Save space in the kitchen with a microwave oven

One of the major kitchen appliancesTechnology is a microwave oven. For compact placement, it is practical to use the microwave bracket on the wall, which will securely fix the device and save valuable space. Such a device allows you to place a fairly large device in the free space of the wall, in a convenient and safe place for use.

What are the brackets

Present a modern kitchen without a varietyhousehold appliances is quite difficult. They perform various functions and help facilitate the process of cooking, so they are necessary in the kitchen. Some of the helpers are large and take up a lot of precious space. To optimize the kitchen space when installing household appliances, it is convenient to use special suspension structures. With their help, the devices are fixed on the walls, freeing up the kitchen space.

The bracket for the microwave on the wall hassimple design: it consists of two metal corners of L-shaped form. For their manufacture use durable steel that can withstand a large load and reliably serve in conditions of high temperature and humidity.

Installing brackets does not require special skills.and skills or the use of special complex tools. One of the sides of the corners is fixed permanently to the wall with durable fasteners. On the second side install and fix the device itself.

The bracket for the microwave on the wall isa good way to accommodate a microwave oven. Corners have small dimensions, so do not occupy free space and allow you to place the device on any wall of the kitchen. The use of such a mount provides the necessary ventilation of the device in order to avoid overheating during operation. The simple and concise design of the fixtures will fit into any interior of the kitchen, without disturbing its style.

Bracket selection

The modern market offers various models.brackets for installing the microwave. They differ in color, size and price. When choosing a mount for the microwave on the wall, you should consider several factors affecting the further operation of the device.

The basic requirement of safe useThe mounting brackets are the reliability and durability of this device. They must withstand the load placed on them, which corresponds not only to the mass of the microwave oven, but also to the weight of the products processed in it. Therefore, fasteners must be designed for loads up to 40 kg. On products and powder coating should not be chipped or cracked.

Different colors allow you to choosemount, combined with the decoration of the device or suitable to the range of kitchen furnishings. In various models, the size of the departure from the wall can be from 29 to 45 cm. It is necessary to choose the best option for a specific device so that its depth allows the stove to be stably mounted on the brackets and their edges do not protrude beyond the microwave. Protruding holders do not decorate the appearance of the structure and can be injured during operation. Microwave oven should be installed, retreating from the wall 15-20 cm, this should be taken into account when determining the length of the extension of the bracket.

You can choose the type of brackets with the optionchange the length of the flight with the help of special controls. This will allow installing the device of any size on the holders. But it should be borne in mind that the movable element is more fragile, this can lead to breakage of the bracket and the fall of the whole structure. The width of the microwave does not matter when mounted on brackets, because they can be mounted on the wall at any distance.

Quality brackets for microwave onthe wall is completed with special bolts for fixing, rubber pads on a sticky basis and plugs. The fixing bolts must be of the required length in order to securely hold the structure. Rubber pads prevent the unit from slipping, they are fixed with a sticky base on horizontal guides. Plugs are used to hide fasteners.

Choosing a place to install

The location of the microwave oven on the wall shouldbe comfortable for daily use. The installed device should not interfere with movement in the kitchen, this will avoid traumatic situations. To choose the right place, it is necessary to test the comfort of the device. It is necessary that access to the inside of the unit is convenient for placing food and dishes. The door should open freely, not resting on other items of kitchen furniture.

In the immediate vicinity of the microwave ovennecessarily need a source of electrical current. This will allow you to easily connect the device without using additional extension cords. The wall of fastening must be reliable in order to withstand the load that the structure will exert. The bracket for the microwave on the wall of plasterboard can not be installed: such a support is too weak and can not withstand the large weight of the unit. To avoid microwave overheating, water droplets and excessive contamination, it is advisable to choose a location for it away from the stove and sink. Above the upper wall of the microwave oven, it is necessary to leave up to 10 cm of free space, which will ensure proper air circulation and will not allow the unit to overheat.

Mounting brackets

Microwave brackets as perThe attached instructions are placed on the wall at a distance that will allow you to accurately install the device. On the wall mark the location of the holders and drill holes. With the help of fasteners holders attached to the wall. Care should be taken of the location of the brackets in the same plane, without distortions. The crooked microwave will not be installed reliably enough. Even a slight bias will lead to premature wear of the engine, which unevenly rotates a standing dish during the heating of food.

On top of the horizontal guidesfix rubber anti-slip pads with a sticky base and caps close the fasteners. Before installing the microwave oven should check the strength of the design and reliability of fasteners. The support should not dangle or move, only in this case it will be able to withstand the load placed on it.

Features corner placement

If necessary, the location of the microwave oven inCorner space except brackets, you must purchase a shelf. First, according to the dimensions, the design of the shelf and the brackets is assembled, and then they are fixed together on the wall. Such a device allows you to effectively use the empty space of the corners, placing a large device conveniently and compactly. The shelf for the microwave on the wall can be used not only in the angular location, but anywhere in the kitchen.

Choosing a bracket for the microwave, it is necessarypay attention not only to the appearance of fasteners, but also to their technical characteristics. The durability and reliability of the structure, and hence its safety, will depend on them.