How to choose finished curtains for the kitchen?

Kitchen - one of the most important premises of the apartment, wherein the evenings the whole family gathers, and on holidays they take them for supper or a gala dinner for the guests. It is not surprising that residents try to choose suitable ready curtains for the kitchen. The abundance of materials, colors and textures makes this task quite difficult, but you can cope with it knowing the basic principles of approach to this issue.

Advantages of ready-made curtains

Comparing this option with homemade analogs, first of all it is necessary to understand, is the game worth the candle?

  1. Ready-made curtains get much faster thanmake them yourself. To create a really high-quality product of manual labor at the output, it will be necessary to hold a sewing machine for one evening.
  2. Making curtains by hand, you risk the quality of things: it's not always possible to do the first thing that you expect from the first time.
  3. In the end, the finished curtains arecheaper: you do not overpay for unused material (fabric is bought by the meter, it is by no means a fact that you will need the whole purchased "piece"), and machine labor is a mere penny, because the factory produces thousands of curtains, like yours, every day.

Curtains for the kitchen can be bought in specialized stores

Brag of the individuality of your curtains, a miracle of design thought, you, of course, will not succeed, but buying a finished curtain gives a guarantee of price and quality, saving your strength and time.

Required characteristics

Curtains for the kitchen can vary in color, size, etc., but they all share common features:

  1. Kitchen - a working room, where there is always somethingprepare. In this regard, the probability of rapid contamination of curtains is high. It is recommended to buy thin models by the type of tulle: they provide a better ventilation and are easily washed in the typewriter.
  2. Do not get dark in color curtains, ifThe room is relatively small: it visually reduces it. Moreover, light colors create a feeling of lightness and set a positive attitude. They also burn less in summer from sunlight.

Curtains for a kitchen made of light material are easier to wash

Curtains for a small kitchen are better to choose light shades, this will visually expand the space

How is color chosen?


Both monochrome and transparent curtains are selectedon the basic scale of an interior, and the reference point goes on contrasting light tones. Dense curtains get dirty faster, but in some cases, it's necessary to purchase them (for example, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen in the evenings and do not want occasional passers-by when you see the light from the street).

Advice! If you are not ready to often wash the curtains,Choose a neutral color that fits your interior, but is dark enough to refuse daily washing. An example of such an idea is presented in the photo below:

The room of the kitchen is usually small, so it's better to choose light shades for curtains, but you can choose not white, but other shades

Patterns on curtains

Manufacturers of curtains do not limitbuyers in the choice of different patterns: you can find almost any interesting drawing: animals, flowers, all sorts of variations of the ornament. In the last few years, the popularity is gaining Japanese curtains with flowers, as well as a classic cage! Regarding the latter, it is sufficient to choose the right size and color scheme, and the room will play with new colors. To emphasize the unity of the interior, get a tablecloth with a similar pattern.

Curtains with animal print in the kitchen

Curtains with a flower pattern in the kitchen

Curtains for kitchen with kitchen ornament in the form of knives

Curtains for kitchen in a cage

Do photoshop fittings fit the kitchen?

As for the photoshort, this option is possible,but it is not known how long the curtains will remain bright: permanent washing and involuntary air pollution from regular cooking will certainly affect the state of things. Thus, you can certainly take a chance, but this solution will be more advantageous in the bedroom or in the living room.

Photo-blinds in the kitchen with a watermelon print

Photo-stitches in the kitchen with a floral print

Curtains color-block

Combination of several colors on one piece of fabrichas long been not a novelty, but the Danish artist Piet Mondrian invented an original and laconic idea of ​​a combination of colors that would suit any color scheme. Example you can see in the photo:

Curtains color-block combines several colors, sharply transient in each other

Options for combining shades of curtains Color-block

Piet Mondrian is an artist who invented Color-block curtains

Interesting! Sharply changing colors one to another look European in a strict and contrast way, that with the right selection of a shade creates a sense of involvement in the work of a professional designer.

Types of curtains

As a rule, for kitchens are used simple, butneat and pleasingly shaped curtains, which are primarily practical in use: classic, hourglass, cafe-style curtains, Roman, roller blinds, bamboo, pleated and blinds.


Classic curtains and curtains aretwo cloths from materials of different thickness: tulle and directly curtains. As a rule, a simplified version of one curtain is used for the kitchen, in order to avoid excessive accumulation of dirt. There are different ways of fastening:

  • loops;
  • ties;
  • kuliska;
  • eyelets.

