Wall curtain rails for curtains

The interior of any room is made up of massesvarious details, and that it looked harmonious it is necessary to select elements that complement and emphasize each other. An important role in the design of the room is played by the design of the window opening: curtains, curtains, cornice, should be similar in style with all the decoration of the room.
The choice of eaves should be taken responsibly, the quality of the retaining curtain depends on its quality, and the appearance of the entire room from the appearance.
Various curtain rails have design features, and in the place of attachment they are divided into ceiling and wall. The photo shows a variety of wall curtain rails:

For fixing to the wall, special brackets are used, their reliability depends on the reliability and durability of the entire structure, which experiences a constant load under the weight of the curtains.

Distinctive features

The modern market offers great varietywall cornices, cardinally different from each other both externally and functionally. To stop your choice on a certain model, you need to carefully understand all the features and only then choose the most suitable option.

The choice of material for the manufacture of wall cornices, allows you to choose the most suitable, for specific conditions and style. For their manufacture use:

  • tree;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • combine various materials.

  • Configurations of cornices there is a huge amount, but they are divided into several main types:

  • round;
  • profile;
  • Framing;
  • string.
  • Some cornices for curtains wall equipSpecial systems for the movement of curtains, with a sliding or lifting mechanism. Such adaptations make it convenient to control the movement of curtains along the eaves horizontally or vertically along the window.

    All the cornices are equipped with the fastenings necessaryfor hanging curtains. It can be different in form hooks, runners, rings, clips, in some cases you can use special loops on curtains, eyelets or wings that thread on the eaves rod.

    Details about the materials

    Choosing a cornice for curtains wall must start withconsidering the material from which it is made. Modern technology allows you to create cornices from individual materials, or by combining them.

    Practical plastic

    The most budgetary and practical option is a plastic cornice.

    He is not afraid of wet cleaning and is resistant totemperature differences, can take various forms and is made in a wide color palette. Plastic cornices can be safely used in rooms with high humidity, they do not act sudden temperature changes. Plastic due to decoration can be visually similar to any material, wood or metal.

    It is soft and flexible - it allows you to useits in hard-to-reach places or for the design of complex window openings. A polyurethane curtain can be made of plastic, which is given any curved configuration. This material is used for the manufacture of flexible cornices for curtains, which are ideal for the design of non-standard in shape windows or arched balcony openings.

    A significant disadvantage is insufficientthe strength of this material, so modern manufacturers strengthen certain designs with a metal base, creating combined models. The outer part of these cornices is made of plastic, and for strengthening, the inner filling is made of a more durable metal.

    Classic wood

    The use of wood for the manufacture of cornicesdue to its excellent qualities. Ecological cleanness, durability and beautiful aesthetic appearance make wooden eaves very popular. They are used in different rooms and are suitable for a variety of styles of room decoration.

    For the production of wooden consoles are usedtrees with a fairly dense structure and pronounced longitudinal fibers. These trees include oak, walnut or cherry. From coniferous rocks, cheaper structures are made.
    Wooden cornices serve for a long time, it is a reliable and durable material.

    Modern technologies and decoration materials allow creating cornices with a variety of designs. Constructions are made one or two-row, this makes it possible to choose the required option.

    Reliable metal

    Widely used for the manufacture of cornicesdifferent metals: aluminum, steel, brass, bronze. Such cornices have a huge variety of designs and due to their durability and strength they are able to withstand the load of the heaviest curtains.

    A variety of design solutions allowUse metal cornices in different styles of rooms, with all kinds of curtains, from light and transparent from tulle, to dense and massive of velvet. Metal cornices are made with a different number of guides, multi-row designs allow the use of complex compositions of curtains. It is necessary to take into account the large weight of metal structures and in advance to think of a reliable fastening to the wall. In the photo, a wall-mounted metal curtain rod for curtains with a secure attachment to the wall:

    The most elegant and rich look cornices forcurtains made of metal, made by the method of art forging. Such suspension systems introduce a special exalted atmosphere into the interior, attracting the central attention to the design of the window.

    Forged cornices for curtains and fastenings to them, have an exquisite and pompous appearance, creating a rich decoration on the windows, not to notice such luxury is impossible.

