What cabinet with sink to choose for the bathroom

Recently, vanity cupboardis an indispensable attribute. Manufacturers offer more and more different options that make it possible to choose this piece of furniture for any design solution.

It is difficult to imagine a bathroom without a sink. This is one of the most important attributes that shouldto be not only comfortable, but also to approach the general theme of the room design. Nowadays, a washbasin can become a true decoration of the bathroom. It all depends on the designer's imagination, as manufacturers offer sinks in various design options and from any material. Practical owners should pay special attention to the sink, which is built into a convenient cabinet. Thus, it turns out that a lot of useful things can be placed on the minimum area.

Often bathroom cabinets are used toto hide cleaning products, washing powders and personal care products from prying eyes. Also, outside the walls of the cabinets can successfully hide unnecessary wires and other communications. This is a great way to make the bathroom not only functional, but also more comfortable.

Shells with eco-style pedestals look very impressive, that is, made of natural materials.

As for the size, then the variety is veryis great. In the shops you can find cabinets with sink for a bathroom of any size. For small rooms suitable stand of 40 centimeters in width. If the bathroom allows you to mark a wider furniture, in this case there are spacious bedside tables up to one meter.

Shell form and materials

Choosing a bathroom cabinet is a serious task.as quite often this particular piece of furniture becomes central in the room. If this is not a cabinet for a bathroom without a sink, it is very important that the wash basin fits into the overall interior. For example, if we are talking about a combined bathroom, it is better to choose a washbasin in the same style with the toilet.

Materials used to makesinks, can be very different. Most often in the shops you can find options of ceramics, earthenware or porcelain. Look good sinks made of artificial stone, glass, wood and metal. One of the most expensive and luxurious types of sinks are marble products.

Sinks for the bathroom are alsodifferent. Designers offer options for oval, rectangular, round, triangular and even asymmetric shape. Thumbnails with two sinks look very interesting, but such options are suitable exclusively for large rooms. Almost all bathroom sinks have somewhat rounded corners. This allows the product to be more ergonomic and simplifies cleaning the washbasin.

Nowadays, the most popular option is the oval and rectangular sink, such forms are considered to be the closest to the classics, therefore, suitable for almost any interior.

When choosing a sink must be respectedcertain recommendations. This is the right combination of this item with other things in the bathroom. This concerns both the shape of the sink, the material from which it will be made. These rules apply to the choice of thumbs.

In the sink must be presenthole through which water will leave in case of overflow. This will help avoid flooding the bathroom and neighbors. Before buying this product, you need to carefully check all the outlets so that the sink can be freely inserted into the water supply system.

What to look for when choosing cabinets?

Bathroom cabinet isvery successful acquisition. Even in situations where we are talking about very small rooms, such furniture will be comfortable and practical. In this case, the entire space under the sink can be rationally used and filled with useful things. Quite a lot of household chemicals and personal hygiene items can be placed even in a cabinet with a bathroom sink of 50 cm. As a result, everything will lie in their places, and hide from the guests' eyes behind the beautiful doors.

Before you go to the store for the bollardfor a bathroom, it is necessary to carefully measure the free space where this piece of furniture can be placed. All measurements should be carried out in the place where there are outputs to communications.

It is worth noting that in our time designersThey offer not only those options where the washbasin is already built in, but also cabinets in the bathroom without a sink. For example, the sink can be mounted on top of the bedside table, which looks very original. To do this, the furniture must contain special attachments.

The choice of various options for the cabinet with sinkso huge that most of the time customers just run up. This piece of furniture can be floor, hinged, roll-out, corner, keep on legs and even have an extension in the form of a box for dirty linen. The owner of the apartment should choose the most suitable option for himself, depending on the free space in the room, the design of the bathroom and his financial possibilities.

Types of cabinets

At all times, enjoyed great popularitynightstands with two or even three doors. They can be both large and fairly compact. Such furniture allows you to save space in a small room. As a rule, inside these cabinets are shelves that can be installed at a height of your choice. Thus, behind the doors you can store any items. As a rule, two- and three-door pedestals stand on legs or on the base.

If free space allows, you canpurchase furniture, which provides a comfortable laundry basket. Similar options can be found even in the corner cabinets, which are designed for small bathrooms.

One of the very interesting solutions is a bathroom cabinet without a sink on wheels, i.e. a roll-out, where the washbasin can be adapted separately, for example, attached to the wall.

Bedside tables can hold on to anything. The most popular options are thumbs on the legs, on the base or suspended. Socle options are convenient because they are not going to dust and dirt, as they stand close to the floor. However, these cabinets are afraid of moisture, in contrast to the furniture on the legs or hanging options. If the landlord has decided to opt for a bedside table with legs, it is better that they are chrome-plated with silicone lining.

Bathroom cabinets with sink for bathroomideal for those rooms that are equipped with warm floors. In this situation, the furniture will not suffer from a sharp change in temperature and evaporated moisture. For small rooms, hanging cabinets are also well suited, as they are able to make the bathroom more spacious visually. When choosing furniture of this type, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fixtures.


To determine the dimensions of the furniture will help availabilityfree space in the room. If we are talking about the standard Khrushchev, then the best option would be a bedside table with a sink, the width of which will be about 50 centimeters. This type is considered to be compact and most often comes in an angular or suspended version. Despite the fact that initially the small cabinet seems too small, all communications and even household chemicals can be easily hidden in it.

If we are talking about large apartments orfor private homes, where there is no need to save every square centimeter, you can choose a cabinet with a sink for a bathroom of 60 cm. This is the best option that is very convenient and roomy. In this case, it is possible to install a larger sink or choose a wash basin of unusual shape.

The advantage of bathroom cabinets is 80 cm andmore centimeters is primarily in its spaciousness. Here you can freely install a container for dirty laundry and place household chemicals with a reserve. However, such options have certain disadvantages. For example, large pedestals require a large amount of free space in the bathroom. In addition, it is not advisable to purchase them in the suspended version, since at full load they can not withstand the mounting and the wall.

Materials for the manufacture of cabinets

As well as sinks, the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom canbe made of various materials. The best option would be MDF, as it is considered the "golden mean" if we consider criteria such as cost, reliability and moisture resistance. If funds allow, you can buy a cabinet from natural wood, but it must be impregnated with a special substance to repel moisture.

The accessories also need to pay special attention. Often, in order to save, manufacturers equip furniture with plastic handles, which are covered with gold or silver paint. All this is quickly erased, and the appearance of the bedside table becomes unpresentable. For this reason, it is advisable to choose better options with chrome hinges and handles that will not suffer from water and prolonged use.