Tincture of magnolia vine: instructions for use

Schizandra Chinese - flowering plant,is a liane about 15 meters long. The fruits of magnolia vine contain the lignan substance, which causes their healing properties. The plant grows on the territory of China, Japan, North and South Korea, the Far East of Russia (Sakhalin, Kuriles, Primorsky Krai). Schizandra prefers coniferous-deciduous forests,less common in areas with deciduous trees. For medicinal purposes use bark, fruits, seeds of magnolia vine. From the seeds of plants make tincture on alcohol. Berries of magnolia vine are used in the perfume industry, from them they make drinks, add to confectionery products.


To get quality seeds from fruitsmagnolia vine juice squeezed, after which the seeds are separated from the cake and dried. The fruits of magnolia vine contain citric acid, vitamins E and C, flavonoids, pectins. The seeds of magnolia vine contain essential oils. Medicines from fruits and seeds of magnolia vine have a psychostimulating and toning effect: the work of respiratory and cardiovascular systems improves, blood pressure is normalized, work efficiency is increased, fatigue at loads decreases. The use of Chinese magnolia vine fruit is indicated for neurasthenic disorders of sexual function. Tincture of Schizandra helps with the decline of strength during the recovery from severe diseases. The plant is a strong immunomodulator and a natural antidepressant. Numerous positive reviews indicate that the products based on fruits and seeds of Schisandra do have a tonic effect on the nervous system.

Instructions for the use of Chinese magnolia vine tincture

Pharmacy alcohol tincture of magnolia seeds is recommended for use by people who have the following problems:

  • drowsiness, lethargy;
  • a feeling of fatigue, a breakdown in strength;
  • stressful and depressive states.
  • Tincture should be taken twice a day, on an empty stomach, 30 drops each. With severe overfatigue, the intake rate is increased to 45 drops.

    Alcohol tincture (Schisandra chinese). Cooking Instructions

    Alcoholic tincture of Chinese magnolia vine can becook yourself. To do this, you need 30 grams of dried leaves of Schisandra and 500 milliliters of vodka. Vodka needs to be poured into a dark bottle; Berries grind in a coffee grinder, then pour into a bottle of vodka. Cork, leave to infuse in a darkened place for 14 days. At the end of the time, properly drain out, squeeze the berries and pour again with vodka, leave for another two days, then drain again. Drink on an empty stomach one teaspoon for two weeks. To prepare an aqueous tincture of Schizandra, you need to pound 20 grams of dried fruits, then pour them with one glass of boiling water. Bring to a boil, but do not boil; remove from heat, strain and allow to infuse for 5-6 hours. Take half an hour before meals. It is recommended for headaches, depression, dizziness, general weakness, stress. Keep the tincture in a dark container.


    1. To improve efficiency. Add 20 drops of medicinal tincture of magnolia vine into hot tea or water, you can sweeten with honey. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach.
    2. To restore vision. Prepare an aqueous tincture of magnolia vine at the rate of 60 grams of berries per glass of boiling water. Let it brew for two weeks. Ready to take one tablespoon 30 minutes before meals for two months.
    3. With diabetes. Prepare an aqueous tincture of magnolia vine in a thermos, fill 50 grams of berries with boiling water. Infuse for eight hours, take two tablespoons up to four times a day in a course of two to three weeks. After a month, repeat the course.
    4. To get rid of wrinkles. Add 4 drops of tincture of Schisandra seeds in soft curds, apply the mixture to the skin of the face, after 15-20 minutes, rinse. Apply this mask should be once or twice a week. With this, wrinkles will practically disappear, the skin will acquire a radiant, healthy color.


    Use of tinctures of magnolia vine is contraindicatedpregnant and lactating women, children under the age of 12, as well as with increased nervousness and during the acute phase of the infectious disease. It is not recommended to use this remedy for people suffering from hypertension, liver diseases prone to epileptic seizures. Contraindications to the use are associated primarily with the stimulating effect of the tincture provided on the central nervous system. Take tincture of magnolia vinegar with caution, clearly following the instructions, as side effects may appear - headaches, palpitations, insomnia, increased irritability, irritability. The shelf life of the medicinal tincture of the magnolia seed is 4 years. Store the drug should be in a dark place, after the expiry date of storage it is prohibited to use it.