How to fluff compacted fur?

A frequently asked question is how to fluff the fur, which has already lost its original appearance, the topic of our article today.

Fur on the hood always made outerwear(jacket, down jacket, coat) more elegant, beautiful, solid. Among other things, such a finish is always additional warmth in the winter cold: the impressive long hairs edge even allows you not to wear a hat, reliably protecting your ears and head from wind and sub-zero temperatures. However, some people prefer to buy clothes without the rim, thinking that it will be too difficult to keep the fur in its original form from season to season.

The fur on the hood always made the outerwear (jacket, down jacket, coat) more elegant, beautiful, solid

In fact, this is only a myth: Fur - both natural and artificial - can be put in order, and even without dry cleaning, but at home. Just in some situations, you will need to put a little more effort, spend a little more time.

Both natural and artificial fur can be easily put in order at home, and even without dry cleaning.

So how to fluff the fur that got into different unpleasant situations, save it from dirt, creases, tangles, bruises, return it to the original spectacular look? Of course, there are many ways.

Important! However, many situations can be prevented by properly storing clothes and properly handling them. We will talk about this too.

It is very important to properly store clothes and handle them correctly.

Putting in order natural fur

Rumpled natural (and, in fact, artificial) fur with wrinkles is a rather frequent problem. It can come to such a state for several reasons:

  • long-term off-season storage;
  • postal shipments;
  • washing;
  • rain or snowfall.

  • Rumpled natural (and, in fact, artificial) fur with wrinkles is a rather frequent problem.

    Answer the question how to fluff fur onhood, approaching the problem in general, you can: let it hang or dry under natural conditions, and then gently (!) comb it without applying force. And this should be done comb-pukherkoy, which can be purchased at pet stores. Some craftsmen working with this material use a special tool made from long ... sewing needles. The effect of its application is really impressive, but unfortunately it is impossible to find something similar for sale.

    The hair comb is capable of the most effective fluff fur

    In severe cases, steam may be used. To do this, just hold the edge over a boiling saucepan, bath with hot water, or use an iron with a vertical steam function. But in any case not to wet!

    In severe cases, steam may be used.

    Trying to figure out how to fluff fox fur,For example, it should be remembered: natural edges perfectly withstand critical negative temperatures, but high temperatures do not. Therefore, never dry the natural rim on the battery or hair dryer, and when using steam, keep the product at least fifty centimeters from water.

    Never dry the rim on the battery or hair dryer

    Another fox, raccoon, mink, silver fox is badtransfer hit of salt, other chemical substances. In this situation, coming from the street, you should not immediately rush to comb the hood. Just let it dry well away from batteries. In this case, the nap should not touch anything.

    If you are interested in how to fluff at homeFur fox conditions with particles of salt, other dirt, do not immediately try to remove them from the wet pile. This can lead to a simple tearing of the villi. Let the dirt, salt dry up, then you can easily comb your hood.

    Combing fur on the hood should be only after it dries completely.

    Very often, ladies, already wearing a jacket, down jacket,add the final touches to his image, namely, spray varnish, use perfume, other perfumes. Getting on the fur, it almost instantly glues the fibers. Later in this place serious tangles and lumps are formed, and the hostess urgently “rushes” into the network, on forums with a cry for help, asking to tell how to fluff the fur on her favorite jacket.

    Attention! Never wear perfume when dressed.

    Never wear perfume when dressed

    And if the villi are stuck together because of varnish orspirits, try to apply alcohol: wet the resulting lump, gently separate the villi with your fingers and comb, but only in the direction of their natural inclination. You can also get rid of lumps and tangles formed for other reasons with alcohol. At the same time, it is necessary to act without the use of force, carefully, without haste. It is also worth noting that all of the above applies to the care of artificial fur.

