Curtains for the bedroom: photos and ideas

The bedroom is a special room, for whichspecial demands are made. The main thing you need to strive for is harmony and coziness. Help in achieving these qualities curtains for the bedroom. The photo shows how interesting design ideas can be translated into reality. From the properly chosen elements of the interior depends on the pleasant microclimate of the room.

Rules for choosing curtains

First you need to determine the functions of curtains. They perform not only a decorative and aesthetic role, but also protect the room from sunlight. The second important point is the fabric from which the bedroom curtains are made. The photo shows that thick fabrics with a textured surface are used most often, giving the interior a special style.

In addition, it is important that the curtains matchgeneral style solution of the room. The atmosphere of this room should be relaxing, soothing, so it is best to choose pastel shades of fabrics, rather than bright and catchy. The main rules for choosing curtains include the following:

  1. The main thing is to achieve harmony in the color range. Ideally, curtains are selected under the bedspread on the bed or sofa. This will give the bedroom a harmonious wholeness and completeness.
  2. The color scheme is light colors and calm tones.
  3. For a bedroom on the sunny side, you can choose curtains with drapery.
  4. Visually expand the area of ​​the room using semi-transparent curtains, for example, from organza.
  5. Curtains for the bedroom (photos of different designs you can see on this page) should not merge with the color of the walls - in this case the room will be faceless.
  6. All sorts of finishes - a guarantee that each room can be given an individual look. In this capacity, brushes, festons, throws, and bandos are used.
  7. Give preference to environmentally friendly materials, for example, flax in combination with gold thread or lavsan.

The main thing is to consider your preferences

When decorating your home we pay much attentionwe design bedroom curtains - there are a lot of design options on the photo, but nobody prevents you from bringing a highlight to the interior and offering something new. In order to relax in the bedroom and feel relaxed and cozy, choose light color solutions of the canvas - a delicate pink or blue, lilac and soft-green hues. But aggressive color solutions should be avoided - this room will excite and definitely will not let you fall asleep.

Types and features

Modern curtains for the bedroom in the photo lookin different ways - there are elements of classical style or high-tech. When choosing the canvas, you should proceed from the color scheme of the room. Ideally, it should be monochrome curtains, but sometimes you can place bright accents. An important role is played by the features of the window opening and its shape. Consider the most popular curtains for the bedroom.

Classical. They are suitable for decorating window openingsalmost any form and do not go out of fashion for several decades. Such structures include a dense curtain, a veil, a thin curtain and a lambrequin. The task of the curtain is to close the window, but some decorative views allow you to partially close the window. To create a thin curtains, transparent and partially shaded fabrics decorated with embroidery or lace elements are used. Lambrequin as an element of decoration is located horizontally above the window opening and closes part of the curtains from above. It can be soft or hard, and depending on the type, you can create interesting folds or drapes.

French. These curtains for the bedroom in the photo look justchic. Their main feature is several sections forming smooth folds. Such canvases are perfect for decorating rooms in the classical style, but attract attention of numerous folds, ruffles, ruffles, creating an elegant atmosphere in the room. For the creation of French curtains used to only silk, and today the preferred materials - tulle and polyester.

Austrian. These curtains were originally designed forsmall windows, but today they are used for almost any window constructions. For their creation, lightweight and simple fabrics are used, which harmoniously look in any style of the room. These are fancy curtains, which are gathered in folds by means of cords located on the wrong sides. In the lowered form, the canvases look natural and lush.

Roman. These curtains for the bedroom in the photo look strictlythanks to geometric shapes, and therefore will be an elegant addition to any room. They are popular because in simplicity they are functional: they can be attached to the ceiling, the wall and the window opening. In their appearance, they are flat curtains in the form of flat cloths and cuts of fabric. They can be collected in horizontal folds during lifting, which are uniformly superimposed on each other.

Rolling. These are flat curtains that are assembled onA special roller located at the top of the window. They are a good solution for windows of any shape and configuration. In closed form, such canvases are like a smooth screen.

Japanese. These bedroom curtains in the photo look likeelegant and stylish. They are panel panels, which harmoniously fit into any interior. Structurally, these are perfectly even and solid panels (lamellas), provided with rigid inserts on top and bottom. They provide smooth movement of lamellas along the cornice, which do not fold and remain perfectly even. Panel control is carried out by a special mechanism, which ensures ease of operation.

