Room for a newborn

A miracle is about to happen, and a child will appear in the house. To his appearance, parents seek to equip the baby own room. Of course, the baby does not need a room. But often it is psychologically important for parents to visually see the embodiment of their dream of a happy childhood, which they will provide for their child. Children's room for the newborn will bechange with it, because with age, the needs and desires of children change, and only the infant room parents can arrange exclusively at their own request, making it perfect.

Room for a newborn: what it should be

The room for the newborn should be comfortable, safe and enjoyable for the child.

Pediatricians are sure: the newborn's room should be functional and comfortable. It means that:

  • it is possible to adjust the air temperature;
  • can be ventilated;
  • the room is properly lit;
  • insulation has been created so that outside sounds do not disturb the baby, and other family members do not feel constrained;
  • the decoration used exclusively safe materials;
  • The decoration is designed in bright warm colors, soothing and pleasant for mother and baby.
  • Design room for a newborn

    Baby zoning for baby

    Competent design of the room for a newborn provides for the growth and development of the baby, because the optimal layout provides for individual seats:

  • for games;
  • recreation;
  • study space for the future.

  • Well, if in the room for a newborn, in addition to the crib, there is a cradle and changing table

    You can visually zone a nursery where one child lives:

  • furniture arrangement;
  • floor and wall covering, photo wallpaper;
  • screen or sports equipment (wall, rope ladder)
  • ceiling design.
  • The basic rule is the free central part of the nursery.

    Zoning will optimize the space of the room for the newborn

    Play area in baby and adult room

    The place where the child will play is placed in the center of the room or near the window in order to put a table for classes there later on.

    If the floor in the room without electric heating, thenthe play area must have additional coverage. Instead of woolen carpet, you can use foamed polyethylene, which is easy to clean, does not absorb moisture and odor. It is convenient to put the playpen or enclose special plastic gratings.

    Warm floor in the room for newborns will allow the baby to sit on it without fear

    In the same place where the child will play, the rack, shelves or containers with toys is placed.

    Wall decoration

    As a wall covering use:

  • washable wallpaper;
  • wallpaper for painting;
  • paint.
  • Parents should be prepared for the fact that in 2-3 years the wall covering will have to be changed, because children paint on the walls and sometimes tear off scraps of wallpaper during games.

    In the room for a newborn, fine wallpaper will suit perfectly

    Wallpaper should choose paper or vinylcoated, plain, without bright large drawings. On one wall you can hang pictures, but not opposite the baby’s crib. One wall with photo wallpapers looks interesting.

    Wall paint should be waterproof, acrylic, odorless.

    Carpets in the nursery on the wall are extremely undesirable, being excellent dust collectors.


    Starting at three months, the baby becomes moreactive and inquisitive, it is time for him to explore the world, and therefore the floor will long become his usual place in the room. As a flooring is better to use:

  • laminate;
  • cork;
  • wooden flooring

  • The floor in the room for a newborn is better to choose from natural materials.

    The flooring should be environmentally friendly and of high quality. When laying it is necessary to carefully seal the seams, because the floor will have to be washed frequently.

    How to choose the color of the nursery for the baby

    The choice of colors in the interior of the children's roomdepends on the parents who choose the color that they like best. However, it is necessary to take into account that bright colors act on the child's psyche excitingly, therefore it is better to refuse juicy tones of red, orange as the main color. Dark colors (brown, blue, emerald) as the main ones are also not the best choice for a child's room. A cozy nursery is made by quiet shades, while bright colors are used to designate color accents, zone or highlight key places in the room.

    It is better to design the room for newborns in calm and gentle colors.

    Being engaged in preparing a separate room forthe newborn, the color scheme is chosen, taking into account the sex of the child: girls make out in pinkish-golden colors, boys - in blue and blue. But there are tones that are equally suitable for everyone and are considered traditionally infantile:

  • green (lettuce, mint, olive) fit any interior, they have a beneficial effect on vision;
  • warm yellow and orange invigorate;
  • blue, azure and turquoise calm;
  • gray (foggy, pearl, smoky) will be an excellent base color;
  • beige.
  • Designers recommend using no more than 3 colors in a newborn's room.

