Roller blinds on plastic windows, photos in the interior

This type of curtains Europeans know for a long time and consider themthe most practical window textile. In our country, Roman curtains appeared not so long ago, therefore, most consumers are not entirely aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this product. Those who tried the roller blinds on plastic windows in the interior of their own house (photo in the article) argue that the idea of ​​a roller blind is a solution to many problems: design and budget including.

Roman blinds are cheaper than standardblinds, they are comfortable and compact, do not interfere with the installation of furniture in the immediate vicinity of the window and allow the windows to be kept as open or as closed as possible.

Why "Roman"?

The official name of this super fashionable dress forwindows - a curtain of rolled type, but here "Roman blind" sounds much more mysterious, solemn and refined. The name of the ancient city appeared in the name of the curtains not by chance. It differs from the rest by the method of collecting folds: in all European countries curtains were collected, creating vertical folds, and in Rome - horizontal.

The hot climate of the southern country forced residents to escape from the scorching sun during the day, curtaining the windows with a damp, damp cloth, and in the evening to open them to meet the breeze of a fresh sea breeze.

In order not to be tired, pulling the curtain up and down by hand, the Italians (at that time the Romans) invented an elementary mechanism of "rope" fixing the position of the curtains.

Historians who joined the discussion of the namethis common object of everyday life, are inclined to the version that the drapes are very reminiscent of the sails under which the Roman navigators walked. In any case, the folds on modern curtains and ancient ships are one to one alike.

No matter how many versions, the fact remains that the roller blinds on the windows took root in our apartments, and the name associated with the historical Rome is quite satisfactory to us.

What does a roller blind look like?

In straightened form, it is a smooth (dense, or translucent, like a tulle fabric) canvas, which in the raised state forms beautiful flat horizontal folds.

From the bottom of the curtains is a fixing rail (sinker), which does not allow the portier to sag or fly out of the window in the wind.

Roller blinds on plastic windows can beuse both for living quarters and for offices where the size of the window openings greatly exceeds the room ones - Roman curtains are universal, they can be made in any size from any fabric and used for kitchens, bedrooms, for the office of the director of a solid enterprise.

Roman curtains in the kitchen are especially coveted textiles. Mistresses who managed to dress up their kitchen windows in roller blinds are noted, as a fact, that they gather fewer dust and grease in folds.

Thanks to a properly selected roll curtain, you can change your room beyond recognition and usefully: hide the disproportionate walls or visually expand the space.

Roller blind on kitchen window

Since there is talk about the practicality and irreplaceability of roller curtains in the kitchen, it is necessary to consider the most important aspects of the presence of Roman curtains in this room.

For the kitchen it is vitally important to choose a cozy curtain. Roman, for all its stinginess and brevity, can quite create a unique atmosphere and a sufficient level of comfort, if you approach it responsibly.

Fabric used for makingRoman curtains, it can be any color and texture. Since the childhood have got used to ситчику on windows and only with it you connect concept of a cosiness? No problem. Roller blinds come in both strict and very colorful colors, and if you are looking for something of your own, then you can easily offer variants from your own chest of drawers with a cloth. And not only to offer - to replace the fabric on the Roman curtain can be done with your own hand and quite quickly.

The most popular fabrics for kitchen curtains: cotton, linen, silk chintz. They are also relevant as an element of the Roman curtains. One important nuance that is desirable to observe when choosing a curtain for the kitchen: if the fabric is treated with a special impregnation and antiseptic, less dust will appear on the curtain and it will not burn out in the sun.

Roman blind - the most practical, inexpensive (cheaper than the usual blinds), it is easy to take care of and easy to attach - it's, you can say, women's hands, if the men do not get to the blinds.

Attaching a roll curtain deep into the windowopening, the landlady receives a bonus in the form of a free sill and uses it at her own discretion: either geranium breeds, or as another countertop.

Roman blind in the office

To make your workplace cozy,it is enough to purchase the simplest roll curtain of a calm shade. Perhaps it will be a pastel color, repeating the overall scale of the room (walls, furniture), it is good if the curtain is not bright green.

A green tint is very desirable in the office, because he is an excellent assistant and healer for tired eyes.

There are leaders so addictednatural materials that without hesitation cling to the offices of bamboo roller blinds. The products are, undeniably, original, but for the office completely unsuitable.

Additional decorative element

Despite its strictness and simplicity, the RomanThe curtain is a universal decorative element, with which you can give the room an original look. The fact that these curtains are not similar to any other, already a big plus, but the fact that they are perfectly combined with the usual elements for us decorating the window (tulle, heavy night curtains, lambrequins) - a few more advantages.