    Round of configurations

    Forms of cornices on the market are amazingwith its diversity, and it is extremely difficult to find your bearings at first sight. It is necessary to take into account the severity of the panels and their design, dimensions and general interior of the room. Let us dwell on the main forms of suspended systems, which can be supplemented by a multitude of decorative elements decorating the cornices.


    Cornices, classified as round, arefrom one or more rods in the form of a pipe, on which attachments for curtains. With round cornices, you can use curtains on the eyelets - metal or plastic rings, inserted in the curtain panel.

    The diameter of the eaves rod ranges from 2 mm to 50mm. On the same design, booms of various diameters are installed, intended for fastening heavy and light curtains. The heavier the blind, the safer and stronger the bar should be used for it. Round eaves are equipped with a wide variety of decorative tips, artistically designed hanging systems.


    Cornice, consisting of guide rails, withspecial grooves for hooks or sliders, called profile. Such cornices are universal and reliable, and can be used in any interior. A strong guide system allows you to place curtains of varying density on the profile cornice, they are able to withstand any loads.

    Profile cornices have wide functionalPossibilities and convenient for additional equipment with driving devices. Mechanical or electrical devices that move the curtains are easily connected and positioned so that they are visually invisible in the cornice frame.


    Tightened between two brackets rope, oneor several rows, is a string cornice. This is the simplest design of a hanging system for curtains, it is inconspicuous and is not a decorative decoration. Elegant and light string cornice is designed for use with light or short curtains, heavy cloths can cause sagging of the cable, spoiling the appearance of the entire structure.

    String cornices are well suited for widewindow openings, verandas or balconies. The length of other types of cornices is limited, and if it is not enough for a wide window, several adjacent round or profile cornices will have to be installed, which is not always convenient. It is much more practical to use a string system, the length of which is unlimited.


    Any system of cornices can be equipped witha decorative baguette strip. It will serve as an ornament of the whole structure and a qualitative cover for its constituent elements: fasteners, clamps, hooks. A wide selection of sizes, colors and textures allows you to choose a baguette bar to any style of the room and make the window decoration unique and beautiful.

    The surface texture of the baguette can besmooth and relief, with imitation wood carvings or artistic stucco. Can have a different structure for wood, metal, leather or stone, using fabric or wallpaper can be pasted baguette, creating a single composition with the interior of the room.
    Installation of the molding cornice allows you to place a LED backlight behind it, creating a special atmosphere of coziness and lightness in the room, and visually expanding the space.

    Securing the eaves

    Installation of cornice on the wall is carried out withthe use of special brackets. They must be strong enough to be able to securely hold the eave structure together with the curtains. Particular attention should be paid to the elements of fixing the brackets to the wall, it is better to use dowels and screws. Lock the curtain rod for your own curtains is a fairly simple matter, requiring a minimum of installation skills.

    First, the console is leveled in the plane by the leveland outline the fixing points of the holders. At these points make holes, they insert dowels, and fix the brackets. After that, the cornice is securely fixed in brackets and it is possible to hang curtains.

    Rules for choosing the eaves

    The length of the cornice is selected for individualthe size of the window. If the dimensions of the wall allow, it is better that the length of the ledge allows the curtains to be opened, completely opening the window opening. This arrangement of curtains will give the overall interior room harmony and allow you to let more sunlight in the room.

    The material of the eaves should not be chosenonly from personal preferences, but also depending on the weight of the curtains. Stitched curtains from heavy fabrics require reliable structures capable of withstanding significant loads. Light and translucent or short curtains may not harmonize with the massive devices, creating a visual discrepancy.
    On windows with a far protruding window sill, so that the curtain does not lie on it and moves freely, long brackets will be necessary, pushing the cornice away from the plane of the wall.

    Select the appearance of the curtain rod for curtainsexercise carefully. This insignificant element of the interior is always in sight, so it should serve as a decoration of the room, harmoniously fitting into the overall design. In addition to the decorative function, the cornice must be practical, reliable and convenient, therefore, when selecting it, all the factors of exploitation must be taken into account.