Christmas wreath with your own hands

Christmas wreath - New Year's traditionhome decoration, relatively new for us. The old European tradition has appeared recently and so far it is just taking root - the Christmas wreath is unusual for us, various associations arise with it. Virtually the rest of the world, which celebrates New Year and Christmas, honors the tradition of the appearance of this Christmas decoration in the house.

Christmas wreaths are completely different. The Russian market is still filled with the most traditional forms of Christmas wreath.

A similar do-it-yourself Christmas wreathIt is very simple to make: by folding an artificial or natural twig (for this you need to choose very flexible young branches) and decorate it with small Christmas toys, beads, ribbons, cones or a luminous garland. But, of course, this is not the only way to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands.

The traditional wreath for the New Year usually consists of fir branches with any decorations

Advent Christmas wreath traditionally decorated with four candles

In Europe, for a very long time, there has been a kind of competition between people who creatively relate to the New Year decoration of their home.

Christmas wreath is made literally from any available materials, showing imagination. One of the fashion trends in preparing for the NewYear - to do everything in one color or in a combination of two colors. Despite this laconic color scheme, the Christmas wreath elegance does not disappear, quite the contrary. The idea of ​​using all in one color makes making Christmas wreaths from the most unconventional materials, such as lace, ribbons of a selected color. These wreaths are decorated with beads in tone and Christmas decorations.

Christmas wreath of packs in white and blue style

Another famous tradition is to createChristmas wreaths from scrap materials, that is, to use literally everything in the world: decorative wire, wine corks, buttons, and even balls - all in the course. It is possible to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands from gift boxes, woolen pompons, popcorn and even handkerchiefs!

Christmas cork wreath

Christmas wreaths of buttons

Christmas wreaths of tangles

For example, this Christmas wreath is made ofpaper rosettes for cookies! Inside the wreath is the usual, most budget Christmas garland - in the end it turned out such a magical beauty, tender and new year.

A wreath of paper paper rosettes and garlands

European tradition - manufacturingChristmas wreath with your own hands can be compared with the Soviet tradition of decorating your home before the New Year. Children cut out snowflakes from paper, mom comes up with Christmas decorations to decorate, dad crepe serpentine ribbons to the eaves. In this pre-holiday preparation, there are so many lovely feelings, you shouldn’t deprive your children of this - let them make a Christmas wreath with you, cut snowflakes, sew Christmas toys.

Christmas wreaths can be decorated with do-it-yourself dolls.

Similar pupae are also used for decoration.Christmas wreaths - as a rule, artificial pine branches or other dark materials are used. Such pupae are especially appropriate if the Christmas wreath is already old, but it is a pity to throw it away.

And another stylish tradition that you wanttell - do it yourself Christmas wreaths of fruits and flowers. This is hard to imagine - we are used to associating the New Year with a Christmas tree, a pine tree, but not with flowers.

However, in warm countries, flowers on Christmasthe table as a Christmas decoration can be seen very often. With the help of flowers, the so-called “center of the table” is created, and Christmas wreaths of fruits, flowers, cones and dried flowers are placed in front of the table.
Christmas wreath of flowers can be both monochromatic and variegated.

Christmas wreath of fruits and berries is great for summer countries

Not always a Christmas wreath is hanged ona door. With the help of a Christmas wreath, you can decorate mirrors, windows, pillars in the courtyard, a chandelier (hanging it with ribbons), put on shelves above sofas, etc. Christmas wreath can be used to decorate the New Year's table.

Christmas wreaths can decorate the window

Mirrors can also be decorated with Christmas wreaths

Perfectly creates a festive atmosphere and do not interfere with Christmas wreaths located on the chandeliers.

That's how beautiful and multifaceted can beChristmas wreath and so differently participate in the New Year's decoration of the house. Perhaps this cat's house interior design blog article will help you make your own Christmas wreath.

Christmas wreath with cardboard (master class)

A blog about interior design "Cat House" offers to your attention a master class on creating a Christmas wreath from cardboard cylinders, which remain from kitchen towels and toilet paper.

Now you don’t need to get upset because you don’t know the rational use of these cardboard cylinders. From such improvised material you can make a Christmas wreath with your own hands.

You can make an interesting openwork wreath from ordinary sleeves, decorating it with ribbons and flowers.

To make a Christmas wreathwith your own hands, first cut the cylinders into small rings, give them an elongated shape in the form of a leaflet, then fold them into a wreath and glue them together!

This Christmas workshopwreath with your own hands is very simple, but the result is impressive! In this embodiment, the wreath is not painted, it remains “cardboard color”, but you can paint it with gold or silver paint, you can cover the leaves with paint of different colors, for example, in red, gold or silver, purple, hot pink.

After the Christmas wreath of cardboard leaves is glued together and formed, you can pin bows, Christmas balls, satin ribbons, beads, or something else to it.

