12 chairs for maximum relaxation

We present you a selection of excellent chairs for daytime sleep. Get ready for maximum relaxation!

Let's start with POWER’NAP. This chair, designed by Nina Olsen, looks like an origami figure. It will certainly fit perfectly into the interior of any office. A quiet hour after lunch makes work more productive, right?

Chair Cradle with all its views calls for a lie down comfortably.

Model Loopita by designer Victor Aleman(Victor Aleman) reminds a lot of the giant track Hot Wheels, but in reality it’s just an elegant double chaise longue of unusual shape. By the way, if you prefer to relax a big company, you can purchase a model with several loops.

I just want to “dive” into IT, like in a big pilefallen leaves, right? This accessory, called Hanabi, is a few fabric pillows sewn together, filled with polystyrene granules. Hanabi has applied design solutions used in several previous mottoWASABI designs.

For a long time, one of our main favorites has been Couch Sleeper by Anne Lorenz. Chaise and sleeping bag "in one bottle"!

Although outwardly Feel Seating System Deluxe is morereminds a bunch of blown-up volleyballs, in fact, this accessory is made of 120 soft and extremely pleasant to the touch balls. You can give the bench any shape, creating a semblance of a chair or pouf in accordance with your preferences.

Who can resist the embrace of such a sofa? Ideal when you want a little heat, and not a soul around. This model, called Enveloppe, is manufactured by LK Hjelle according to the project of Inga Sempe.

Oradaria Design presents the Blandito® project -transforming stove for lovers to lie idle. It can be folded and twisted in many different ways, which will undoubtedly help you in the relaxation process.

Daisuke Motogi’s Sleepy Chair is a miniature similarity of a bed where there is enough space just to curl up.

Varier's Gravity Balans is definitely notpulls on the average chaise or rocking chair. However, in this chair in the same way you can work, swing, sleep or watch TV. Be sure: once sitting in this chair, you will not want to get out of it for a very long time.

Luso Lounger by James Uren (James Uren) canuse in various ways - as a chaise longue, bed, lounger, chair or bench. The asymmetrical shape determines the unique appearance of the Luso Lounger. It is an ideal choice for the consumer who wants to satisfy several needs at once.

My (in the top picture) and Roo (on the bottom) weredeveloped by Ulla Koskinen for the Finnish company Woodnotes. The minimalistic design makes these chairs look like modern binbags - in everything except, perhaps, material.