How to fix a leather jacket: effective methods and useful recommendations

Leather goods look very stylish, but due to the nature of the material they require constant care. If the inevitable happened, and your favorite thing is spoiled, you need to know how to fix the leather jacket and return it to its former appearance..

Of course, you can contact the clothing repair studio, but the services of professionals, as a rule, are quite expensive. With the most common problems and defectsyou can do it yourself. It is enough to allocate some time for the recovery procedure and strictly follow these recommendations. In this way, you “reanimate” the product by giving it a second life.

If the inevitable happened, and your favorite thing is spoiled, you need to know how to fix the leather jacket and return it to its former appearance.

We close the gaps

This is perhaps the most common problem amongowners of leather jackets. If you catch on a poorly clogged carnation, an iron fence or another sharp object, an ugly cut will remain on things that spoil its appearance. First you need to figure out what the gaps can be.

With the most common problems and defects on the leather product, you can cope on your own.

On a note! Two cases are considered the most common: either a piece of skin is torn out completely, or the cut will be in the shape of a corner. Note that the recovery procedures in these spirit situations are completely different.

To begin with, we propose to consider step-by-step instructions on how to fix a leather jacket, if there is a “corner” gap on it.

  • Turn the product on the wrong side. On one of the sleeves, look for a stitched seam, and then neatly flap it. It is most convenient to work on a clean, level, well-lit surface, so think ahead about where you will be performing the procedure. Spread out the jacket, and then insert your hand into the rip hole. You need to find the gap from the wrong side.

  • Repair the gap on a leather jacket

  • Torn area carefully wipe with a special solvent to remove excess fat from it.

  • Wipe the torn area thoroughly with a special solvent to remove excess fat from it.

  • Take a fabric patch or a piece of skin. It is necessary to select the size in such a way that the patch is 1–2 cm larger than the damage area on all sides.
  • Glue for working with leather lubricate the purlside of the patch, and also treat the area around the gap with a brush or cotton swab. Important: Do not smear the damaged area directly with glue, because in this case the patch will be glued unevenly. After processing, allow the glue to dry slightly (leave the product for 25 minutes), and then carefully apply a second layer.
  • Glue one side of the gap, actneatly and slowly, so as to better fix the leather jacket. Then align the corners and glue the patch onto the cut completely. Properly press down the junction of the damaged area. Remember: the smoother the joint, the more inconspicuous the seam will be.
  • Next you need to fix the result and checkthe quality of the work done, so turn out the jacket and bend it in the place of damage. If the splicing point has spread, then with a thin brush, brush the edges of the gap with a thin layer of glue. Slide them tightly and press down with your finger to hold them well.
  • Smoothly fold the product on the table, and put the load on the patched area. Suitable heavy books or bank with conservation. Leave the jacket in this position for a day.
  • After the necessary time, process the bonding line with a special cream for the skin. This will help mask the seam and give the surface a uniform color.
  • Now you just have to sew the lining and enjoy the result of the work done.
  • Eliminate holes

    How to fix a hole in a leather jacket, everyone should know the owner of such a thing.

    Note that as soon as you find the torn section, you should fasten it with a plaster from the wrong side.

    After all, it is necessary to act in this situation immediately. If recovery measures are not taken on time, then you can damage your favorite thing even more, and its appearance will be permanently damaged.

    On a note! Note that as soon as you find the torn section, you should fasten it with a plaster from the wrong side.

    This will prevent the material from spreading further. This is especially true if you are away from home, and time and money prevent you from starting repairs. Consider solutions to the most common problems and situations in which they are best used.

    If you do everything right, the jacket will look like a new one, and the place where there was a hole will be completely unnoticed.

    Let's start:

  • We sew. This method is quite radical, but if the hole is quite large, then you simply can not do without it. It will be difficult to glue the ripped piece of skin, so it is better to prepare the thread, a suitable patch and a typewriter. So, now consider how to fix a leather jacket at home. First you need to unzip the lining, previously turning the product inside out. Then carefully trim the edges of the hole to make it easier to pick up the patch, and the damaged area after repair looked neat. It is also very important to choose as a patchwork material the desired texture and color. If you do everything correctly, the jacket will look like a new one, and the place where the hole was will be completely unnoticeable. You will need two patches: one can be made of any material, as it is attached from the inside, and the second is exclusively from leather suitable for the jacket, because we will sew it on the outside. By the way, their size should be 1-2 cm more than the cut from all sides. Attach the selected shreds and sew them. Experts recommend choosing for this procedure a strong needle, which is designed to work with leather things. If you neglect this advice, you can not only spoil the jacket, but also damage the sewing machine.

