Design room for a young man

Upcoming repairs terrify each of us, especially when it comes to interior decoration. It is not clear where to start, how to take everything into account?

One of the most difficult challenges is the design of the room foryoung man. Such a room should not only be pleasing to the eye, but also be functional and comfortable. And what if you look at this process as an exciting game? Having clearly planned the work, you can create from an ordinary place a real work of art that meets all the requirements of its owner.

Modern room for a young man

First steps

The work should start by defining a common The abundance of objects and complex decisions here to anything. The design of the room for a young person should be fairly simple, harmonious, functional. Restrained style and minimalism - the basic principles of this type of housing. Comfortable furniture of geometric shapes, calm colors, rough textures, noble materials, no extra details.

The choice of colors

Black and white room

There is an opinion that for living spaceswarm tones should be used, but this is not always the case. Our task is to ensure the functionality of the room: it should become at the same time a bedroom, a study and a living room. Such demands are made by modern young people to their personal space. Therefore, you can safely use cold shades, and give comfort with accessories or certain textures. Cushions or curtains made of coarse gray linen do not look cold or uncomfortable at all. Warm tones are a win-win option that you can beat with bright accents and clear lines.

Room with blue walls

The most successful colors are classic blue.(dark shades look better), noble gray, conceptual black, win-win green, neutral white. The most versatile option - all shades of beige (mocha, ivory, coffee tones).

Room with light walls

Thinking over the room design for a young manit must be remembered that this is a collection of three rooms harmoniously interconnected. To achieve the effect of integrity, but not to create chaos, zoning reception is successfully used.

Sleep area

The bed can be separated from others.zones with the texture or color of the walls, fence it off with special lighting or simply high shelving. Modern designers use such non-standard reception as the “podium”. This is especially convenient for rooms of a small area to easily turn a sleeping area into a living room. For this, instead of a bed, a comfortable sofa that can be easily folded for guests is suitable. Do not underestimate this method, since modern technologies have long given us "orthopedic" sofas that are not inferior in comfort to traditional beds. If you prefer bed after all - models with drawers will help to save space.

Guest area

Room for a teenager

Continuing to develop room design foryoung man, go to the living room area. A sleeping place is involved here, be it a bed or a sofa. A simple trick is to add some big bright pillows. Spread out on the floor, they can be used as seating. Bright colors will serve as expressive accents for a discreet style of the room. An excellent addition will be the original bean bag, abandoned near the bed. Made from dense coarse fabric, it will look great in bright and saturated dark color, with a strict geometric pattern or monophonic. To give comfort here you can use a floor lamp, which is convenient for its mobility.

Work zone

One of the most important areas is the office: writing or computer desk, comfortable office chair. Do not neglect a comfortable workplace, if the desktop computer is replaced with a laptop. Especially when it comes to school, the results of which are directly affected by the conditions of the home “office”. In this zone, a low-key atmosphere, a minimum of distracting objects, good lighting, and high-quality ergonomic furniture are important. The chair can be another catchy element of the interior. And if it matches in color with one of the bright pillows on the sofa, it will bring the whole picture of the room together.

Having dealt with furniture for recreation, receptionand work, you need to take care of such an important subject as a wardrobe. Following the principle of minimalism, choose a wardrobe full wall. This will get rid of the clutter, making the most of the space. Mirror doors of the cabinet allow you to visually expand the boundaries, add lighting, visually “align” the elongated room. You can order a wardrobe from the same wood that was chosen for the bed. Elegant and frosted glass with a strict geometric pattern, which is repeated on the curtains or bedspread.


Room for teenager bright

Despite the division of the room into several zones,we need certain elements linking the space into a whole. They run through the whole room with a red thread, not allowing the overall picture to fall apart. For this purpose, various accessories serve perfectly: restrained Roman curtains or blinds, pillows, a bedspread, a small carpet or skin thrown near the bed, books, travel objects. The link will be not only ornaments, repeating on fabrics or surfaces of furniture, but the very form of furniture, designed in the general style, echoing colors and details. The main thing is not to overdo it with souvenirs and not to force the shelves to everyone, so as not to create a feeling of cluttering up.

Lighting selection

The light in the room should be well thought out. If the ceilings are low, the built-in lamps will be a convenient way out, or you can completely refuse the ceiling lighting. Be sure to add a soft side light: a desk lamp in the work area, a floor lamp near the bed, sconces on the wall, a spectacular lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling. Light is useful to make universal and adjustable, which will add convenience and comfort.

Technical component

The final touch in the work on the design will beselection of equipment in the room. In addition to a good computer, a young man needs a high-quality speaker system (it would be good to equip a room with at least minimal sound insulation), a large LCD TV on the wall. The TV screen is arranged so that it was visible to all guests, without exception. You can connect a game console to the panel.

Planning a room design for a young manit must be remembered that the interior of the space must correspond to the character and temperament of its occupant. Color solutions, furniture and lighting style are a direct reflection of the individual. Only in this case the owner of the room will feel comfortable and harmonious in it.