What should be the depth of the pool for different purposes?

It’s not easy to decide what depth in the pool is needed in each case.. This question is one of the first tothe beginning of construction of a similar design. Pools can be different in shape and purpose, respectively, and the depth can vary from a few tens of centimeters to several meters, depending on the project.

The age category of people on whom the reservoir is calculated may be different. There are 2 types of artificial reservoirs - these are adults and children.

Children's pools are used for teaching swimming, diving and aquatic gymnastics lessons.

Children's reservoirs are used fortraining lessons in swimming, diving and aqua gymnastics. It is worth considering that shallow baths are used for infants, and for teenagers something more substantial is needed.

Adult pools can be very diverse. Such artificial reservoirs can have a complex underwater architecture or are very simple, intended only for swimming. Each subspecies has its own specific requirements. It is necessary to choose the construction on the basis of what depth in the pool would be appropriate.

It is very important to consider the shape of the structure.

It is very important to consider the shape of the structure. The geometry of the pool depends on your imagination and ideas. If we are talking about a standard rectangular tank, then you can set any depth. Compared with standard artificial reservoirs, the original structures during construction have a higher cost.

It should be borne in mind that the deeper the reservoir, themore cost construction. This applies to both a one-time investment in construction and regular payments for cleaning and maintenance. For the built structure requires constant care, which includes:

  1. Water purification, because the filters are not always able to cope on their own.
  2. Cleaning the walls of the tank from the accumulated dirt and developing algae.
  3. Periodic replacement of the filter element in the filtering system.

On a note! Choose a project, taking into account the fixed maintenance costs.

Children's pool depth

If you plan to build a home pond,then it is much easier to navigate about the required depth. It is usually calculated in such a way that the height of the water reaches the chest. You need to think about having a separate niche for children. Using this approach, the child can feel confident in the pool while learning to swim, or just playing in the water.

You need to have special knowledge and conduct swimming sessions accompanied by a trainer or adults.

For one-year-old children in the pool do a separateA niche is inexpedient, since an inflatable version with a depth of about 20 cm is perfect for them. At the same time, you need to have special knowledge and conduct swimming sessions accompanied by a trainer or adults so that no unforeseen situations arise.

If you have a lot of friends, or you want to buildswimming pool with a commercial purpose, it is best to use the average depth values. Children's pools have a depth of 1 m, but more often they are made from 60 to 90 cm. This is quite enough for safe games, workouts and comfortable swimming. Teens should do deeper, at the level of 90-130 cm.

On a note! It is best for home use to build a tank with stepped depths, to make a separate children's and adult sites.

This approach is well known and used in almost all artificial reservoirs. Separate both parts with glass. It does not affect the appearance, but protects children from leaving their area.

Adult pool depth

If we are talking about a reservoir for adults, then there are many different pools for different purposes.

Adult pool depth

It is on the basis of what the structure will be used for, it is necessary to make depth calculations. The standard equipment used in most pools is:

  • springboard;
  • a hill;
  • tower.
  • Some special standards for sureunderstand what depth in the pool is required, does not exist. Often, simple swimming pools are built at a depth of about 1.5 m - this is enough so that a person can safely move in the water, feeling the bottom, but also not cling to it during swimming.

    If you plan to install springboardstandard height of 50 cm, it is necessary to increase the depth. At this height, it is recommended to make a total depth of 2.3 m, or to add a special indentation in a given place. If the springboard is 1 m high, then the water in the tank should be 3 m.

    The towers most often have 5-10 m in height, forhome use they are not suitable. In this case, you need to take care of the presence of a spacious pool, and he deals with a lot of space. If the construction of a tower is planned to be about 5 m, then the water level in the basin should be at least 3.8 m, for a springboard of 10 m it should be about 4.2 m.

    Pool equipment

    If you plan to install a water slide, thenit is also necessary to increase the depth, since 1.5 m will not be enough. Everything is individual here, you need to calculate the project based on the angle of inclination, length, speed, body weight and water resistance. But it is often impossible to predict body weight, so calculations are carried out with a margin or a certain restriction is established for bathing people.

    It is less and less possible to find a pool with uniform depth, most often it has several thresholds, which are designed for specific equipment.

    Important! It is worth noting that the transitions are done smoothly, it will save from injury and will allow you to feel the level difference, if a person does not know how to swim.

    Non-standard pools

    Basically, those pools that have a non-standard shape or greater depth are used for certain sports: for training in water polo or diving.

    Water polo rules require a minimum depth of 1.8 m

    Novice athletes care what depthswimming pool in water polo or diving. The rules of the game of water polo require a minimum depth of 1.8 m. You can build a reservoir of about 2 m, in which you can do not only swimming, but also dive. Often in these tanks is a step at a depth of 1.5 m, so you can relax.

    The construction of such a pool is important for conducting lessons before walking in the sea or ocean

    Another option is a diving pool;has a depth of more than 4 m, otherwise the meaning of this sport is lost. The construction of such a pool is important for conducting lessons before walking in the sea or ocean. A popular artificial reservoir will be in places remote from open reservoirs. There are professional pools that have a very significant depth. Record holder until recently was Nemo 33, which has a special indentation, reaching 34.5 m. Now the record is broken, and the deepest basin is Y-40, with a depression at 40 m. It developed a special underwater architecture, you can even explore the caves.

    Each individual height must correspond to the depth of the tank.

    What should be the depth of the pool for jumping inwater? It all depends on the additional equipment that is installed in the tank. For example, there are towers 27 meters high in open space and 20 meters in a closed pavilion. Each individual height must correspond to the depth of the tank.

    The process of building a concrete pool with your own hands

    There are models of pools with surfacecurrent and even waves. They are used to imitate the ocean and are actively used by novice surfers or during calms, as a substitute for the sea. Such facilities are equipped with amusement parks and some professional diving pools. The depth of such a tank should be at least 4 m, as the wave raises a certain amount of water.

    Artificial reservoir in interior design

    There is a separate type of construction, they canbe covered or open. Common to these pools is that they are in buildings. They are usually used for decorative purposes to give a special status to the room. There can live certain types of fish. Some owners allow their guests to dive into such an artificial reservoir.

    The shape, length and depth of the tank in the premises is selected depending on the size and strength of the building itself.

    The shape, length and depth of the tank in the premiseschosen depending on the size and level of strength of the building. The Marina Bay Sands hotel contains a roof-top large outdoor swimming pool with only 1.2 meters of water.

    Such tanks are very common in the UAE. Visitors can swim in the company of fish behind the glass. The water level in them should be about 5 m.

    Pool Dimensions

    To accurately determine the depth, you need to know the purpose of the tank. It should be understood that there is no right or wrong depth, there are only incorrect tasks and incorrect calculations.