Cookware for induction cooker: how to choose

Induction cooker. At first glance, the word seems unfamiliar and alarming, and many will treat this new product with caution. But all experiences are in vain!

The induction stove is safe and convenient, for every good housewife she is a real treasure. By purchasing such a new improved stove at home, you can completely forget about the danger of open fire of gas stoves, get rid of the constant fear of gas leakage.

However, the only negative induction cookeris that not every type of cookware is suitable for cooking. At first glance it may seem that the purchase of additional utensils is a waste of time and money, but in fact, you can buy utensils for induction cookers absolutely at any store of kitchen goods. In addition, for sure, every housewife will find something that is suitable for this method of cooking.

Induction hob has a huge amountAdvantages: it is safe for children who can accidentally burn themselves on open fire. Also getting rid of the need to light a fire every day, you can also get rid of matches, to which young children have a kind of craving.

The work of the induction cooker is based ona kind of magnet: electromagnetic waves, in contact with the surface of the pan or frying pan, begin to heat its bottom. One has only to remove the dishes from the hob, as the heating stops. The magnets start working only at the moment when the burner is not empty, and at the same time no effort is needed for its ignition: it starts to work independently.

Dishes that are already at home can be an easy way to suitability for use on an induction cooker: bring a magnet to it and lightly move it along the bottom of the dish, but so that its enamel is not damaged. If the magnet sticks to the bottom, the dishes can be used without fear and fear.

Here are a few materials, dishes from which can be considered suitable for use on an induction cooker:

one. Cast-iron dishes retain heat well-cooked food, ideal for cooking pancakes. The dough does not stick to the cast iron, which makes dishes from it the best option for baking. In addition, cast iron cookware has always been famous for its durability and strength.

When choosing dishes from cast iron it is worth remembering about its heavy weight, as well as about the fragility of the material. But with proper care, cast iron dishes will last for many years.

2. Enamelware. Ware purely of enamel does not exist, it is only a coating, under which absolutely any material can “hide”. Due to the enamel coating, harmful substances evaporating during cooking do not settle on the dishes and do not contribute to its rapid destruction. Due to this, enamelware is able to preserve its external beauty and durability for a long time, however scratches may still appear, but not from harmful vapors and substances, but also improper care and use.

3. Ceramic dishes. In application, it is the simplest, all fats and oil stains are easily washed off. Scratches and numerous damages for it are far from a problem. Another obvious advantage of using ceramic dishes is the complete refusal to add various oils in cooking.

4. Tableware made of copper. Special substances have been added to the copper alloy, which has recently been completely unsuitable for cooking on an induction cooker, so that copper can also be included in the list of cooking utensils on an induction cooker.

five. Stainless steel is one of the most durable pottery materials. It is resistant to heat, cold and sudden changes in temperature, easy to clean and does not require special care. However, in order to warm up a stainless steel pot or pan, it takes a lot more electricity.

6. Aluminum dishes. Such dishes have an affordable price, by weight is also quite optimal. The only thing is that aluminum itself as a metal does not have high strength, which makes it very easy to break it. For durability and durability, manufacturers add special metal discs to the bottom of aluminum cookware.

The search and selection of good dishes, suitable forcooking is always a difficult and long job. Therefore, many manufacturers offer the hostess the best option - the purchase of ready-made dish sets, which include several pans, pans of different shapes and sizes. On the one hand, the purchase of a whole set of dishes will seem like a real robbery, but in reality it turns out that this is a real saving of both time and money, since buying each item individually is much more expensive. And the time to find the necessary utensils is spent several times more.