Modern apartment in the Scandinavian spirit

This apartment, whose design has developedcreative agency PLASTERLINA, located in Warsaw. The modern reading of the ever-popular Scandinavian style is the main idea that guided the designers during its creation. In the open-plan living room you can see natural materials traditional to this style and clean lines. However, the authors decided to move away fromThe classic white color scheme for the sake of a more dynamic - coal and ash, with bright yellow accents. But the main innovative solutions were applied outside the living room. The ultra-modern aesthetics of this apartment is really impressive.

Expressive living room interior design right awaydraws attention to itself. Instead of a wall separating the kitchen from the rest of the room, it was decided to install an open wooden partition that also accommodates a home media center.

It is easy to see that the intended inhabitant of thisapartments - inveterate traveler. The cities and countries he visited can be seen on the world map, hanging on the wall, above the sofa. They are marked with photos. Using a pressed cork tile and a laser level, it is quite possible to recreate such a map yourself.

Neutral colors and simple furnishings are pleasing to the eye and allow the apartment’s characteristic features to stand out even brighter.

Each functional space of the apartment is clearly separated from the neighboring, while maintaining external interconnection through "open" lines.

Dining chairs from the Danish designer Hee Welling correspond to the overall Scandinavian atmosphere of the apartment.

The reverse side of the dividing wall hides a significant part of the kitchen environment.

It's hard not to notice these hanging lamps. The outer surface of the lampshades has a texture resembling concrete, which gives them a very impressive appearance, although in fact they are quite light and elegant.

Having a large capacity, this table is also very convenient for serving dishes, as it is located in the immediate vicinity of the dining table.

Kitchen furniture matte gray is one of the latest trends.

Recessed lighting is very ingenious. A narrow strip above the left table illuminates the workspace, while the yellow wall on the right is highlighted around the perimeter, creating an interesting effect.

And here you can really feel the contrastconceived by designers. This hallway serves as a transition from the traditional living room to the rest of the apartment, made in a modern experimental style.

Walls in the style of a “blackboard” are not such an innovation, but by combining them with black floor and ceiling, the designers achieved a rather unexpected effect.

From this angle, the effect is felt even more. Guests will certainly not forget the transition from the pitch darkness of the hallway to the luminous white corridor.

After such a powerful transition, the design of the living room will seem even more calm and measured.

Additional storage spaces are hidden behind these matte gray panels.

Calm Scandinavian style again comes to the fore in the bedroom. Although the tree is not used so intensively.

The use of lightweight fabrics adds extra comfort.

"Karaluchy pod poduchy" - a comic wish for "good night" in Polish.

One of two bathrooms. The style is extremely minimalistic, with the exception of incredible lighting.

On the right, the hanging lamp from Herr Mandel's Lampframe is communicated by an unobtrusive geometric motif, to the right, the wires from the lamps are guided along the wall with wooden pegs.

For a similar installation of lighting you do notneed some kind of special equipment. Only very long wires and enough patience. This design was developed by Mattias Stahlbom, you can find it by model name - “E27”.

The design of the second bathroom is noticeably brighter and more lively.

Hanging towel holder avoids the usual bulky designs. It is ideal for transparent glass showers.

It also actively uses hanging lighting from Mattias Stahlbom, this time in a stylish geometric layout.

In the era of smartphones, a lime-green alarm clock looks bizarre, although its functionality has been tested by time. Against the background of large, tone-setting decisions, such details add special spice.