How to choose a drilling machine for a home workshop?

Make an even hole in the workpiece, and especiallywhen there are several such blanks, it is possible only with the help of a drilling machine. Of course, some can do with a regular drill, but this tool has some limitations, so many owners want to buy a drill machine for a home workshop. Buy such a unit, in principle, it is not difficult, on sale there are many models from various manufacturers.

Suitable for installation in the home workshopnot every mechanism. Usually a small room is allocated for the workshop, and this will have to be taken into account when choosing a device. However, as a rule, in the home workshop there is no need for a large machine, but even among those that are small, you have to choose. To do this correctly, you need to know some characteristics of the machine.

Estimated mode of operation

Usually drilling machine for home workshopit is acquired for work in the intermittent mode, however some owners can be required its long work. In the first case, household or semi-professional equipment is purchased, which requires a short break after some time (specified in the passport) of continuous drilling. If this requirement is not observed, the product can fail rather quickly, and with the correct mode it will not achieve high performance.

If the drilling machine for the workshoppurchased for the purpose of earning, household samples will not work, you will have to pay attention to professional machines, which are significantly more expensive, but also have higher power. On such machines it is already possible to drill holes of a much larger diameter, and to do this much faster.

List of tasks

The main task of the drilling machine,naturally, is the manufacture of holes. However, each machine has its limitations. Let's start with the diameter of the drill. On each machine there is a limitation of this parameter. In most cases, the drilling machine for the home workshop should ensure the use of a drill with a diameter of 16 mm, however, there are exceptions.

Quite often assumed to purchasemachine for the manufacture of small holes (up to 6 mm), for such work it is better to choose a small machine. Such mechanisms are quite inexpensive and, importantly, often presented by manufacturers as precision machines. By the way, such small machines are successfully used for the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

It is important to know that drilling accuracy is largelydetermined by the quality of the installation of the workpiece. Therefore, it is recommended to choose machines with grooves in the base, allowing to set a vice or a cross-shaped table. It is the latter that allows in the process of work to move the part in all directions, which makes it possible to carry out milling of plastic and wood.

Pay attention to the depth provided.drilling. This indicator is important if you intend to work with thicker parts. The more powerful the machine, the greater must be the stroke of the spindle.

What blanks will be processed

If you expect frequent work with massivesteel parts, you should purchase a drilling machine for a home workshop that has a capacity ranging from 1 kW. Sufficiently thin plates (up to 6 mm) can be successfully drilled on less powerful devices.

Equipping carpentry workshop should be paidattention to the dimensions of the machine, and especially to his desk, because in this case, large parts of relatively soft wood (for example, for furniture) will be processed mainly. Therefore, high power, as a rule, is not required, and the acquisition of an aggregate on a column will be completely satisfactory.

How important are ergonomics and convenience

Many elements can greatly simplifywork For example, the presence of a speed switch. Simple machines for this will require turning off and removing the housing cover, only after that it will be possible to change the position of the belt drive. Some models are equipped with a regulating knob, moving which changes the spindle speed, while the best models even have a special electronic screen showing the rotation speed. Such elements allow you to quickly and easily select the mode required to work with a particular material.

Equipment of some cars with special lightAn objective will significantly facilitate the basing of the part, the accuracy of which greatly determines the quality of drilling. In some units this laser device, when working with it, it is enough to fix the part at the intersection of two lines projected onto the table. The crosshair is exactly under the drill, and the operator can immediately see where to place the point on the part scheduled for drilling. Naturally, the presence of such devices somewhat increases the cost of the machine.

Another factor influencing the choice ismachine weight. Of course, the heavier the unit, the easier it is for the operator to ensure drilling accuracy. However, often the area of ​​the workshop is limited, which leads to the need for frequent movement of the machine. Sufficient quality desktop units that meet the basic requirements can be found with a weight not exceeding 20 kg.

Your working conditions

As a rule, at home is providedonly voltage 220 V. Accordingly, the drilling machine for the home workshop should be selected for these parameters. If you have access to a three-phase network, then this is a great advantage; machine tools in this case do not lose power in the engine. In addition, the three-phase network allows the simultaneous connection of several units, while the same connection to a normal home network almost always causes a voltage drop.

After consideration of the issues raised, it is already possiblemore accurately represent the future machine. It remains only to choose from suitable models the one that suits your design, and you can purchase equipment.