Fortress for cat made of plywood do it yourself

Thanks to its natural playfulness andinquisitiveness, cats love to hide. If you have a cat, you probably come up with different thoughts about how to make it so that it never misses. A good idea would be to build a shelter for her and him to sleep and play with your own hands.

Take a look at this amazing cat's castle, in it your pet will feel like a member of the royal family. It is made of plywood and upholstered in fleece. Start small, if you follow simple technology, there should be no problems during assembly. The lock device can be any, the main thing is to make sure that it has enough convenient small entrances. It is recommended to make several shelves inside so that the cat can move from one to another and admire the view. Also, he will sleep comfortably in a dwelling upholstered in soft fabric. If you like this idea, you can proceed to construction. For the castle, as in the photo, you will need plywood and a roll of fleece or carpet.