    And if the villi are stuck together because of varnish or perfume, try using alcohol: wet the resulting lump, carefully separate the villi with your fingers and comb

    Fur after washing

    Today on jackets you can often meetnatural painted finish in almost all colors of the rainbow. Outerwear is decorated with blue, pink, yellow, green edges. Over time, they do not just skukozhivayutsya, fall into mats, and darken, turn yellow from dirt, completely losing all fluffy. In this case washing and drying helps to restore the beauty to the fur. And properly dry the edge is even more important than wash. For example, raccoon fur or other fluffy fur after drying looks like a “mutant hedgehog” with too long needles.

    In some cases, washing and drying helps restore the beauty of the fur.

    Before you wonder how to fluff the furon a jacket or feather coat, it should be understood: the edge is only a thin fur strip, attached to the fabric rather tightly. Therefore, the impact of water will not lead to its deformation. But icicles appear with a probability of one hundred percent. For washing the fur trim you can use:

  • weak soap solution;
  • hair shampoos;
  • shampoos for animals.

  • You can use hair shampoos to wash the fur trim.

    Advice! Moreover, the hostess, who used different means, praise the means for cats and dogs with a slight whitening effect.

    The question of how to fluff a long artificialfur occurs more often after washing. Therefore, we describe this process. Water for this procedure should be cool, not more than 30 degrees. We dissolve the shampoo in it and gently rinse the fur, and then leave it in water for five minutes, but no more. From this, fur will not lose its color. On the contrary, the shade will become more saturated, juicy, attractive, dirt and unnatural yellowness will disappear.

    Leave the fur soaked in soapy water for no more than five minutes.

    Next, go to the rinse. This should be done several times, and the last rinse to arrange with the addition of 9 percent vinegar. A weak acetic solution will save you from having to look for information on how to make the fur fluffy again, because it will help it recover faster, straighten up and restore its natural shine. Next, remove the fur from the water, do not wring out (this is important!), And let the water drain. Dry the fur should be at room temperature, and then either just beat her hands or comb. And the direction of the pile here does not matter.

    A weak acetic solution will help the fur to recover faster after washing, straighten up and return the natural shine

    Faux fur after long storage

    There are many myths about faux fur. Some say that it is warmer with it than with natural, that it does not lose its heating properties even when it is wet through. It is possible to say for certain: the artificial edge is more durable. In addition, it is much cheaper, which makes it a worthy alternative to natural furs, both in price and aesthetics. However, very often owners of artificial furs are interested in how to fluff artificial fur in the hood. After all, after its long-term storage in the summer, the villi often wrinkle, wrinkle up, stick out in all directions with careless "needles."

    Faux fur is a worthy alternative to natural furs both for price and aesthetics.

    To straighten the fur, the thing is better to hang onhangers and let it just hang for a few days. Sometimes it takes weeks. If the fur has not recovered, it can be exposed to steam, and then combed. In difficult cases, the edge should be wiped with a soft, damp sponge, combed in the direction of the pile and left to dry. When it dries, the fur should be combed again. It is better to choose metal combs with long, blunt teeth.

    In difficult cases, the edge should be wiped with a soft, damp sponge, combed in the direction of the pile and left to dry.

    But many problems with fur can be avoided iftake storage seriously, adhering to basic, fairly well-known rules. And then, perhaps, you will not need information on how to fluff the artificial fur.

    Many problems with fur can be avoided if you take seriously its storage, adhering to the basic, fairly well-known rules

    Basic rules for storing fur

    With a “catastrophe” when the fur is after summer storagein a closet or on a hanger in the wardrobe looks faded, everything must have collided. How to fluff natural and artificial fur at home, we have said above. Now it is worth saying a few words about its proper storage, so that the fur, even after several months of “inactivity,” looked neat and well-groomed.

    The thing with fur cannot be stored in folded form in the dense stack with other clothes

    The thing with fur cannot be stored in folded form intight pile with other clothes. Ideal - hangers and a lot of free space. Do not put it in polyethylene, but only in a fabric cover or in a paper case.

    In the place of storage of fur things, you can use flavors based on natural oils.

    In the storage area of ​​fur things must be clean.dry atmosphere, no shade or mold. You can use flavors based on natural oils. Direct sunlight on the fur should not fall, besides the closet or hanger should be away from central heating points.