How to close the radiator: interesting ideas

Our apartments and cottages in winter frosty dayssaves heating. Therefore, the presence of heating radiators in dwellings is undoubtedly a plus. But often the batteries become a stumbling block when you want to decorate a room beautifully.

The radiators themselves and the heating pipes in the houses are located either under the windows or along one of the walls, that is, they stand out greatly. These massive elements spoil the overall look of the room, which is why designers and ordinary people often think about how to close the radiator.

The problem with the design of radiators especiallyrelevant in children's rooms and rooms where children often play, and not only because of aesthetic considerations, since they can run and hit the battery.

If modern radiators have an appearance,which can easily fit into a hi-tech room or minimalist style, the old Soviet cast iron batteries look quite depressing. Therefore, you need to take care of how to disguise the battery, and so to warm us in the cold, it has not ceased.

Common Masking Techniques

The presence of any problem always leads to itssolution, and masking the radiators in the apartments is no exception. Designers and builders have developed several solutions to this problem. Consider the most popular ones:

- One of the most common wayssolving the problem, rather than close the radiator, is installing a metal screen. Usually these screens are of mass production, but are produced for certain types of radiators. Their advantage is high heat emission, durability, the absence of the slightest deformations under temperature effects, as well as low price. But the minus probably covers all the advantages of this type of disguise, since this screen can hardly be called beautiful.

Metal screen for the battery heating

To solve the issue of the aesthetic component can be after the purchase of such a screen: self-decorate or paint a metal screen quite feasible creative people.

- Another method is how to disguise the battery inindoors, is the installation of a wooden screen. To perform such a model, masking the radiator in the house, the woodworker can order. The ideal option would be the implementation of the screen, in style and shape resembling furniture in the room.

Wooden screen for the heating battery in the interior

Most often, wood screens are screened orBraided screens, which close the battery from the eyes, but well pass the heat. Such screens are expensive, especially if made to order, but they look very impressive, and they are also an additional place to sit or place some items: toys, decorative items, vases, etc. The disadvantage of wooden screens is that under the action of high temperatures, they can be deformed. You can create a screen model of wood by yourself, after measuring the area of ​​the radiator and its thickness.

Screen-grille for radiator

- The next option is to close the battery,is a plastic screen. It is relatively cheap, but it is sometimes noted that under the influence of high temperatures, some types of plastic can release toxic substances, so it’s better not to risk and choose another way to hide the radiator.

Decorative plastic screen

- Another common method than to closeheating battery, is considered to be custom-made furniture or built-in furniture. It can be a dresser that hides the heating system, a long bench or a console table that hides a radiator. The only thing when you plan with the master is similar furniture, you need to provide that heat can penetrate into the room. For this, you can make carved cabinet doors or carved vertical surfaces.

Heating battery is built into the furniture

As an option, you can consider making a decorative fireplace in place of a battery, which will be not only decorative, but also a real warm cozy place - a kind of hearth in the room.

- Now designers offer new models.radiators that are not ashamed to demonstrate to others. These are carved beautiful models, often custom-made, with three-dimensional images or patterns. Of course, this is not a cheap pleasure, but for classic-style rooms these models are indispensable.

Decorative screen for the battery in the interior

- Masking radiators in the bathroom cancarried out behind a children's playpen net or a clothes dryer (this will also be a rational way). The grid is mounted between the two boards-shelves above and below the radiator so that it remains behind the grid. Then on the grid you can hang washcloths, towels on hooks, which will hide a massive radiator.

- One of the biggest options asto disguise the battery, is a special heating installation system. In this case, the radiators are not installed in front of the wall, but inside it. This will significantly reduce the area of ​​the room and make it difficult to repair the heating system, if necessary, but the batteries will not be visible at all, although the thermal effect will not disappear anywhere.

