Chamomile pharmacy: useful properties and contraindications

Chamomile, useful properties and contraindications tothe use of which can be found on the package at the pharmacy, is perhaps the most famous medicinal plant. Almost every person knows about this plant. Camomile is a flower of the field. It belongs to the family of astroids and has several species, among which: white, yellow, tongue-less, garden, caucasian, Persian, German, etc., but only chamomile and medicinal chamomile is used for medicinal purposes.

Useful properties of chamomile

Chamomile pharmacy, useful properties andthe contraindication of which will be explained by the doctor, is often used for both treatment and prevention of various diseases. The use of this flower has been known for many millennia. The popularity of chamomile is due to its curative effect. For treatment it is necessary to use only inflorescences. They include carotene, ascorbic acid, oleic, palmitic, salicylic, stearic acids, glucose, tannins. In addition, the camomile contains special essential oils. Their specific gravity in the whole mass of inflorescences is up to 1 percent. Due to this set of active substances, the benefits of chamomile become obvious. This simple plant successfully copes with bacterial infections. Its value as a medicine of plant origin is very high.

The popularity of chamomile is due to its curative effect

Collect chamomile flowers should be in May or June. Their aroma soothes, so that the plant well helps with irritability and nervousness. In addition to antibacterial action, the products based on this plant have anti-inflammatory properties. Also after such "medicines" there is a headache. Decoctions and tinctures of camomile flowers help to expand the blood vessels. In addition, the active substances that make up the inflorescences of this plant can successfully eliminate fermentation in the intestine. And, of course, every woman remembers how suitable daisy for the treatment of skin and hair, so it is often used for cosmetic purposes.

Also the camomile "Glade" helps to cope withintestinal problems. She normalizes the stool. In addition, the plant has diuretic and choleretic properties. Chamomile helps treat kidney, bladder and liver diseases, so doctors designate this plant as an additional means to enhance the effects of other means. This flower can calm the nervous system. If a person has symptoms of an allergic reaction, then the chamomile broth is used both internally and externally.

All these properties have been noticed and cosmetologists,so they too often resort to using the broths of this particular flower. Almost every woman knows about the benefits of washing with this solution. For colds and other diseases of the respiratory tract, you also need to drink tea from chamomile, the benefits and harms of which are known to doctors. By the way, if a woman often has a delay in menstruation, then you need to drink chamomile tea. Such a decoction will be useful for other gynecological disorders.

Collect chamomile flowers should be in May or June

It is not surprising that this flower has such aset of useful properties. Its anti-inflammatory effect is explained by the fact that the plant is an antiseptic of the natural type. Thanks to this, a decoction of chamomile is often prescribed instead of various tablets or as an adjunct to other drugs. Inflorescence includes copper, zinc, selenium and other important microelements. There are a lot of essential oils in the flowers, which are also very useful. Also in their composition include salicylic, valerian and malic acids. Chamomile is a good helper as a remedy to eliminate fever. If anesthesia is required, an extract of chamomile is also suitable for this. It will help not only with headaches, but also pains with menstruation, with bloating, with painful sensations in the intestines and stomach. Tea based on this flower will strengthen the human immune system. But even if the patient is already ill with ARVI, flu or other similar diseases, chamomile is prescribed as an antiviral agent. As for cosmetology, the decoction or tea from the flowers of this plant is not only useful to take inside, on its basis do various creams, masks, lotions. You can just freeze the broth, and then wipe the face with ice in the morning. The skin will become cleaner, without inflammation and rash, tender, soft and sensitive. In addition, due to the composition of chamomile, such daily procedures will nourish the skin.

Contraindications to the use of chamomile

Many people think about what is usefulchamomile. However, despite all its useful properties, in some cases, it is not recommended and even forbidden to take funds based on the inflorescences of this plant. Although the list of contraindications for the use of chamomile is not very large.

