How to remove the unpleasant smell of burning in the apartment?

Often, after cooking a dishit is required not only to clean the kitchen, but also to ventilate the room well. Many housewives do not know how quickly to remove the smell of burning from the apartment, and in fact such information can be useful both in everyday situations and just before the arrival of guests.

Step-by-step instruction

If you smell burning, follow the directions below:

  1. Find and neutralize the source. All your attempts to clean the room of an unpleasant smell are vain, if you have not eliminated its original cause. This may be an unplugged iron, burned food on the stove or in the oven, or, more rarely, candles.
  2. Once you get rid of the source,proceed to ventilate the room. Open the windows wide, turn on the fan. Air conditioning with air circulation function and hood above the stove will also be useful if you are trying to clean the smell of burning.
  3. Do a wet cleaning. Furniture and floors are extremely sensitive to smells and absorb fumes. Vacuum the furniture, make sure that the ambre does not come from the chairs or the sofa. If the cleaning did not help, most likely, fragrant things will have to be thrown away.
  4. As a rule, for air purificationventilation, but in severe situations (for example, if something big like a curtain burned down in the house, or a fire happened on the floor below), it is recommended that you use the steam cleaner on a regular basis for a while.
  5. Cleaners of air will help you to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

If you feel the smell of burning, proceed to airing the room

Advice! Use unobtrusive aromas: needles, sea breeze, lavender.

Objects can also be spread out around the house, absorbing the smell. In hardware stores there are inexpensive and convenient products for this purpose, from handy tools - peel from oranges.

Fire in the apartment: what to do?

In this case we are talking about a localizedignition, and not about the whole apartment. For example, either a piece of furniture caught fire, or was left inadvertently left near an open fire (near the fireplace) clothes. If you are in a similar situation, follow the simple rules:

  • Immediately put out the thing and make sure it does notburned nearby objects. Even if something is smoldering, and not burning, fill it with water just in case. As a rule, it is much more convenient to use water from improvised funds in water, rather than land, although the second option copes with fire much more effectively.
  • If the fire is large (let's say, the sofa is lit up), remember the school physics course and block the air access to the fire with a large veil.
  • Important! Be sure to make sure that the cover is not made of synthetic fibers and dense enough to not catch fire immediately.

    Otherwise, you will have one more problem.

  • If you doubt that you will manage to cope with the fire on your own, call firefighters.
  • Ventilate the room. Ideally, if the windows were open before you extinguished the object: the carbon monoxide accumulating in the apartment is toxic and dangerous for your health.
  • Most likely, burning items to youwill have to be thrown out. In them, the smell of burning burns firmly, which will not allow him to quickly remove him from the apartment. If the fire has somehow burned the carpet, but it is mostly not hurt, you can send it to the dry cleaning.
  • Examine the floor and walls for the presence of soot. The plaster does not absorb odors, so it will be enough to wipe the walls with a damp cloth to get rid of the dark plaque. But with the floor made of wood, linoleum and wallpaper, there can be more problems: they become impregnated with fire. Most likely, you have to spend time on repairs.
  • In any case, do a wet cleaning,focusing on the room in which the fire occurred. Look at the items that it could potentially hurt. Even if they do not catch fire, this does not mean that the soot has not settled on them. Wipe them with a damp cloth on all sides.
  • Air freshener with own hands

    Many are interested in how to remove the residual smell of burning in the apartment? The most effective option is air fresheners, but using chemical purchased fresheners on an ongoing basis can be not only expensive, but also harmful.

    Orange peel can save you for a short time from the smell of burning

    Below are presented several options for fresheners from improvised means:

  • orange peel can save youa short time from smell with a small fire. To enclose to her the entire apartment is not necessary, it is enough to lay the skin on the place where there was an open fire;
  • a refresher based on alcohol is made from crushed orange skins (1 pc.) and lemon (1 pc.), vodka (150-200 ml). You can also add aromatic oils at your own discretion: 4-5 drops.
  • Advice! Citrus fragrances are most preferred, since they combine well with lemon and orange.

    It is necessary to finely chop or rub the rind, insist with vodka and oils for 2 days. After pour into sprayer and pour water to the top;

  • finely ground coffee gives a strong and pleasantaroma. It is enough to pour it into small bags and arrange it in those places where you want to smell coffee. A similar effect is produced by cinnamon. If desired, you can mix coffee with spices and dried flowers;
  • excellent odor absorption properties have soda. It is enough to pour it into an open jar and put it in a problem place.

  • Finely ground coffee gives a strong and pleasant aroma

    As an alternative,Special aromatic sticks, one end of which is lowered into oil, and the other is ignited. Such a freshener gives a persistent intoxicating aroma that effectively breaks the smell of burning, but is rather intrusive, which causes some headaches and malaise. If you chose this solution, the main thing is not to overdo it.

    Smell burning in the house - an unpleasant, but solvablecircumstance, if you approach it wisely. If you quickly and carefully solve this issue, in the future there should be no problems with the elimination of the consequences.