Roller blinds in the kitchen (photos amazediversity and placed on all thematic resources) can be supplemented with very modest decorative elements that would not complicate washing. Therefore, the decoration of kitchen windows is limited only by the Roman curtain - laconically and without embellishments, at least fringe, flounces, ribbon could give the kitchen that cute zest to which we have all grown accustomed since childhood - windows "in ryushechkah."

All the advantages of Roman curtains

Roller curtains on the windows have a sufficient share of practicality and originality, to be a self-sufficient element in the interior, while remaining harmoniously combined part of it.

To ensure that the neat curtain does notturned into a trivial dust collector, when buying, pay attention to curtains treated with water and dust repellent compositions, which in addition to their basic functions also protect the fabric from burnout.

  1. Roller blinds on plastic windows (prices can be compared in different outlets) never exceed the value of the famous blinds. Curtains are half cheaper.
  2. After the appearance on the market of Roman curtains, theirconstantly compare with blinds and always curtains win in this comparison. So, unlike blinds, roller curtains are a huge choice of different fabrics of different textures with different patterns.
  3. Roman blinds harmonize with almost any interior.
  4. In the process of using curtains, there are no problems: they are easy to take care of and easy to fix on the window.
  5. Excellent compatibility with the curtains allows roller blinds not just to adjust the light, but also to create additional original color solutions in the interior of the room.
  6. The compactness of the curtains allows them to occupy a minimum of space in the apartment, to remain unobtrusive, but a very noticeable element in the decor of the dwelling.

How to attach a roll curtain

Methods of installing roller blinds on plastic windows - weight. The most popular and popular ones are:

  • by drilling holes in a wall or ceiling;
  • by drilling in a window frame.
  • Both methods are very relevant and are usedmost consumers, but they also have their shortcomings. One of the main ones is the impracticality of the fixing methods, because each of them requires violation of the integrity of the wall or frame, and this can lead to unpleasant consequences in the form of cracks and subsequent destruction.

    To attach roll curtains by drilling, it is necessary to calculate each step, otherwise one careless movement can throw off all the work.

    Mounting on the window aperture

    On the wall or ceiling, it is necessary to drill several holes for profiles or another type of attachment.

    With this method, the curtain remains very noticeableelement of the decor, the canvas freely falls from the ceiling (or from the wall) to the window sill. The only drawback - because of the bracket, it is impossible to fully open the sash.

    Fastening on a frame

    This method is no less common and on the principle of very similar to the first, with the only difference that the holes for the fastening system must be drilled on the window frame.

    In the process of work, it is necessary to exercise maximum care so as not to damage expensive windows. A big plus of this method is the ability to keep the window open when there are curtains on it.

    How to attach a Roman blind to the adhesive tape

    If you attach roller blinds to plastic windows without drilling, then this method will be less dangerous for interior items (windows and walls), but less reliable in terms of retaining the curtains.

    But it is worth trying, if there is no desire to risk fresh repairs.

    In order to fasten the blind quickly and easily,you need two-sided adhesive tape or building adhesive. Whichever of these options you choose, be careful that the material is not too cheap (this is in this case - a synonym for substandard).

    Mounting is performed either on the frame or on the wall (ceiling), by treating the surface with glue or by attaching a sticky tape.

    This method of fastening is very simple and does not requireno additional tools. Moreover, he does not even require the presence of a man - any housewife will cope with the task, replacing the usual ones with roller blinds. Comfort in the house, created by the hands of a woman, as we see, is not limited to cleaning only. The hostess can also ensure the implementation of the technical side of the case.

    What to consider when choosing curtains

    To the room acquired a new look only through the change of curtains, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances in choosing.

    1. The side on which the windows are located is veryan important point. If the window faces the north side, the best option is the curtains of warm pastel tones. Very good on the northern windows look golden, yellow, yellow curtains. And, on the contrary: in a brightly lit room you should select curtains of cold shades.
    2. To fully isolate the room from sunlight, you can buy a Roman curtain from a denser and rubberized window from the side of the fabric. It costs a little more expensive, but it also lasts much longer.
    3. To adjust the amount ofroom of light, consumers prefer a type of curtains "day-night", they also - roller blinds "zebra". They differ from the usual ones in that they consist of two different materials with different density, alternating with each other - transparent and denser strips guarantee the necessary "portion" of getting into the room of the sun's rays.