Learning to save: what is the power consumption of various household appliances

Despite the fact that oil and oil products are becoming cheaper, electricity tariffs are steadily increasing. To save without sacrificing your comfort andhabitual way of life, it is necessary to understand how much electricity is consumed by various household appliances, how energy consumption classes differ and how to fit into the norm of electricity consumption. It is a pity that this is not taught in school!

Every year, residents observe an increase in electricity prices.

Electricity consumption standards

In 2013, the Russian government proposed to introducestandards for electricity consumption, to accelerate the transition to energy-saving technologies and to teach the population to be more careful with natural resources.

In each region, developed standards for the consumption of electricity

What is the standard of electricity consumption for 1 person, the regional authorities decide on the basis of a number of indicators, among them:

  • climatic zone of the region;
  • regional financial well-being;
  • housing condition;
  • finding housing in a city or countryside;
  • the presence of electric and electric water heater;
  • number of rooms;
  • the number of registered people in this area, etc.

  • Regulatory authorities urge people to use resources moderately

    Regional authorities to take the standard takeenergy consumption data of 10 thousand single citizens and derive the average value. What is the standard of electricity consumption per person? Due to the fact that the economic state of the regions differs, the norms for 1 person also differ, for example:

  • in Moscow - 117 kW / hour;
  • in the Krasnoyarsk Territory - 100 kW / hour;
  • in the Rostov region - 96 kW / hour;
  • in Transbaikalia - 65 kW / hour.

  • Every hour of the included light bulb flies out is not a pretty penny, so people need to learn how to save

    Payment depends on what consumptionelectricity is exceeding the norm, since the tariff for social consumption of electricity provides for one amount of payment, and the additional electricity used is already paid for more.

    Watch for energy consumption, as the excess rate is much higher than usual.

    Important! What is the social norm of electricity consumption, you should find out in your regional energy supply company.

    Differentiated fare

    In a number of regions, local executive bodiesThe authorities set the daily and night rates that differ from the average rate: nightly is much cheaper, and daytime is more expensive. In such areas, it is profitable for consumers to purchase two or three tariff meters.

    Two tariff meters allow you to save at night

    From what hour does nighttime electricity consumption begin? The Federal Tariff Service of the Russian Federation has established:

  • night billing - from 23 to 7 hours;
  • daily - from 7 to 23 hours.
  • For three-tariff counters, the following time intervals are set:

  • night - from 23 to 7 hours;
  • peak - 7.00–10.00 and 17.00–21.00;
  • semi-peak - 10.00–17.00 and 21.00–23.00.

  • Three-season counter - a rarity, few companies with the practice of connecting the population to such a tariff

    Important! At night, electricity is cheaper by about a third.

    It would seem a little, but here you can significantlysave due to the fact that in many household appliances there is a “delayed start” mode. Washing and washing dishes can wait for 23 hours, then the devices will turn on themselves, even if the owners have been sleeping for a long time. The bread machine and the slow cooker will also perform their tasks without the presence of the owners, and their work will be cheaper.

    Household appliances with delayed start function allows use at night

    Is it possible to meet the energy standard?

    Is 1 kW / h of energy much or little? Many people have no idea what 1 kWh can do. But with the help of one kilowatt you can:

  • two hours of work on the computer;
  • listen to the radio for two days in a row;
  • watch 4 hours TV;
  • vacuum for 1 hour;
  • 5 minutes to take a shower with a water heating boiler.

  • Compare the possibilities of one kilowatt

    Having learned in the power supply company, what is the standard for the consumption of electricity per person, you need to understand where you can save.

    Employees of sales companies will consult on the account of tariffs

    Choosing the energy class of electrical appliances

    By purchasing a new fridge or TV,coffee maker or microwave, you should carefully look at the color markings on the body. It is easy to understand which electricity consumption class is better: the colored labels and letters on all electrical appliances indicate the energy consumption class - the level of energy efficiency of this device.

    Many appliances are marked with a sign indicating energy class.

    1. The least consumed devices with class A +++, which need 50-80% less energy than similar devices. A +++ is highlighted in bright green color of the label.
    2. Class B is 25-50% effective, indicated by a light green or yellowish color.
    3. Class C is orange, it reduces power consumption by 10-25%.
    4. Class D is only 10% effective, it can be recognized by the red color of the label.
    5. Next come the least efficient classes - E, F, G. Many manufacturers generally refused to release equipment with this level of energy consumption.

