off. At the end of this procedure, the sneakers can be washed in a washing machine.

Understanding the question of how to clean the tissuesneakers, remember that not always they are white. So, the industry produces similar shoes, painted in red, black, blue. Not all of them are resistant to cleaning and detergents, so before starting any cleaning it is worth checking them on a small area of ​​the product. If it feels good under the influence of this or that cleaning powder, you can clean them all together.

When washing in a washing machine, the sneakers should be placed in a special protective bag or an old pillow case

Washing the sneaker in a washing machine

Despite the fact that manythe question of how to clean the sneakers, do not recommend washing machines for this, there is still the possibility to mechanize this process. To do this, you will need to place your shoes in a special protective bag or an old pillow case. In this case, the sneakers will not damage the drum of the washing machine and will not themselves get damaged.

As with the sneakers, you will need toSelect a special or delicate wash mode, but do not use spin. The water temperature in the machine should not exceed 35 ° C. As for cleaning products, for machine washing it will be possible to apply special cleaning agents or specialized liquid formulations.

To enhance the effect it will be necessary to turn on the additional rinse mode, and also add oxygen bleach

In any case, use the usual washingthe powder is highly discouraged, as it is poorly rinsed, and the remaining yellow stripes are hard to remove. In the event that all the same will be used exclusively washing powder, it will need to take in the amount of half a measuring cup. This will be quite enough for washing, and the product will not be affected in any way.

In addition, to enhance the effect, it will be necessary toturn on the additional rinse mode, and add oxygen bleach. Old contamination should be cleaned separately. After the end of washing, the sneakers are put on vertically placed objects and dried in the sun.

Important! By the way, it is worth noting the fact that the shoelaces and insole on your shoes should be washed separately. This is connected with the fact that they can get into the drum of the washing machine and spoil it.

As a result, you not only do not wash them, but also lose very expensive equipment.

Separately it is necessary to say about washing ked, decoratedvarious decorative elements, for example, reflectors. They will need to be removed before being placed in the washing machine. Thus, you can protect it from possible damage while saving the accessories you need from destruction.

If you are afraid of washing your shoes inwashing machine by yourself, contact for this in a professional dry cleaning. There you will perform this washing, as much as possible preserving your shoes. True, it will cost a decent amount of money.

Basics of cleaning the soles

Many owners of the footwear described very oftenAsk the question, how to clean the sole of the soda with soda. However, in addition to soda, there is a large number of tools that can clear this part of your ships. For example, a normal eraser can easily cope with stains on the sole. To do this, it must be wet, and the eraser itself is dry. After you erase the stain, the sole will need to be wiped dry.

Often one can hear the question of how to clean the soleKed, in addition to using the eraser, lemon juice can help in this. The sole is wiped with a lobule of this fruit, as a result of which the divorces and spots appearing on the sole are excellent. After 15 minutes have passed, the sneakers will need to be stretched under running water or wiped with the same rag.

A normal eraser can easily cope with stains on the sole

Acetone also allows you to make the sole clean. To do this, the contamination is wiped off with this substance, the field of which is washed off with clean water. In some cases, it can be replaced with a liquid to remove varnish.

Medical alcohol is also used to remove stains

Also, answer the question how to clean the sneakersfrom dirt, you will be helped by substances such as Vaseline, medical alcohol, gasoline, stain removers. All of them are used in the same way by applying to the place of contamination, after which they are washed off. The effectiveness of these tools is different, and you in case of need will have to experimentally select a working cleaner for a particular model of shoes.

In some, you can use a nail polish remover

There is also a radical method of combating allpollution - repainting. There is a special white paint, which allows you to simply paint all the spots that are not visible, located on the sole. As a result, you will get almost new sneakers without any contamination.

A similar effect has some sprays. When you apply them, you do not have to paint anything, and the effect will be about the same. However, it is worth remembering that such sprays and paints are very expensive, so it makes sense to use them only if this or that thing is dear to you or you can not replace it.

Gasoline can be used to remove stains

Repair of rags

During the cleaning of shoes can reveal its defectsand shortcomings. So, for example, you can see the gusts on the cloth surface of your shoes. They are easily repaired, for example, they can be patched on, which will give them a very unusual and original appearance. In addition, at the site of the rush, you can make a vent hole, sweeping its edges or inserting a clip.

Sometimes there is a separation of the cloth top fromrubber outsole. Such damage is most difficult to repair, since they require the use of a hot press. At home, you can glue only a small rush with a rubber glue.

At the site of the rush, it is possible to make a vent

The same glue sticks punctures and holesdirectly in the soles of the shoes. If they are small, then your shoes will last you long enough. In the event that such punctures are large enough, you can not use your sneakers in rainy weather, so be careful on your walk.

Important! In any case, the guarantee of a long service life of the shoe is the strict observance of the rules of their operation, as well as the fulfillment of all requirements declared by the manufacturer.

Only in this case they will serve you more than one season, but several years. As a result, you will not have to part with your favorite shoes, which are already worn and comfortably sitting on your leg.