Types of carpets and their quality

Carpets refer to textile artProducts that have a rectangular, round, oval shape. Most of them have a pattern (ornament) in the center with a complete, closed composition. The edges of the carpets frame the rim. Carpets are made by hand or by machine, have two purposes - household, household.

Most of the carpets have a pattern (ornament) in the center with a complete, closed composition

However, some types of hand-made carpetscan perform only decorative function. Carpets are mainly used for insulation, decorating rooms, covering walls, floors, furniture. There are also carpets that cover car seats, motorcycles, furniture and even horses.

Carpets are mainly used for insulation, decorating rooms, covering walls, floors, furniture

The quality of carpets is determined by several criteria:

  • natural or artificial yarn;
  • height of the pile (from 6 to 50 mm);
  • density of nap (number of nodules per 1 sq m of product);
  • manual or machine-made.

  • Natural carpets are allergic, so not everyone can afford to decorate their bedroom or living room

    What quality of carpet is better? Many will answer this question unequivocally: naturally, the quality of natural handmade carpets. And they will be right, but on condition that such a carpet is made of quality raw materials (wool). Natural carpets have several significant "buts." Regardless of the raw materials, they quickly accumulate moisture, so they need ideal conditions, the absence of the slightest humidity in the premises.

    The quality of natural handmade carpets is better

    Natural carpets cause allergies, so noteveryone can afford to decorate their bedroom or living room. And the most important "but" is the price. For some types of handmade carpets, the prices are simply prohibitive. Proceeding from the aforesaid, many prefer artificial carpets of machine manufacturing. But always with the purchase should be able to determine the quality of carpets, and natural and artificial.

    Many prefer artificial machine-made carpets

    Natural carpets: types, quality

    Any natural handmade carpetIt is made on a carpet weaving horizontal or vertical machine with a fairly simple design. Such carpets can be lint-free or fleecy. The basis of such a carpet is woolen, linen, cotton threads.

    Woolen carpet

    We weave such carpets more often from wool - sheep, camel, goat. If it is of good quality, it will be:

  • rough to the touch;
  • elastic;
  • resistant to frequent creasing;
  • resist any mechanical stress;
  • well colored (but not dyed).

  • The wrong side of the natural carpet should exactly follow the figure of the front side

    You can meet a common opinion: a heavy carpet - a quality carpet. And it should be considered reliable, because in the heavy carpet canvas individual villi are located close to each other. Consequently, the density of such a carpet is high, and it will last much longer. You also need to know: the inside of the natural carpet should exactly follow the drawing of the front side. Purely visually the drawing of a hand-made product can be asymmetrical, and the edges - uneven. But this is not a sign of a substandard product, but rather the opposite, a sign that it is hand-woven.

    Wool should keep the heat well, repel moisture, and in time not lose elasticity.

    How to determine the quality of handmade carpetsmanufacturing? Since the main raw material for the production of such carpets is wool, it must keep the heat well, repel moisture, and in time not lose elasticity.

    Important! If the wool is high-quality, it is slightly greasy,heavy, without fluff, and its nap does not break, does not lose its luster with time. Poor quality wool has two most important features - fragility of the pile and the allocation of excessive fluff.

    Unusual carpet

    And both disadvantages are easy to establish, if with effort to carry on a carpet by hand and rub pile in one direction for 1-2 minutes. Pooh will appear very quickly. Naturally, this carpet should not be bought.

    For many true connoisseurs, an ideal carpet is a silk product

    For many true lovers of an ideal carpetis considered a product made of silk. In addition to the density, the quality of such a canvas can only be determined by the brightness and saturation of the shade. To do this, you need to look at the surface at different angles and different lighting. Saturation, brightness should not change. It is not customary to remove such a product on the floor. Silk carpet is the place - on the wall of the living room.

    Machine carpets: classification, quality determination

    Machine carpets are lint-free,pile, combined. Several types of raw materials are used for their production. Most often these are cotton, flax, wool, hemp, viscose, nitron, capron, lavsan, polypropylene. Ammonia-copper fiber is also used in machine production. Hence it should be understood: carpets made by machine - does not mean artificial! Therefore, the quality of machine-made carpets can be determined in the same way as natural ones.

    Carpet in the bedroom

    Machine carpets are classified by setsigns: according to the manufacturing method (woven, tape, non-woven), purpose, density, pile height, character, pattern composition, types of additional processing.

    Machine carpets are lint-free, pile, combined

    The quality of such products is characterized by mandatory and additional indicators. Required include:

  • composition of raw materials;
  • density;
  • dimensions, weight;
  • color quality;
  • resistance to abrasion;
  • humidity (conditioning);
  • aesthetic value.

  • Carpet of artificial materials

    On a note! If we talk about machine carpets, the production of which uses artificial threads, acrylic products are increasingly popular.

    Acrylic carpet

    They appeared not so long ago, but recentlychoose them more often, thanks to high quality indicators. How is the quality of acrylic carpets determined? To touch such carpets is very difficult to distinguish from woolen, but they are much softer, cause pleasant tactile sensations. They are easy to color. If the acrylic carpet is treated with special impregnations, its color will not lose its brightness for a long time. Among their advantages can be called hypoallergenic, resistance to moisture, mold, dirt.

    Carpet in the bedroom

    To do this, they are also impregnated additionally. Therefore, the acrylic carpet does not need to be cleaned too often. Also note their light weight and reasonably affordable prices. That is why acrylic carpets are often chosen for the lining of children's rooms, as well as rooms with large cross-country traffic.

    Unusual carpet in the living room

    What is carpet?

    Carpet is a special product, which is very commonconfused with the carpet. This is a fairly soft coating for the floors. Unlike the carpet, which has a fixed size, the finished figure, the carpet is produced in rolls, differing only in width, and its pattern is repeated throughout the entire fabric, which allows to cover the room entirely, without regard to the size and patterned composition of the product. Currently, choosing carpet as a carpet is preferred more often. There are many reasons for this, the main of which are its qualitative characteristics.

    Carpet is a special product, which is often confused with a carpet

    The most expensive carpet is made from colorsynthetics. On the second place there are products painted after manufacture. The third place is occupied by coatings with stencilled drawings. This color is less stable and quickly erased. In addition, externally stained by the pattern of the coatings look extremely simple and sometimes trite. The highest quality carpet is dense. It is more difficult to crumple, retains its original qualities longer, retains little mechanical impact. Also, you should choose a carpet on the substrate, since without it the coating will not retain heat and can even scratch the parquet or laminate.

    The most expensive carpet is made from color synthetics

    Important! The most qualitative are the American, Belgian, German, Dutch carpets.

    The best quality carpet is dense

    The quality of carpets from these manufacturers is a reference, and their use as a floor covering is common and common.