Corner sofas in the living room: photos of beautiful interiors

Private house can not be imagined without a living roomafter all, it is in this room that the whole family can gather to receive guests or simply to rest after a hard day. Comfortable corner sofas in the living room will allow you to celebrate any holiday or celebrate an anniversary. The second name of the living room is the hall.

Give this room a lot of attention.after all, it is better to spend evenings in a comfortable atmosphere. There should be only high-quality, practical, functional furniture. The ideal option is a soft corner sofa that has successfully replaced rectilinear models.

Of course, the size of the soft corner is much larger than the usual rectangular furniture, but this is more than offset by its functionality and presentable appearance.


Such furniture will ideally decorate smallpremises, because it takes a bit of space, without blocking the middle of the room, which can be attributed to its obvious advantages. The second advantage of the soft corner is originality. The shape of the corner sofas in the living room most often L-shaped, but among the variety of models can be found U-shaped.

Manufacturers did not stop on two forms and came up with arc-shaped corner sofas. These products look amazing and make the room unique. Form is their main advantage.

Color spectrum

The color of the interior plays an important rolein the perception of space, so you need to carefully select the color of the corner sofa carefully and responsibly. Do you want to make repairs, but have not decided where to start? Then go ahead for the new furniture, and then under it you can choose the design. Otherwise, there may be difficulties in the selection of large interior elements.

To help you decide on the colors of the corner sofa you should give a few basic criteria:

Classic option

The room painted with light colors is beautifulwill add a dark sofa (you can take a black one) if it is a central element. When the focus on furniture you are not going to do, it is better to choose a soft corner in bright colors. The sofa of pastel colors can be slightly distinguished by putting decorative pillows of bright colors on it.

Custom solution

Want to focus on the soft corner? To do this, choose furniture upholstered in bright or contrasting colors. The design of the whole room (or more) should be done in pastel colors, while the sofa should be chosen “juicy”.


For high-quality corner sofas, frames doexclusively from natural wood. The cost of such products is high and therefore they are referred to as elite models. In popular and available soft corners the frame is made of plywood or chipboard. The quality here depends on the materials chosen by the manufacturer and the professionalism of the assemblers.

Mattresses for corner sofas in the living room can bedifferent as upholstery, filling or frame. Orthopedists recommend choosing furniture with spring mattresses, but on the market you can easily find models without springs. In classical corners, foam rubber or latex is attached to the frame, which significantly reduces the price, but also the duration of operation suffers.

Natural leather is most commonly used for upholstery.or its substitute, jacquard, velor, microfiber. Other materials are also popular, although not that big. Filler for furniture often serves as foam rubber, although often there are products made of polyurethane and synthetic winterizer. These are basic materials, although their quantity and range increases annually.

Solution Features

In the configuration of corner sofas manufacturers successfully use some typical elements, which number about 25. By combining them, you can easily create about 200 different models of sofas.

The largest division of sofas - folding andnot folding products. The design of the soft corner is often holistic, although there are models consisting of individual elements. Such products manufacturers often put on wheels, which makes them mobile.

Most of the models presented have a mechanismtransformation, allowing you to change the configuration on your own. It is possible to transform a room in a few minutes turning it into a bed for delayed guests.

Determine the quality

Just looking at the corner sofa in the living room, youcan not accurately determine either the build quality or the quality of materials. Even with a strong desire and a thorough inspection of products, you can notice only serious defects, such as torn upholstery, protruding nails or others, but it’s not worth talking about the definition of reliability.

To choose good furniture you needask the seller about the quality of the source materials, and, if possible, request certificates or other documentation. It is best to trust well-known companies because it is in their arsenal that there is modern equipment and quality control.

Transformation mechanism

The corner sofa is not only aesthetically pleasing, but alsopractical, as it also serves as an extra bed. In a soft corner with a built-in locker, bed linen can be easily laid after sleep. There are several mechanisms for transforming furniture into a bed, but you can only choose one of your choice and preferences:

  • French cot;
  • sedafleks;
  • roll out sofa;
  • meralat;
  • dolphin;
  • Eurobook.
  • Among the presented transformation mechanismsroll-out models are popular, although the eurobook is easier to use and reliable. Corner sofas with mechanisms of sedafleks and meralatnazvat can not be reliable, so they are recommended to be used only where they do not have to be laid out often.

    Corner sofas look much more prestigiousstraightforward, so their popularity is higher. Among the presented models, you can easily find suitable ones, since the range is really impressive. Do not forget to specify the quality of the source materials, so in a couple of years not to change the furniture. Well-known manufacturers care about the quality of their products, so in most cases you can buy them without checking.

    Photo gallery of corner sofas in the interior