Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper towel dispenser isindispensable thing in the bathroom or toilet, which is used daily by a large number of people. This product is an excellent solution for toilet rooms of cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas and other public places. Let's see what the pros and cons of a paper towel dispenser, what you should pay attention to when buying, what types there are, where you can buy a paper towel dispenser.

How to choose a paper towel dispenser

We have already written that the paper dispenserTowels are a good option for cafes and restaurants. Why is the dispenser is not the most convenient option for home? First, its disadvantage is size. Of course, dispensers are different. But in the bathroom, where there are many shelves for personal items, a glass with a brush, towel racks, a paper napkin dispenser will take up too much space.

The paper towel dispenser market is very large.

Do not forget about the cost of the device. As with the size, variations in price may be different. But the dispenser will certainly be more expensive than a regular hand towel.

Also in a house where few people live, a dispenserjust will not be used for its intended purpose. It is intended for frequent use, which is not always possible in the house. Therefore, the usual hand towel would be the best option.

So, we figured out why the dispenser should not be bought for home. Let's now consider its pros and cons for use in cafes, lounges, offices.

Usually the dispenser decides to buy a replacement dryer.for hands, because it loses much paper towels. First, she dries her hands. Secondly, it is home to a lot of dust and bacteria. Recently, hand dryers are considered acceptable only for fast food cafes and public toilets. If you want to make your office, salon or cafe prestigious and respectable, buy a toilet towel dispenser in the toilet instead of a hand dryer.

As for the price, it all depends on the quality and type of towel dispenser.

What are the types of towel dispensers

As we said, the dispenser market forpaper towels are very large, so the choice of dispenser must be approached responsibly. You need to understand how much space the device will occupy, at what price you are counting on, and what color or design will look beautiful in your toilet.

Let's first deal with the types of dispensersfor paper towels. There are a variety of options, for example: an automatic touch dispenser built into the wall with a waste basket, a dispenser for wet wipes, a tabletop for paper towels.

The expensive touch dispenser has moreeconomic substitute: semi-automatic dispenser. The semi-automatic paper towel dispenser feeds the rolled towels with a lever mechanism. The use of such a mechanism allows the supply of the elbow, while maintaining hands sterile clean.

Paper towel dispenser drawing

Dispenser can be made of different plasticquality, stainless steel. If you want to make the toilet room of your establishment stylish, you can choose a dispenser with an interesting finish, for example, wooden or leather.

We looked at the types of paper towel dispensers, which ones are more expensive, and which ones are cheaper. Let's now figure out what to look for when choosing dispensers.

The first is, of course, the price. Decide on what amount you can count on and choose a dispenser of the appropriate category: touch, semi-automatic or normal.

The second thing to look out for isthe number of rolls or sheets that fits in the dispenser. The higher the capacity of the dispenser, the less often you will have to lay paper towels.

The last thing you should pay attention to is the design and size of the dispenser. Consider in advance where the dispenser will hang, and based on the parameters of the toilet room, choose its size.

The dispenser can be made of plastic of different quality, stainless steel

Where can I buy a dispenser for papertowels? Of course, you can buy a dispenser in the bath accessories store, but the choice is small. We recommend that you first get acquainted with the various options on the Internet and then make a purchase.