First, it is forbidden to take drugs andmeans with the addition of chamomile in cases where a person is experiencing an individual intolerance to this component. In such cases, the chamomile, the benefit and harm of which must be studied before applying, will cause an allergic reaction. It can be manifested by food poisoning, for example, when a medicine with this ingredient was ingested. This is a reaction to the essential oils that are contained in the plant. In some cases, when the decoctions were applied externally, there is an allergic reaction in the form of a skin rash. Appear rash, redness, peeling, itching, burning and other symptoms, which each person will manifest in different ways. Sometimes there are rhinitis or conjunctivitis of an allergic nature. This can be provoked by the pollen of flowers. It is forbidden to use chamomile inflorescences in those cases when the patient has an allergy to pollen - medicines will not do good.

As for pregnancy, you need to be verycareful with medicines that can contain chamomile. This is due to the fact that the active substances of this medicinal plant can stimulate the production of estrogen, which will cause intrauterine growth problems of the fetus. This is a common mistake of pregnant women. It is believed that in this situation, many medicines are forbidden to take, but plants, on the contrary, will help cope with various diseases. Therefore, pregnant women and turn to medicinal herbs, although not all of them are safe for fetal development. This applies to plants such as chamomile, useful properties of which can not help a pregnant woman, but rather, on the contrary - chamomile only harm.

Chamomile will be absolutely harmless if you use it externally

To the choice of not only medicines, but alsomedicinal herbs should be approached very carefully, always consulting with a doctor. Chamomile will be absolutely harmless, if you use it externally. Local treatment will be beneficial, chamomile field does not hurt and in pregnancy. For example, this type of treatment is practiced with inflammatory processes on the skin. The same applies to inflammation in the external genital area. For the treatment you can use decoctions and ointments. It is allowed to use this herb as a bath, inhalation, syringing. But as for the baths, the water should not be too hot, because it is harmful in pregnancy and can provoke a miscarriage. But to take chamomile inside is allowed only in a certain dosage. This will help to cope with constipation, bloating, with stress and other ailments. Drink the broth only in small quantities, so as not to cause miscarriage. As for the period of lactation, the use of medicines containing chamomile is allowed only by a doctor.

In general, in all other cases, you can safelyTake medications and decoctions on the basis of inflorescences of chamomile, without worrying about the negative consequences. However, it is necessary to adhere to a certain dosage. Otherwise, there may be digestive problems, although most often the patient only gets headache or dizziness. If a significant overdose can vomit, and there will be vomiting attacks. Sometimes, when an overdose of this remedy appears cough, the central nervous system is depressed, the muscle tone decreases. Doctors do not recommend taking medicines based on this plant in those cases when the patient has mental disorders.

For the treatment of diseases, as mentioned above, apply pharmacy or medicinal varieties of chamomile

Helpful Tips

It is necessary to know how to prepare tea properly,a decoction or a tincture from this plant. To brew chamomile, you need to pour a spoonful of vegetable raw material with a glass of boiling water and let it brew. After 50 minutes, the infusion will need to be filtered. Now he's ready. You can prepare a decoction in the same proportions. To do this, water with inflorescences should be brought to a boil, and then boil for an additional 5-10 minutes. After this, the liquid must be filtered. In addition, it is very often used not water, and alcohol infusion of chamomile. It is necessary in proportions 1:10 to fill the inflorescence with alcohol, close tightly, and after 3 weeks the remedy will be ready. The broth can be mixed with other decoctions and infusions, ethereal and conventional vegetable oils, lemon juice and other vegetable and vegetable juices.

Chamomile will help to calm the shattered nerves

As the song says: "Chamomile, chamomile, flower field", this plant most often grows in the fields, near roads, but there are garden varieties. For the treatment of diseases, as mentioned above, apply pharmacy or medicinal varieties of chamomile. This flower is used for a variety of diseases. It effectively fights against inflammatory processes, eliminates the symptoms of allergic reactions, improves digestion, is actively used in cosmetology. In addition, chamomile will help to calm the shattered nerves, so that tea from this plant will benefit any person.