How to make a carpet with your own hands

The art of creating carpets has a centuries-olda story. For exclusive flooring, you can use the remnants of yarn, thread, pieces of fabric or fur, old terry towels, T-shirts, sea pebbles, clothesline, plastic bags, caps, corks, bank notes. How to make a carpet with your own hands? It is enough to show imagination, patience,perseverance to sew, knit or weave a unique decoration for decorating a home. The rug will turn into a massage, if you insert into it a removable pad with an abrasive filler.

Wool yarn

Carpet with your own hands on the photo can be tied, made from pre-made pompons or cotton thread, weave, weave.


Need a cardboard, black marker, threadvarious thickness, scissors, hook from № 7 and above (or knitting needles). To determine the width of a future rectangular product, the required number of air loops is gathered. For knitting a round rug, 5 air loops are connected into a ring and then loops are added in a circle.

It is more convenient to tie several pieces, then hook them together or sew with a regular needle (this technique is called patchwork).

From pompons

Leftover yarn, hook, scissors, thinconstruction mesh with cells for the base of the rug. Cotton balls are made by winding yarn on fingers or cardboard. Then you need to tie it with a long thread in the middle and carefully cut along the edges. The closer to each other to have pompons, the more beautiful and effective will get a rug. The edges of the base should be treated with strips of cloth, tape or tied.

From yarn

For such a rug will require threads, patches forbases, cardboard. Two cardboard strips with a width of 3 cm are put together tightly wound with threads. Then you need to fasten stitches to one side of the strip, and the other - cut. Several such fringe blanks are made, which are tweaked along the contour of the rug's base toward the center. You can use two or more colors of thread, creating, for example, a heart in the middle or an ornament over the entire area.


Beautiful carpet do it yourself, usingthick cardboard for the base, multi-colored thread thick and thin, twine. Cut a circle out of cardboard, make cuts to secure the twine at the ends of each of the 32 sectors marked with a pencil. Then you should wind the string from one sector to the next through the center point of the circle. To twist the thread with twine need to center and monitor the density and evenness of the resulting rows.

Upon completion of the work, the base must be removed. Combining with each other several rugs of different diameters, you can get a unique product for home decoration.


In the process of carpet weaving, you will need: a frame, a wand, threads for the base and lint, a cardboard strip of 3x20 cm, scissors, a thick needle.

Handmade carpets consist oflongitudinal and transverse layers of threads intertwined in staggered order. The pattern on both sides is the same, so the product is used as a two-sided one.

Fabric, fur

Do-it-yourself carpet from fabric balls-padsmade using a large piece of bright matter. In the middle of each blank-circle, put a synthetic winterizer and sew the edges of the fabric in diameter. The resulting balls are firmly sewn with each other.

You can make a piece of fur and fabric for the insidefunny rug. According to the pattern, the contour of the bear, tumbler, monster, cheburashka, other funny animal is cut out on the fur. Fur to sew with a cloth. For the eyes, white threads are spent in hank, to which black buttons are sewn.