Wall and metal cornices for curtains

Decorating the interior of the room, you should payattention to even the most seemingly insignificant details. When you design the window aperture you can not do without such an important element as the curtain rod for curtains. Despite the fact that it does not take up much space, it can dramatically change the visual perception of the room. Approach to choosing the right product should be veryReally. Be sure to consider the features of the room, its design, the kind of curtains, the shape of the window, as well as the color range used in the room. But do not forget that the cornice is primarily a functional accessory. He must not only harmoniously fit into the interior, but also keep the curtains on himself, ensure unimpeded work with them.

Main characteristics

Before proceeding with the selection of design andcoloring, it is necessary to determine the installation site and the method of fixing the cornice, to correctly calculate the required size. To do this, you need to measure and using a tape measure to know the width of the window span, the distance from the wall to the curtains, the distance between the side walls at the window, the length of the span between the ceiling and the top edge of the window. Using a cheat sheet with these records, you quickly pick up the right product in the store.

Before choosing curtains, you need to measure the width of the window

A very important point in choosing the right modelis the type of arrangement of the cornice and its length. Take into account that the cornice includes not only a crossbeam, but also two special tips. And now we offer to consider the most common accommodation options and their features.

  1. If you want to install a wall-mounted cornice in the way "from wall to wall", then its length should be a few centimeters less than the distance between the walls. Basically, such a product is mounted on 3-4 brackets.
  2. When placed directly above the window,experts recommend to stop their choice on the cornice, the length of which is 30-40 centimeters more than the width of the window. Please note that in this case, the console is mounted on the wall. This allows you to easily expand the curtains and adjust the degree of illumination.

Classification of cornices for curtains

Wall curtain rails can be the most diverse in form, material, kind of tips, fasteners

It should be noted! As in the first, and in the second variant it is necessaryleave enough room to install the brackets. With insufficient distance from the window opening to the ceiling, you can not place them, so be sure to consider this feature. If you have already made a mistake, the only solution is to place the brackets slightly below the top edge of the window, on the wall.

Types of fastening curtains to the cornices: on the eyelets, various holders, ropes, loops

Also, when determining the method of attachment,Consider the location of pipes, batteries and the width of the window sill. The curtains should move freely along the cornice, without touching them. Carry out the necessary calculations and determine the optimal distance from the wall to the eaves rod.
Now consider the question of how muchbrackets will be required for installation. It all depends on the length of the bar: if it does not exceed 2 meters, it is enough to buy 2 brackets. The longer the length, the more holders you will need. The distance between them should be 1.5-2 meters, so that they keep the cornice well, and the bars do not sag.

The width of the cornice's location on the window also depends on the width of the sill and the battery

Once all calculations have been completed, you can proceed with choosing the type and design of the product. There are many varieties, so consider the most popular models.

Cornices made of wood

This is a traditional version of thelovers of natural materials. This species is usually made from cherry, oak, pine or walnut. Such cornices are made both flat and round with a set of rings. Usually, the color of the tree is selected so that it harmonizes with furniture or flooring. So you can complement the interior with a decorative element, make it whole and cozy.

Shades of wooden curtain rods differ depending on the type of wood

In addition to round-shaped wooden curtain rails, there are flat

Carved wooden curtain rods look very beautiful for curtains

Cornices made of metal

Performed in the color of gold or chromium, haverounded guides. Perfectly complement the interior of rooms made in the classical style. This is due not only to their representative appearance, but also to a good load-bearing capacity. The fact is that in the arrangement of such premises, as a rule, rather heavy curtains with volumetric folds are used, so the cornice must be reliable. Wall-mounted metal curtain rods are often used in modern designs, see for yourself by viewing the photo.

Metal cornice is great for modern interiors

Metal cornices can be made of different types of metal: copper, stainless steel, bronze and other

String cornices

Perhaps the best solution for those who preferminimalism. Instead of the traditional bar, a very thin string is used here, which is almost invisible. The design consists of brackets attached to the ceiling or walls, and a thin steel string stretched between them. It seems that the curtains are floating on an invisible thread. But it should be noted that such a product can withstand the weight of light curtains made of air-translucent material.

String cornice suitable for not heavy curtains

String cornices are used in the design of Roman curtains

Forged cornices

They are made by craftsmen on individualorders, so the tips can be made in a variety of forms. Such products point to the social status of the owner and emphasize his personality. Modifications there are many, but more often there are two-row, single, string cornices. As a rule, the adjustment is done manually: using a special cord or handle.

Note! Modern models are often equipped with an electric drive, thanks to which you can open and close the windows with a remote control. This is very convenient, because all the necessary manipulations you can conduct remotely.

Forged curtain rod for curtains can be supplemented with beautiful forged elements

Forged curtain rods may be of unusual shape

Variants of forged cornices for curtains are very beautiful, but more expensive

Profile systems

Thanks to the combination of metal profilecornices with plastic fittings, finished products are light and durable. In addition, they can be given almost any form, so they are used to create exquisite arched windows. Such systems will be particularly useful if the distance between the ceiling and the window opening is too small for another type of installation. They are almost invisible, but can not withstand the weight of heavy curtains. By the way, such models are often supplemented with special mechanisms for closing curtains. Thus, you do not have to touch the fabric, and this, in turn, will help keep it clean and significantly extend the service life. The advantages of this type include ease of operation, functionality, the ability to create a unique shape of the window opening and installation of multi-layer curtains.

Profile curtain systems for curtains are specialized systems

Advice! If you plan to complement the interior of the roomluxurious curtains of dense material, then use profile systems with filler. They not only have a beautiful appearance, but also can withstand the weight of heavy curtains.

Plastic cornices

Plastic cornices have a fairly low price andare one of the most budgetary options for window arrangement. But thanks to a wide range of colors, textures and designs, they make a worthy competition to expensive analogues. It is necessary to take into account only the fact that colored products do not tolerate the influence of sunlight and can burn out. Better give preference to stylish black molded cornices or models made "under the tree." They will serve you for many years, preserving the original appearance.

Plastic curtain rods for curtains

Framing cornices

By design, they are similar to the profile ones, but they haveone important difference. Their peculiarity is that all the fastening elements are hidden behind the decorative strip. This allows you not to clutter the interior with unnecessary details and give the window aesthetic appearance. Due to the variety of shapes, colors and sizes, the curtain rails for curtains will perfectly fit into any design. They are easy to care for and operate, they have an excellent appearance, and even multi-layered sets of curtains with lambrequin can stand. The profile can be single-row, double-row or three-row, which makes it possible to create a unique composition from fabrics of different shades.

Advice! When choosing such a cornice, pay special attention to the color and shape of the baguette, because they are the basis of the decorative design.

Cornices can be hidden behind beautiful baguettes

Baguettes for curtains can be made of fabric

It is interesting to look at leather moldings for cornices

Summing up

As you can see, when interior decoration is importantEach detail and even the choice of such an element as the cornice is not an easy task. Fortunately, there are many varieties on the market and each buyer will be able to pick up the product to taste. But do not forget about the recommendations of experienced designers. So, baguette, wooden and round cornices are perfect for decorating a room in a classical style, and the string advantageously complements the minimalist design. Roman curtains are best used in conjunction with an aluminum profile, and the curtains with a lambrequin can only withstand a triple cornice. Multicolored plastic will find its use in the nursery, and luxurious forged models - in rooms trimmed with natural wood. If the windows in the apartment are small, visually increase them will help a long cornice. When the curtains cover most of the wall, it seems that the window opening is much larger than it actually is. We hope that these simple tips will help you find the perfect cornice that will last you for many years. Good luck!