What are the facades for the kitchen?

To date, the facades for the kitchen are playinga rather large role, because not only the appearance of such an important room depends on them, but also how comfortable and comfortable a woman will feel, who has to spend a lot of time here. That facade is the face of the kitchen and sets the totalstyle. Nowadays, design solutions are so diverse that every buyer can choose for himself what he likes. However, one should pay attention not only to the appearance, but also to the strength of the material. Depends on how long the kitchen design will delight their owners. It is worth noting that the cost of the kitchen facade is about the same as repairing the walls in the room. If you need to replace kitchen fronts, it will be quite expensive.

Materials for production

Kitchen facades are found in various versions. Some buyers are wondering about what to choose, plastic or MDF. Answering this question, specialists always say that all-plastic facades are a rarity, since this material is mainly used for finishing. Plastic itself is far from being the most durable material, so such a facade will not last for a long time.

In turn, MDF, that is, fiberboardplate, or chipboard, as a rule, are the main material for the manufacture of the foundations of the facade. This material has received such popularity for its strength, durability and affordable cost. It is MDF and chipboard most often used for the manufacture of facades of kitchen cabinets. After that, plastic elements can be added to the surface, but already as a decorative coating.

In the old days furniture, including the kitchentried to make from natural materials. Mostly popular tree. At the same time only wealthy people could afford high-quality furniture. Over time, the situation has changed, as cheaper materials have become widely used. Modern substitutes for natural wood are no worse than in their qualities, and in many ways even surpass this material. Chipboard began to be actively used for the manufacture of kitchen furniture in the forties of the last century. MDF became popular a little later, as furniture from this material began to appear in the sixties.

Thus, there are three main typesmaterials that are used in the modern world for the design of the kitchen. The tree and in our time remains the most expensive option. However, he has one indisputable advantage, namely that the kitchen fronts from the array always look luxurious and expensive. In turn, MFD and DSP cannot boast of this. And here plastic always comes to the rescue, from which you can make various options for decorative finishes for the kitchen facade.

At one time, MDF made a real sensation in the world.furniture. Manufacturers immediately noted the numerous advantages of this material. It has a rather smooth surface, which requires a minimum of additional processing to acquire an attractive appearance.

If we talk about the quality of various materials, thenin the case of a tree, it all depends on its type and structure. For the kitchen, which is considered a room with high humidity, you need to follow certain requirements when choosing a material. The wooden facade should be as dense and covered with a special tool that will not allow moisture to penetrate inside.

On chipboard and MDF, it is also customary to apply specialcover. Thus, the furniture becomes more resistant to temperature changes, does not suffer from the harmful effects of chemicals and is highly moisture resistant. As a result, the kitchen facade will not be afraid of the effects of detergents, vinegar, soda, boiling water and hot steam.

Laminated facade

In addition, the kitchen furniture is made fromdifferent materials, a lot depends on the type of coating. Recently, laminated versions have become very popular, which are also called soft forming.

This type of kitchen facade began to use noso long ago, but he immediately became very popular, and primarily due to its affordable cost. Laminated options are considered budget, but they are very diverse and will last a long time with proper care.

For the manufacture of facades of this type is usedMDF or chipboard, which is applied to a special decorative paper, impregnated with resin, that is, melamine coating. In this case, most often only the facade itself is laminated, and all other elements of the kitchen will consist of a simple board.

The downside of this type of kitchen façade isthat you need to care for them very carefully. If you wash the laminated surface with conventional detergents, the coating will quickly become unusable and will have to be changed to a new one. In addition, the lack of laminate is the fact that it can not be bent, so the facade will be smooth without bends.

Frame facade

One of the most popular in our timeOptions worth mentioning frame kitchen facades, photos of which are located just below. They are made on the basis of MDF, of which the frame itself consists. After that, you can insert any other material into it, for example, glass, plastic, rattan.