  • If you do not have a sewing machine or the hole is small, you can neatly glue it

  • We glue. Is it possible to repair a leather jacket without resorting to such radical methods? If you do not have a sewing machine or a small hole, you can carefully glue it. Place the torn piece with tweezers in a damaged place, and then glue it with scotch tape. Then you need to turn the jacket inside out and rip the lining to get to the hole from the inside. In this case, the prepared patch is glued to a piece of leather, which we fixed earlier. As soon as you perform all the above steps, remove the product and remove the tape. Make sure that the patch lay evenly, correct it with your fingers and hold firmly for 1-2 minutes. Let the glue dry completely, and then sew the lining. Thanks to this method, you can quickly and accurately repair your favorite thing without resorting to the expensive services of specialists.
  • Repair collar

    Fix small holes and cuts on thisplot can be one of the above methods. I would like to take a closer look at instructions on how to fix the collar of a leather jacket, if it has deteriorated due to prolonged use and untimely cleaning. It is no secret that in the process of wearing the skin is exposed to various impurities. One of the most common is the fatness of the collar, which greatly spoils the look of the product. Let's see how you can cope with this problem and return the jacket to its former purity. For work, you will need aviation gasoline and special paint for the skin.

    Remove greasiness and return the old purity of a leather jacket by using aviation gasoline and special paint for leather.

    Treat affected areas with gasoline, andthen let it dry. The procedure must be repeated 2-3 times. During this time you will see that the fat spots disappear, and the thing gets its usual color. Naturally, such processing will not remain without a trace, therefore it is necessary to apply paint of a suitable tone.

    This should be done with a special sponge in one layer, evenly painting every inch of the surface. For best results, over the paint professionals recommend applying a protective gloss.

    Before using this method, testits action on a small area of ​​skin, and only after that proceed to the restoration of the entire collar. This will help avoid damage and ensure that the product does not deteriorate.

    Repair using liquid skin

    Every day more modernways, greatly simplifying the process of restoring leather things. If you know how to fix a leather jacket with liquid leather, you can quickly, efficiently and efficiently cope with many types of damage.

    Set of liquid skin

    It is quite simple to use it, and it is possible to get it in any specialized shop. In addition, a wide range will allow you to pick up the product at a reasonable price for you.

    Getting started, it is necessary to conduct a thorough preparation: clean the surface of the product from all contamination, degrease it and thoroughly dry it.

    Leather Jacket Sponge

    You can immediately buy the tool of the desired shade or create it yourself by mixing different colors (sold in the kit).

  • Minor cuts. Apply the mixture in a small layer on the edges of the hole. It is very important that the tool does not go beyond the boundaries of the cut, so the excess should be removed with a dry sponge. Gently wipe the liquid skin with gentle movements to give the damaged area an invoice.

  • Liquid skin copes with fine cuts

  • Through cuts. In this case, you should first secure the patch from the inside, on which the product will be applied. It will also help prevent deformation of the hole during drying. Shreds are best picked from similar leather or dublerin. As soon as you glue it, apply over two thin layers of liquid skin and trim it with a dry sponge.

  • Cuts can be removed with a patch.

  • Cuts with jagged edges. How to repair a leather jacket if it is torn unevenly? Let's figure it out. To start the edges should be trimmed with a sharp blade or a special knife. If you have burned the product, then you need to cut off all the burned areas. Then, from the inside, glue a suitable patch, and apply liquid skin on it in two layers.
  • Note that the time required for drying should be indicated on the packaging.

    On average, after 10 minutes, the process begins.polymerization, but you can wear your favorite thing no sooner than after 8 hours. If you have missed the color, you can remove the tool before drying with an ordinary sponge.

    If you have missed the color and the skin has dried, use an alcohol-based solution to sting the composition.

    In the case when the skin has dried, use an alcohol-based solution. Do not worry that the coating will be unreliable, because it can withstand temperatures up to minus 50 ° C.

    Summing up

    Now you know how to fix a leather jacket, andYou can quickly return your favorite thing to its original appearance. The main thing - follow the instructions clearly and carefully select the material for the patch. Do not hesitate with the repair, because with each subsequent wear the damage will only increase.

    Leather products are quite expensive, so repairing your jacket yourself will save you a considerable amount from the family budget.

    In addition, the above methods will help youto cope with the task and perform the repair is not worse than the professionals in the studio. You will certainly be able to return the jacket to its former look and extend its service life! Good luck!