How to choose children's furniture for the child's room?

In every family, when a child appears, the problem arises, how to choose children's furniture for room equipment. Every child needs the most comfortableand a cozy space, so parents definitely need to be well versed in the question of how to choose children's furniture for the room. The furniture used should provide special conditions for the child to be in the room and contribute to his physical development and creative improvement.

Every child needs the most comfortable and cozy space.

Manufacturers supply the market with a large number of different modifications of furniture for installation in the nursery, which greatly complicates the selection of the necessary elements of the equipment for the nursery.

Advice! If parents have no idea how to choose children's furniture, it is better to seek help from specialists.

Professional sales assistants can explain in detail which furniture is best for the children's room.

Furniture used in the equipment of the child’s room should not pose a risk to the health of the baby.

If there is a non-standard room layoutIt is best to seek help from furniture design specialists; they will help develop children's furniture options in accordance with individual characteristics and requirements.

Option furniture for the children's room

When choosing furniture to equip a children's room, one should focus on several parameters that characterize the furniture. The main parameters are:

  • attractive appearance;
  • multifunctionality;
  • safety for children;
  • quality of installation and manufacturing.
  • Due to the fact that the furniture used in equipping the children's room should not bear the danger to the health of the baby, special attention should be paid to its environmental cleanliness.

    Particular attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the furniture.

    Important! When making a choice, special attention should be paid to the fact that there are no sharp corners, glass inserts and other traumatic elements on the furniture.

    When choosing furniture, you should remember that a sufficient amount of free space for games and entertainment should be left in the child’s room.

    It is necessary to approach the choice very responsibly, as the environment can have a significant impact on the development of the personality and psyche of children.

    Children's furniture in orange tones

    If the baby is at the age when he is able to analyze the situation soberly and evaluate it, having his own taste preferences, then it is recommended to ask his opinion when choosing.

    Why for the equipment do not use furniture for adults?

    In the room that belongs to the child should be installed its own - nursery - furniture. Requirements for children's furniture are significantly different from those for adult furniture.

    Most often, at the age of 2-3 years, the child is aware of himself as a person and begins to seek to copy the behavior of the adults around him

    The use of furniture is not for growth makeschild to strain the muscles of the body in those cases where it is not required. When an adult furniture is used, a child can often sit in an uncomfortable position, reach for objects, and this can cause problems with the locomotor system. In addition, the inconvenient position of the baby at the table when drawing or sculpting can cause vision problems.

    From the age of three, the child needs his personal space to grow.

    It should be remembered that most often at the age of 2-3years, the child is aware of himself as a person and begins to strive to copy the behavior of the adults around him, during this period the child must be supported and contribute to his development. The development of the child as a person can contribute to the individual furniture, which the baby will own independently and completely. From the age of three, the child needs to develop his personal space, where he can go about his business and where no one will disturb him. For the equipment of the space, children's modifications of chairs and tables are optimal.

    Modular children's furniture in yellow tones

    Choosing the right color for furniture

    On the development of the baby at an early age hasThe influence of a large number of factors, and the color range among them is not the latest. A child spends a long period of time in his own room, so the colors chosen influence the baby’s subconsciousness. For this reason, should be the choice of color furniture to pay special attention.

    When choosing a color scheme for children necessarilyThe age of the children who will be in this room should be considered. This is due to the fact that the tips that can be applied to children under the age of three years are absolutely not applicable when choosing furniture for a room of teenagers.

    Children's furniture in shades of green

    A child of school age is recommended to inquire what colors they like best, and only then proceed to discuss options for furnishing space.

    Advice! If the child is not yet able to decide on the choice of colors in the design of the room, you should take into account the temperament of the baby when choosing colors.

    Red children's furniture

    Choosing the right furniture color allows you to createthe situation in the room that would best fit the temperament of the child. To know how to choose the right furniture for the children's room, depending on the temperament of the child, you should follow the following recommendations:

    1. For melancholic children are optimalbrown, gray and yellow shades, and the accents can be arranged with the help of bright color spots created by various accessories against the background of calm light furniture.
    2. If the child has a phlegmatic naturePreference should be given to colors with red and orange hues. It is possible not to make the whole room in these colors, but they must be present in the interior.
    3. If the child is sanguine in character, preference should be given to shades of purple.
    4. For choleric, shades of blue, green or blue are optimal.

