Bamboo houseplant: care

An amazing guest from Asia who can doThe design of any room or office is original and its decoration is bamboo. This evergreen plant is especially popular with Feng Shui followers. In this culture, bamboo is considered a flower that brings good luck, happiness and general well-being.

In science, indoor bamboo is called Dracaena.Sander. This plant is unique in its structure green, perhaps with a straw shade, stalks. They may be able to have bright green, lanceolate leaves at their top, or to be naked. Bamboo can grow on the water and on the ground, requires compliance with not complex rules of care.

This evergreen plant is especially popular with Feng Shui followers.

Care instructions

For the successful existence of bamboo, firstall you need to decide on the location of the plant. It is recommended to place it on the windowsill from the east or west side, with sufficient light penetration. With its lack, the plant can begin to lose leaves, which will negatively affect its decorative effect. Do not place the plant in direct sunlight, since ultraviolet light can damage bamboo leaves.

To temperature the plant is not whimsical,optimum conditions for it is considered +18 - +25 degrees. However, bamboo transfers higher temperatures without any problems. The stems do not require spraying, but it is necessary to wipe them from dust.

The temperature of the bamboo is not whimsical

Bamboo in water

The most original way to grow bambooconsidered landing in the water. In such conditions, the plant does not require special care and replacing the contents of the pot once a week is sufficient for successful plant growth. It should be borne in mind that for the maintenance of the plant you need to use soft, settled water, ideally thawed snow. At home, you can get it in the freezer by freezing-thawing ice cubes.

Plant nutrition is carried out by adding special mineral fertilizers to the water during the replacement process once every two to three months.

Being constantly in the water, bamboo will be finefeel and in the process of growth can reach a meter. Tall, well-groomed bamboo stalks, placed in a common pot of water and tied with a beautiful ribbon, will become the center of a paradise room corner.

Bamboo in the ground

Soil is considered a more favorable condition forbamboo cultivation. For him, the usual soil for indoor plants, bought in a flower shop. There are no special requirements for irrigation, you should not allow the soil to dry out and mold, as well as water stagnation.

To drain excess water, special openings and a lower drainage layer should be provided. Top dressing of a plant is carried out once in two months by means of watering.

To maintain a respectable look bamboopruned. This procedure can be carried out annually, cutting trunks over the nodes, using scissors. By removing the side shoots, you can give the plant interesting original shapes.

To maintain a respectable look, bamboo is pruned

Breeding bamboo

There are several possible ways to grow indoor bamboo:

  • seeds. Growing a plant from a seed is possible, but the percentage of germinating seeds is not large, and even if it sprouted, the care of the seedlings is not quite simple;
  • reproduction with the help of offspring and apical shoots is rather difficult and practically not used;
  • grafting is the easiest and most commonmethod of breeding plants. It is best to carry out this procedure in the spring, when young shoots appear. They must be placed in water or constantly moistened soil before rooting;
  • by dividing the plant stalks into several parts. Slices are waxed to prevent them from drying out. The cut parts are placed in water until the roots appear.

  • Cutting - the easiest and most common way of breeding bamboo

    Bamboo is unpretentious, but at the same time a rare exotic plant that, with proper and caring care, will amaze with its uniqueness.