Hidden heating system

- Another way of masking batteries istheir dismantling and installation of warm floors or certain invisible convectors that can be installed in window sills, furniture, floors, plinth, etc. This method is considered the most expensive, but is beginning to gain popularity among those who want to have a beautiful apartment not to the detriment of the heat in it. The heating battery can be hidden in a stove bench under the window sill. It will be the warmest and most comfortable place in the apartment!

The heating battery is built into the bed-sill

- The easiest way to closebattery, are considered curtains or drapes. Since childhood, many people remember how they did not notice the long curtains, which mothers carefully hung, radiators and stuffed a lot of cones.

Heating radiators can be hidden by curtains.

This method is popular now, though, hesomewhat modified. Thick curtains are now decided to hang right under the window sill with velcro or fishing line. In this case, the curtains hide the battery at all times, not just in the evening, when thick curtains are pulled back. Curtains for masking the radiator are selected in the main curtains or upholstery of furniture.

- Also a solution to the problem than to closeThe heating battery is the installation of low decorative screens that can be made independently. If you decorate the screen with photos, clippings of their magazines or drawings, you can get an original art object in the house.

- One of the not-so-traditional ideas likedecorate a heating radiator, is its painting. This method implies several options: the battery may “merge” with the wall or may become the object of attention in the room. In the first case, it must be painted in the same color that is intended for walls in the room.

Battery in the color of the walls in the interior

The second option is more creative: if the walls are bright, the battery can be painted in pastel colors; If the walls are pastel shades, the battery is contrasting and bright.

Contrast battery in the interior

The original way will be painting the radiatordifferent shades of the same color: from the brightest top to the darkest bottom. Gold and silver paint are still popular, however, in any case, it is necessary to paint heating pipes with the same color, not just the radiator itself.

Original solutions

Masking radiators opens spacefor creativity for those who like to invent all sorts of useful and beautiful things for the home. Perhaps some of the creative ideas proposed here will wake up a creative person and a visionary in you.

- For children's rooms the idea of ​​a cover onradiator in the form of an animal or a fairy tale character. Such a battery is sure to attract the attention of the baby, but at the same time will not allow him to burn himself on a hot surface. Some mothers with a highly developed imagination can turn a boring battery into a dinosaur, zebra, cat or pig.

Design of the battery in the children's room

- The “fence” will be original in any roomin front of the battery or the entire length of the wall on which the radiator is located. It can be very thin wooden or plastic objects that will help to hide the batteries in large spacious rooms. Alternatively, you can consider a set of geometric shapes of different sizes, cut out with a jigsaw, and interconnected, covering the battery. But this method is more suitable for a children's room, where such a screen will also be used for games.

- A great way for creative people to dofrom the usual Soviet battery button accordion. To do this, just need to decorate the radiator around the edges. If you think a little, by painting it in black and white, you can even make a grand piano out of it.

- One of the most beautiful ways to disguisebattery is writing a picture on it. Bright artistic talent will allow you to write on the battery landscape, still life or beautiful pattern that fits into the overall style of the room.

The picture on the radiator

But such a radiator will be unique andUnique object of attention in the room. Separate elements drawn on the battery are also suitable, for example, butterflies, stars, flowers or other objects, depending on the wallpaper in the room, the pattern on the curtains and the upholstery of furniture, etc. An important advantage of such a decoration of the radiator is that the drawing can be changed at any time if it gets bored or there is a new repair ahead.

- Another way to decorate a radiator isdecorating it using decoupage technique. The process and technology are described in many sources, you just have to pick up pictures, purchase glue and heat-resistant varnish. Previously, the battery will need to be washed, sanded, covered with matte white enamel, and only after drying will begin to distribute objects across the area of ​​the radiator.

Decoupage heating radiator

In the next video you can see a selection of ideas on how to decorate a radiator in the interior.

When you start thinking about what to dowith a standard heating system and how to hide an ugly and boring radiator, consider several options and ideas and decide whether to really hide it and disguise it in an original way, or you can emphasize some of the advantages of this still useful thing and put it on public display.

A cosiness to your home!