Tansy useful properties and contraindications

Many people are willing to use for treatmentvarious diseases, medicinal plants, including tansy. This plant is widely distributed on all continents of the planet, still the inhabitants of ancient Greece resorted to tansy to embalm. Today it is also often used, but a person, first of all, needs to know the useful properties of tansy and contraindications to the use of this herb.

Application of tansy

The plant is most often used for problems inareas of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases associated with the gallbladder, gastritis, ulcers. Tansy can help in the presence of spasms and pains in the abdomen, a sharp swelling. The substances in the herb contribute to the stimulation of the tissue, provoke an influx of fresh blood to the organs belonging to the gastrointestinal tract, the pelvic organs. Tansy also makes the outflow of urine and bile more active.

The plant helps to improve appetite, successfullyfights against a variety of parasites in the body. It has a softening effect for pain of a rheumatic and neuralgic nature. In case of a cold or tuberculosis, the medicinal properties of tansy have an anti-inflammatory effect. Tansy acts as an excellent antioxidant, the plant normalizes the slowed heart rate, if necessary, makes the pressure higher.

The grass has a tonic effect on the nervoussystem, it is allowed to use it as a sedative in case of fatigue, nerve tension, overfatigue. Tansy possesses also poisonous properties, the plant can be used for disinfecting treatment of the formed cuts or wounds.

Before the decision to use grass, it is necessaryorient in the medicinal properties of tansy and contraindications to its reception. The plant has a high enough toxicity, it contains a considerable concentration of thujone, which in use in some countries there are strict limitations, especially for the United States.

Do not use the plant insidelong enough. There are known cases of death of people as a result of taking 10 drops of oil from the extract of tansy, preparing the decoction from the grass and using it must be carefully and carefully. Tansy can also cause serious allergic reactions in those whose body is sensitive to plants. Allergy sufferers should always consult a doctor before eating tansy.

Women in a state of waitingchild, is categorically contraindicated to use this herb. Because of tansy, the uterus may begin to contract, which will lead to miscarriage. You can not use it in the period of feeding a newborn baby with breast milk. Thujone, who is in tansy, together with the milk will penetrate into the baby and can cause his poisoning. When taking this herb infusion, various unpleasant side effects are possible, such as dizziness, tachycardia, tremor, high blood pressure, convulsions, severe abdominal pain.

Using tansy to terminate pregnancy

For a long time there is an opinion that the broth of tansy is capablehelp a woman get rid of unwanted pregnancy. Today, most people prefer to resort to the help of professional medics, but some still tend to trust people's recipes and means.

A woman who decided to stop the pregnancyby using tansy, should clearly realize that this drug should never be used on its own, without medical supervision. Before making a final decision, she should read the reviews about tansy to terminate the pregnancy. If a woman prepares the appropriate tincture herself, relying only on the recommendations of relatives or friends, the likelihood that she will cause her body enormous harm is possible, even a lethal outcome is possible.

Correctly calculate the dosage without consultingphysician is also virtually impossible, excessive use of tansy can at best cause severe bleeding or simply kill a woman. It is necessary to understand that this plant is a grass endowed with sufficiently strong toxic properties. Tansy can extremely damage the internal organs of a pregnant woman, provoke bleeding, but not rid of the child. The experience of many generations of women shows that tansy for the interruption of pregnancy is by no means the best means.

When deciding not to save the fetus, alland certainly seek advice from a professional gynecologist. Acting independently, a woman runs the risk of losing health and fertility for the rest of her life. The goal set by using tansy is most often simply not achieved. Many pregnant women who resorted to such a remedy paid for this with serious problems, long treatment, there are cases of death of women due to uncontrolled intake of this plant for the sake of the soonest release from an unwanted child. Usually tansy only does the greatest harm, but does not contribute to the safe and painless resolution of an unpleasant situation.

In general, the plant is among the means,which can be used for a variety of purposes, but at the same time a person must clearly understand the properties of tansy and contraindications to its use. Infusions from this herb can be used as a biologically active additive to food in the case of digestive disorders, they are excellent in combating intestinal parasites. The plant shoots in the apartment frighten off various harmful and irritating insects.

Given the useful properties of tansy, one must not forgetthat the grass does not belong to the category of high-grade medicines, to count on that only tansy will help to cope with any illness, absolutely should not. No patient can not get rid of the disease only with the help of broths, a complex medication prescribed by a specialist is necessary. Tansy can only serve as an assistant in the process of fighting a particular disease, but it can not cure a person completely.