  • Classic curtains in the kitchen can usually be found with tulle and ties for assembly from the side

    Classic curtains are usually calm colors and can be attached to the kulisuke

    Curtains in the kitchen can be attached to the eyelets

    Curtains can also be attached to ties

    Curtains for kitchens on hinges

    You can buy the materials necessary for fixing by looking into any tulle salon.

    Curtains "hourglass"

    Fabric is fixed on special strings onsides and fastened to the upper and lower kulisks, after which it is pulled in the middle by a strip of cloth of the same color. This creates a shape similar in appearance to an hourglass:

    Curtains "hourglass" in the kitchen stretched tape in the middle

    Curtains in the style of "cafe"

    This option involves dividing the window into twopart, with only the lower one curtained. This makes the room lighter and more comfortable. Curtains made of organza - an excellent choice of material for this style:

    Curtains in the style of "cafe" in the kitchen with the bottom and top, such curtains let light pass even in the closed state

    There are options for curtains in the kitchen in the style of "Cafe", where only the bottom curtains that open the top of the window

    Curtains in the kitchen from organza in the style of "cafe" look light and airy

    Roman curtains

    One of the most common solutions forKitchen curtains - Roman. They easily gather in a narrow strip of fabric, if you pull the cord, which allows you to quickly and effortlessly ventilate the room. Also, this option does not involve the use of a large fabric, so the model is easily erased. A few ideas on the photo:

    Roman curtains in the kitchen are very convenient to use, pulling upwards creates folds

    Roman curtains with a pattern in the kitchen

    Flower Roman curtains in the kitchen

    Variants of folds of Roman curtains

    Roller blades

    Similar to the Roman curtains - rolltype of curtains or roller blinds. The curtain is wound on a hollow shaft and folds into a neat roll. By the same principle, bamboo curtains are made, in which thin bamboo branches are used instead of cloth. It looks unusual and fits perfectly to the style of eco. In addition, bamboo is not spoiled by fumes during cooking, and it is regularly enough to wipe it to get rid of dirt.

    Roller blinds in the kitchen are assembled by winding on a horizontal element to hold the roll mechanism, you can use garters

    Roller blinds in the kitchen in the cage

    Roller mechanism of roller blinds can be located on top

    Bamboo roller blinds are natural and perfectly suited for eco-friendly interiors, and let sunlight pass even in the closed state

    Plisset and Blinds

    Blinds are a winning option in terms ofcleaning, but you will hardly be able to experiment with flowers and patterns. Plisse is an analogue of blinds using pleated fabric, outwardly reminiscent of ordinary horizontal blinds, as in the photo below:

    Curtains pleated in the kitchen reminiscent of a type of blinds, but created from cloth

    Curtains pleated in the kitchen in width can be on the whole window

    Curtains - pleated in the kitchen for convenience can be on each leaf

    Material selection

    Sets of curtains - the pleasure is not cheap,so make a decision in advance with the material. Kitchen curtains should not show the wealth of their owner, but emphasize the unity of the interior, performing the simplest economic functions. Below are the materials that are best suited for a given purpose.

    Well, if the curtains for the kitchen are suitable for textiles surrounding textiles


    Organza curtains are an air solution similar to tulle, which is represented by a wide variety of colors. You can definitely find something to your liking, for example on the photo:

    Curtains from organza are great for the kitchen, as they are light and airy, let in air, and also wear off well


    Polyester - thick enough fabric, but it is notis deformed from frequent washing, which makes it one of the main contenders for the kitchen. If you are going to install classic curtains (tulle and curtain of thick fabric), then this option is exactly what you are looking for.

    Curtains made of polyester in the kitchen are light, but durable

    Tulle fabric

    Curtains from organza tend to be cheaper thantulle, as the latter is often made from natural materials: silk, cotton, etc. This light translucent fabric looks beautiful in combination with contrasting elements of the interior.

    Advice! Also in tandem with tulle, as well as with organza curtains, you can hang fabrics of dense fabric.

    Tulle in the kitchen gives elegance to the room

    When buying ready-made curtains for the kitchen, there is alwayswide assortment, a rich choice. It is enough to go to the catalog of any store curtains on the Internet and choose the model you like. Pleasure yourself and your family with a cozy and stylish kitchen with unusual curtains!