A secluded home in the vastness of Argentina proves that the rough can be beautiful

House Pampa is a modern home, built on rocky landscapes in Pocho, Córdoba, Argentina. The project was designed by the owner Mariana Palacios as a secluded place to relax.

"The basic idea is that here visitors can see a black dot on the horizon and compare the strong geometric shape of the house with an array of rocks," Palacios said. "The black color of the sheet metal contrasts with the organic shades of the fields."

The structure and design of the house have been adapted tocold, dry and windy weather, and also designed in an isolated location. "The industrial construction system was chosen for easy transportation of used materials," the designer added.

Since neither water nor electricity was available in a remote area, settling into the house became possible with the installation of a special pumping system for pumping water and assembling solar energy.

The interior design in the style of minimalism and the color palette in neutral tones is a reference to harsh conditions. Two courtyards allow you to spend time in the fresh air.

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