Kitchen-living room interior

Each person sooner or later appearsthe desire to have a spacious dining room or kitchen so that the whole family would gather around a large table, and on holidays one could receive many guests. However, ordinary standard apartments cannot boast of large size.

However, the dream of a spacious dining roomyou can still implement it. For this you need to combine the living room and kitchen. Today, there are more and more people who want to combine the kitchen with the living room, especially with the owners of 2 and 3 room apartments. Due to this, you can visually enlarge the space, as well as make the interior of the kitchen-living room more functional and exclusive.

Design features of the combined kitchen-living room

Today such an association is verypopular design trick. Combining the kitchen with the living room is used in the design of Khrushchev, Brezhnev, cottages, large apartments - studios and lofts, that is, the task to increase the room is not always worth it.

Quite often the living room is large and the kitchensmall size. In this case, you can move the wall, increasing the kitchen area and reducing the size of the second room. As a result, in a small room, a living area is created, for example, a bedroom or a nursery, and in the extended kitchen, the kitchen is combined with the living room. In this case, instead of one or two rooms you can get as many rooms or more, but one of which is partially combined with the kitchen.

The advantages of a combined kitchen-living room

1. You can get a visual increase in space, as well as a greater number of light sources.

2. Simplified the process of organizing celebrations, there is more space and so on.

3. Food can be taken at a large table that would not fit in a small square.

4. There is an opportunity to create a functional and exclusive interior design of the kitchen-living room.

Cons combined kitchen-living room

1. Smells from cooking.

2. High cleaning requirements.

3. The appearance of sounds that are formed when working with household appliances.

Zoning options

Zoning is an integral part of the whole process, since the modern interior of the kitchen-living room without such features is simply not conceivable.

The most common techniques for zoning such a room are:

1. the placement of the separation zone - for eating or bar;

2. The location of the furniture in the kitchen as an island with a hood in the center;

3. the use of lighting options on the walls, ceiling, floor lamps, in furniture;

4. You can use different flooring as a dividing line (the same principle can be applied on the ceiling);

5. use on the walls of rich colors (you can also use them on the floor).

In addition, when performing zoning, it is necessary thatfurniture for the kitchen-living room harmoniously fit into the room and meet the expectations of the owner. Preference should be given to neutral shades. Also, do not forget about the accessories, which give the interior of the room a certain zest.

Small kitchen-living room

The interior of a small kitchen-living room imposessome restrictions on the use of design. It is worth remembering that a small kitchen-living room will combine completely different in functionality of the room. Therefore, it is necessary to actively apply zoning with the help of various pieces of furniture, curtains or screens, as well as with the use of finishing materials of various textures and colors.

Household appliances used in the cooking process, you need to concentrate in the kitchen area. For recreation, the living room space is allocated. In addition, have to abandon carpets on the walls and floor.

Interior kitchen-living room in a country house

Any housewife's dream is a big kitchen inown house Usually in a country house, it is much more kitchens in apartments. More often in country houses, kitchens are combined with a living room, a staircase, a dining room, a hall, forming a rather interesting, complex and multifaceted space. The interior of the kitchen-living room in a country house with high ceilings creates even more space and air around. The main feature that distinguishes the kitchen of a private house from the city is a low window above the sink.

Interior kitchen-living room in a country houseIt offers various options for connecting the kitchen with the living room and bar. This option allows you to take a lot of guests and create a truly original interior. In such rooms it is necessary to use various items of decoration and decor with a variety of materials. It is very important to create a room design with zoning as clearly as possible so that the individual zones do not merge into a single whole.

A feeling should appear in the kitchen areathe working area of ​​the kitchen, where you can prepare food and easily find everything you need to prepare; the seating area should be relaxed due to its cozy atmosphere; the dining area is designed to socialize with friends and family and enjoy the food.

In the next video you can see how the interior of the kitchen-living room is created by specialists.

A cosiness to your home!

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