    When choosing furniture for a children's room, you can use the basics of the theory of the influence of colors on the human psyche

    When developing design of the nursery and its equipmentfurniture, it should be remembered that the space should be different brightness, fabulous and colorful, while design solutions should not create color chaos in the room.

    When choosing furniture for a children's room, you can use the basics of the theory of the influence of colors on the human psyche.

    Children's furniture in lilac-pink colors

    The influence of room space and age on the choice of furniture

    When choosing furniture parameters it is recommendedto stick to the golden mean - the furniture must ensure the fulfillment of all functions assigned to it and at the same time the space of the room should not have a cluttered appearance. The room must look attractive to the child and have enough free space so that it can move and play.

    A crib with a crate, a changing table and a small locker for storing toys are installed in the room for an infant baby.

    Before you decide what furniture to choosefor the children's room, you should measure the room and make a plan for placing objects in the room. Only after drawing up such a plan should furniture be purchased.

    In addition to the floor space when purchasingitems of furniture, it is recommended to take into account the particular age of the child. For example, for a baby in the room, a bed with a crate, a changing table and a small locker for storing toys are installed. In the future, as the child grows up, the furniture should be replaced by a more adult one. An older child is provided with a bed that does not have a lathing, table and chair for creative activities, a large area is allocated for storing toys, and from the age of five it should be provided a place in the room for placing books.

    Children's furniture for preschoolers

    The arrangement of the room a preschooler can delivergreat pleasure to the child himself, if you let him show his imagination. Arrangement of children's space should be carried out taking into account the interests of the child, since at this age he is fully aware of himself as a person and expresses his wishes for equipping his personal space.

    Arranging a preschooler's room can be a great pleasure to the child himself.

    If a child at this age can be attracted tothe process of equipping the room, it will allow to satisfy his requests. To store toys use a variety of chests, and the curtains on the windows can be designed in the form of a ship's sails. You can in the process of decorating the premises to use the plot of your favorite cartoon or fairy tale.

    Furniture for a nursery in green tones

    The arrangement of the room teenager

    When a child reaches school agethe room requires modification. From now on, a room should be provided in the room for placing a table at which the child will prepare homework and engage in training.

    For the period of the child's education at school indoorsa nursery should provide for the installation of shelves to accommodate textbooks and writing materials, in addition to this, it will be necessary to install several bedside tables and lockers in the room in which the child’s clothes and other accessories will be placed.

    Children's furniture for teens

    During this period, the child begins to appearThe friends he accepts in his room, for this reason, should provide for the installation of additional seating in the room. Such furniture can be:

  • sofas;
  • chairs;
  • ottomans
  • The room for a teenager should be fully equipped according to his wishes and tastes. Most often, the premises of a teenager in their equipment is close to the room of an adult.

    In the room of a teenager is installed most bed, computer desk, wardrobe, shelves for books. You can decorate the room and give it an original appearance at the request of a teenager by using decorative elements.

    Option room furniture for a teenager

    The choice of furniture, depending on the material of manufacture

    Children's furniture should have an original appearance. At the same time, such furniture should have a high degree of reliability and the ability to withstand high loads.

    The safest for a child is furnituremade of wood. Such furniture is not only environmentally friendly, it also has a high degree of strength and beautiful appearance. The disadvantage of such furniture is its high cost.

    The most safe for a child is furniture made of wood.

    If necessary, save someFinance should purchase furniture made from pine wood. The disadvantage of this furniture is an increased ability during operation to cracking and scratching. Furniture made of hardwood is the best option for children's room furniture.

    Wooden furniture with lacquer finishis quite expensive, so manufacturers offer consumers a large variety of furniture made using chipboard. The disadvantage of such furniture is a low degree of resistance to mechanical stress, which leads to breakage of the furniture. The advantage of chipboard furniture is its low cost.