Cardboard cylinders can be painted, for example in green, to match the color of the traditional Christmas wreath.

For a Christmas wreath made by your ownhands, you can attach and other Christmas toys, make leaves in the form of a serpentine of different colors, stick the silhouettes of Christmas reindeer - in general, all that your imagination will be capable of.
If there are a lot of cardboard cylinders, you can use them to create jewelry for gift boxes.
In the following photo you can see howUnpainted cardboard can be combined with a braid and a wick - gifts are made and packaged in a similar rustic style. That is, not painting cardboard is a planned move.

Card decoration on a postcard with the help of a flower made of cardboard cylinders will perfectly complement any Christmas gift.

Note! How touching looks a small, hand-made card on a gift.

So, as a result of simple actions, such a wonderful Christmas wreath appeared, which can be made from almost nothing, a pretty and very original wreath.

If you have an idea to make a Christmas wreath with your own hands, it is worth trying, it's simple and very interesting!

Original ideas

Paper Christmas wreath is the mostsimple option. If you want to show your individuality and get an unusual decoration for your home, you will have to master more complex techniques. We will try to help you with this and tell you how to create a unique decorative element for the interior. For the work you will need a variety of materials that you hardly ever used for decorating crafts. Intrigued? Then let's get started!

Note! to make a wreath, you need to make a round frame for it. It is an essential element when creating any wreath.

The base for the Christmas wreath can be made of cardboard and paper

Creating such a framework is quite simple: circle on a cardboard two plates with different diameters, and then carefully cut. Now add the desired volume to the circle. To do this, you need to find old newspapers at home, cut them into equal parts (if you use a written children's book, divide it into sheets), roll them up into thick tubes and stick them to the top of the base, starting from the inside. Repeat the process until the surface of the circle is completely covered by paper tubes.

Advice! To make the wreath look neat, wrap it with a wide ribbon and secure the result with a hot gun. Now that the base is ready, you can begin decorating.

It looks interesting Christmas wreath of pasta covered with gold paint

Even socks can make a multi-colored Christmas wreath.

  1. Multicolored napkins. To work you need a few packs of this material. Take a napkin, fold it in half twice, and then fix it in the center with a stapler (brackets should be arranged in the form of a cross). Next, cut a circle of the desired diameter. It all depends on the size of your base: the circle should completely close it. Do the same with other wipes. As soon as you have a lot of paper circles at your disposal, start to form “snow” balls from them. Gently lift up the layers of the napkin, crushing them to the middle, and then with your hands give them the shape of a flower. Using a hot gun, glue the received balls to the base, tightly placing them next to each other. As a result, you get a wreath that will look light and airy, like snow. Decorate it with a shiny ribbon and hang it on the door.
  2. Pasta. Who said that you can not make a beautiful crafts out of food? Surprise your loved ones with originality by making a wreath of pasta. Besides, even a child can make it. All you need is a cardboard frame, several varieties of vermicelli, glue and a can of paint. Smear the frame with glue and attach to it pasta of different shapes. There should be no empty seats, therefore the distance between the elements should be minimal. As soon as the last detail is fixed, cover the wreath with paint of the chosen color and add decorative bells to the composition. This product looks very unusual.
  3. Socks. This version of the performance exactly like the representatives of the strong half of humanity. Naturally, you will need a lot of socks. You can alternately wrap them on a cardboard base or roll them into small tubes, and then attach them to the frame. You can decorate this craft with a bright bow or a festive ribbon. Use this custom wreath as a complement to the main gift. We are sure that such an amusing gift will not leave any man indifferent.
  4. Wine corks. If you like vintage items, then a festive wreath of wine corks is what you need. Previously you need to prepare aluminum wire, bright beads and a dozen corks. Form two circles from a wire - big and small. Attach the cork to two circles at a time. That is, the upper part is strung on a large circle, and the lower - on a small one. To make it look even better, alternate corks with beautiful beads. The resulting wreath can be decorated with a pine branch or golden bells.
  5. Cones. In addition to the excellent view, the wreath will have a wonderful fragrance that spreads throughout the apartment. On the one hand, in this case it is not at all necessary to use a cardboard base: the bumps are sufficient with glue and add some bright elements. But, on the other hand, the skeleton will greatly simplify the task, and the wreath will hold much better. To begin with, paint the base in the desired color, wait until it is completely dry, and only then proceed to the design. We recommend preparing cones of different sizes. First glue the big buds to the base, and then fill the empty space with small ones. Such a wreath looks very festive even without additional tinsel, but you can paint it in any color or add a few decorative elements.

Christmas wreaths of cones are very popular and truly wintertime.

Summing up

Christmas wreath is superban ornament that will fill your home with comfort, will add a festive atmosphere and help to show individuality. Handmade, it will serve as an original gift and decorate any interior. There are many variations of its production, but you can show imagination and come up with your own, unique design of a Christmas wreath. Good luck!