Bamboo. Photo curtains for the bedroom show allcoloring and exoticism of such structures. They are bamboo sticks that are sewn by hand. Such curtains can have different types of weaving and are resistant to sunlight.

. These paintings are designed for window openingsA large area and will become a reliable protection against the hot sunlight. Very good design for bedroom curtains. The photo shows that depending on the features of the bedroom, you can choose horizontal or vertical structures. The curtains are controlled by the drive system.

Trends 2015 in the design of the bedroom

To refresh the usual design of the room withoutserious repairs, it is enough just to buy new curtains for the bedroom. 2015 presents many surprises in terms of design of premises, so we suggest you familiarize yourself with the main design trends.

Fashion trend this year - elongated drapes. They look in the bedroom exquisitely and beautifully, attracting attention with unusual solutions. Drooping to the floor, they will give the room airiness and lightness. It is permissible to hang the curtains on the floor about 40 cm. Such curtains are a winning solution if the room is small and it needs to be visually enlarged.

The second interesting trend - minimalistic design of curtains for the bedroom. The photo shows that the simpler the curtain, the more elegant and brighter the room looks. For example, for a hi-tech style or minimalism, you can choose curtains from a veil with contrast pickings. In a small bedroom, one should avoid large patterns, especially floral ones: they "eat" all living space. A beautiful solution for a compact bedroom will be graceful Roman curtains of monochrome light colors - they will visually increase the volume of the room.

The third trend - fabrics are blackout. Its feature is that it protects the room from 95% of all the sunlight that penetrates it. And the most color solution of the material does not have to be black.

The fourth trend - curtains in the form of threads. They consist of many threads and look great in the bedroom, creating here an elegant and airy interior.

We take into account the style

And now it's time to find out what curtains for the bedroomwill be popular in 2015. Interior design this year will be built on the basis of fashion trends, primarily in the sphere of curtain creation. A special atmosphere can be created with the following rules:

  1. Shebbie chic is back in fashion. It is expressed in the use of aged or worn fabrics, which look great in the bedroom.
  2. Multilayered. It involves not only a competent selection and combination of curtains and tulle. For example, two curtains of contrasting shades look beautiful as a single composition.
  3. The time of unique accessories that decoratecurtains for bedroom. It can be seen from the photo that tapes, brushes, picks are used most often, which look especially beautiful in the interior of bedrooms in the style of glamor or art deco.
  4. Along with minimalism, floral motifs will be popular. In the bedroom, choose light curtains with large flowers, only if it is large in area. In a small room you need to avoid large drawings.

Remember that the fashion elements with curtainswill look harmonious only if the correct selection. It is not necessary to adhere to certain rules, because interior design is a complex process, which is interesting for non-standard solutions.

Special attention will be given this season toedging the curtains. Despite the fact that this is a contrast element, it must harmoniously fit into the overall image of the room. It is best to decorate the curtains with soft textile ruffles, satted with satin ribbons. Beautiful draperies - this is an excellent decoration of windows, while choosing them is necessary depending on what materials, fastening systems are used in a particular design.

Colors 2015: How to be in a trend

Any interior design is an emphasis ondetails that you like. Therefore, there is no exact rule in terms of choosing color solutions in a room. In addition, fashion colors change constantly, both the technique of curtain design and the choice of fabrics change. It is not necessary to use radical shades in the coloring, the best solution is experiments with accessories.

As already mentioned, always in the trend of cream andlight shades in the design of rooms. The novelty of this season will be the color solutions of precious stones - they will bring to the interior an atmosphere of luxury and chic. If you use bright colors, then the fabrics should be of high quality and with clear silhouettes.

Modern fashion trends in design do not exclude brightness and saturation. A popular trend in the design of curtains is water color, that is, colors with their transparency look bright and beautiful.


Choose fashionable curtains for the room easily, iffollow your own taste, take advantage of the recommendations of professionals. Today you can choose from a huge number of fabrics, decorative elements, to make the bedroom interior interesting, original. The main thing is to be in the room was nice and cozy.