    Important! By purchasing household appliances that spend the least amount of wasted energy, each of us saves our own money first of all.

    Energy consumption by various household appliances

    1. What is the power consumption of the refrigerator? To ensure the operation of this cooling device takes almost a third of the entire electroergy. The energy class of the refrigerator is determined by the manufacturer, based on a number of indicators, such as sealing the device, removing heat in the circuit, preventing the icing process, useful volume of the freezing and refrigerating chambers, noise level, etc.

    The power consumption of a refrigerator may depend on its volume.

    What class of electricity consumption is better forthe fridge? The most expensive refrigerators, equipped with many additional functions, have energy consumption class A +++. However, even devices with a class B do a good job with energy savings, if used correctly. How to help the refrigerator consume less electricity:

  • place it as far as possible from the heaters and the sun;
  • time to clean frost or thaw;
  • do not keep the door of the refrigerator for a long time open;
  • Do not put hot dishes in the fridge.

  • By following the simple rules of saving, you will not only save on electricity, but also extend the life of the device

    These simple techniques can achieve significant savings in the scale of annual consumption.

    1. What is the power consumption of a computer? A computer accounts for only 5% of the energy used. Studies have shown that an office computer consumes about 100 watts, a home computer consumes about 200, and a gamer computer consumes up to 600.

    More powerful computers consume significantly more power.

    Computer power consumption is determined by:

  • PC power;
  • cooling system capacity;
  • workload and frequency of PC use.

  • Computers are usually equipped with a "sleep mode"

    But here you can save: although modern computers themselves support the power saving mode, you should activate the automatic transition to the "sleep" mode.

    What is the power consumption of a laptop, depending on the model and power of the battery.

    1. What is the electricity consumption of the air conditioner? It depends on its energy efficiency, which is determined by the ratio of power, providing heat or cold, and power consumption of electricity. Energy consumption of the air conditioner is determined by a number of technical parameters:
  • compressor power;
  • existing temperature difference street / room;
  • the function that it performs (cooling or heating).

  • Energy consumption of air conditioning depends on the area of ​​the room.

    To facilitate understanding of economyManufacturers classify devices according to the classes from A to G. Class A. is the most profitable, of course. Household air conditioners usually have a consumption of 2400 W, which means that when using the device on a hot day for 6 hours, the consumption is about 5 kW.

    Using the remote can adjust the power of the air conditioner

    1. What electricity consumption at a warm floor, depends on a number of factors:
  • the main is heating or auxiliary;
  • owner-specified heating parameters;
  • varieties of electric "warm floor".

  • Energy consumption of a heat-insulated floor depends on a type of a floor

    Basically, electricity is spent on preheating of the “warm floor” system, in the future the set temperature is maintained with a minimum amount of electricity.

    Based on 1 square. m "warm floor", consisting of thermomats, consumes about 120-200 watts per 1 square. m, film - 150-400 W, heating cable - 10-600 W.

    On average, the "warm floor", which is the main source of heating in the room, consumes 200 kWh per month for an area of ​​10 square meters. m

    There is a floor heating thermostat that shows the amount of heating

    1. Energy class TV, dishwasherand washing machines, irons, hair dryers, kettles and other household appliances determine how much electricity can be expected from them. However, here you can save money by using the devices correctly:
  • the washing machine must be loaded completely, washed at low temperatures, use the functions of half washing;
  • the electric kettle should be descaled in time, and the dust collector of the vacuum cleaner should be cleaned of garbage;
  • disconnect unused devices and extra extension cables from the network, since in standby mode, they use up to 50 kWh per year each.

  • Warm as much water in the kettle as you need at the moment, and also remove scale in time.

    1. It is worth thinking about what consumptionelectricity from the lamps illuminating the room. Lighting accounts for one fourth of the total energy consumed by the population. Therefore, it is not surprising that people are increasingly acquiring energy-saving lamps, which use electricity 5 times less, and serve 10 times longer than incandescent lamps. You can save electricity in simple ways:
  • more often wipe the ceiling and wash windows, it saves up to 10% of lighting;
  • do not leave the lamp on in an empty room;
  • use several small lamps, not one chandelier.

  • Lamps should choose energy saving

    With a rational approach to the use of electrical appliances, it is possible to achieve compliance of the consumed electric power with the norm per 1 person and this will significantly save on the payment of electricity bills.