The big plus of this option is thatso you can make any custom facades. In this case, the cost of construction will not be too high. If we consider the ratio of appearance and price, then the frame facade will be the best option. In addition, these structures are quite light, so do not need excessively massive fasteners. In the frame facade, you can use any inserts, so here the designer has the opportunity to design everything in the best way.

However, such designs are not withoutcertain minuses. The frame facade does not tolerate high humidity very well, therefore it is considered not the most durable option. An additional coating is always applied to the frame, which eventually begins to flake off. In addition, the frame facade is quite whimsical in care, as dust can clog between the frame and the insert. It is very important to carefully choose kitchen furniture. This is especially true when it comes to a frame facade. Here it is possible that the frames are too loose, so they can start to move, and the inserts will fall out.

Facade of MDF, covered with foil and wood

This is another popular budget option.which provides the designer with a huge scope for the flight of fancy. In this case, the facade will be made of durable MDF, and then a colored film with a pattern is applied on it. In this case, the coating can be of different colors and even textures. Both glossy and matte films are very popular.

This kitchen facade can be done with your own hands,Therefore, it is perfect for those who are somewhat cramped in the means, but at the same time wants to arrange their kitchen beautifully. The set, covered with film, is suitable even for those who are inclined to the classic design, as in this case it is possible to choose the color of natural wood. Film coating perfectly imitates a wooden surface. Sometimes a fake is difficult to distinguish from a real tree.

The main advantage of the film for the facades of the kitchenis a huge variety of colors and affordable cost. At the same time, kitchen furniture of this type will last for a long time, since it is resistant not only to chemical, but also to mechanical stress. PVC film is easy to clean and does not deteriorate when exposed to household chemicals, vinegar and soda.

Of the minuses of this option, it can be noted thatover time, the film may flake off in places where it will be affected by high temperature. Otherwise, the facades of MDF, covered with PVC or other types of films, are quite practical, convenient and profitable.

If the landlord is going to issue hisa kitchen in bright and unusual colors, then the film version is best suited. At the same time, if in the manufacture of the facade film coatings of a new generation will be used, that is, paper-laminate, you can not worry about the effects of chemicals, hot steam, and so on. Moreover, the film coating does not fade in the sun and is considered one of the most durable.

The film can be selected glossy or matte. In addition, each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Fingerprints are always clearly visible on gloss, and the matte finish is harder to clean.

Wealthy people often stop their choice.on a classic tree. However, it is impossible to say with certainty that in our time this is the best option. The wooden facade has a lot of minuses. First of all, it must be said that it is very difficult to care for a tree. Such a facade will quickly fade from the sun's rays, and with time it will be saturated with moisture and kitchen smells. In this case, natural wood is more expensive than all the other options, and the model range can not be called diverse.

Lifting gear

In addition to the appearance and material of manufacturethe kitchen facade is necessary to pay attention to the mechanisms that are used for the manufacture of furniture. This is very important, especially for small rooms, where you have to save space, and much depends on how the doors open.

When choosing a lifting mechanism for the kitchen facade, it is necessary to pay attention to its shape, weight and design features.

There may be several options, depending onthe size of the kitchen facade. For folding lockers most often used folding mechanism. Flip options are most often used for top drawers to get more convenient access to content. Vertical mechanisms work in the same way. In most cases, they are installed on the extreme cabinets above and below. If the space is very small and the open door will take an unacceptable amount of space, you can use a swivel lifting mechanism for kitchen fronts.

Considerable popular liftinggas lifts for kitchen cabinets. They make it possible to smoothly open and close the doors. Gas lifts can be automatic, friction and opening down. Such options are very convenient and make the kitchen more modern, but also costing gas elevators is quite expensive. They are often used in the design of high-tech kitchen.

Choosing the right kitchen is very difficult. Here you need to focus on your own taste and wallet. Based on their financial capabilities, you can choose a more beautiful, comfortable and durable kitchen set.