    For a newborn boy

    Often in the strict "male" range is made a corner or room for a boy:

  • brown;
  • blue;
  • Gray;
  • even black.

  • In the design of the room for the newborn boy there are male attributes and colors

    Psychologists are confident these tones are gradually raisingin a small man, seriousness, perseverance, and dedication. However, they should definitely be combined with light colors. Ideas can be seen in the photo gallery. The interior of the boyish room is made more restrained than for girls.

    For a newborn girl

    A little girl's room is always a princess room. The combination of delicate pink color looks great:

  • with beige, against which pink looks even brighter;
  • chocolate, even a little of this shade in textiles (plaid, crib side) or furniture (toy box, chair for mom) emphasizes the elegance of pink;
  • turquoise or azure organically combined with bright pink;
  • gray is a classic companion color.

  • Gray color perfectly dilutes the pink interior of the room for a newborn girl.

    It is interesting to look at the decor of the girl's room, decorated in combinations of beige + salad or beige + lilac. The main thing is not to overdo it, filling the baby's room with pink details.

    Ceiling design options

    Making repairs in a room designed for an infant, you should not complicate the design of the ceiling. Undoubtedly, multi-level drywall compositions with backlighting look impressive, but:

  • psychologists believe that the volume elements on the ceiling will put pressure on the child and scare him;
  • the number of areas where dust settles increases.

  • The design of the ceiling in the room for newborns can be made unique and interesting.

    Also, do not make the ceiling bright colors or use details of rich colors. If the ceiling requires repair, it is preferable to use stretch ceilings.

    Proper lighting

    Pediatricians do not get tired to remind parents thatBright light in the room is good for older children, but the baby perceives the world differently. Daylight sunlight puts an extra strain on the eyes, so the child should be protected from the blinding sun until the age of three months.

    1. The windows are covered with light thin curtains ofnatural fabrics that diffuse sunlight throughout the day. It is optimal to choose linen or linen beautiful fabric of soothing shades. The design of the curtains should be chosen the simplest, without quilling or layering, all this collects dust. The presence of mosquito nets on the windows.
    2. In the overhead lighting (chandelier, ceiling lamps) should include fluorescent lamps.
    3. It is convenient to use point lighting - floor lamps, sconces, table lamps.
    4. The place where the newborn is swaddled and massaged should have an additional light source.

    Curtains in the nursery for newborns should be light and natural.

    Furniture for the newborn's room


    For the newborn the bed is the most importantpiece of furniture. Choosing her, you should not think that the more expensive cots, the better, good options can be found in domestic manufacturers. The main thing is comfort for the baby and convenience for the mother, who will often have to bend over to the lying baby and take him out of bed. Therefore, the bed must necessarily one of the sides should be lowered.

    The bed is put in the most calm and quiet.a place where direct sunlight does not fall, it is not placed near the door. It is necessary to place the crib so that there are no dangerous things nearby: outlets, switches, sconces. If space allows, a podium is constructed for the bed.

    The bed for the newborn is placed in a lighted place, and is chosen depending on convenience and quality.

    Extra bed options

    Modern children's beds are often equipped with additional options:

  • changing place;
  • 1-2 drawers under linen.
  • When buying a bed, parents need to decide whether they intend to rock the baby. In this case, they will need furniture either on wheels or with a pendulum mechanism, which happens:

  • longitudinal;
  • transverse;
  • universal.

  • The cot for newborns should be comfortable and functional.

    You can replace the usual crib cradle. But if in bed a fast-growing child can sleep for several years, then the cradle is not used for long.


    Beds are made from solid birch, alder orcombinations of wood with MDF or laminated chipboard. It is better to choose a product from natural materials, ecologically safe and hypoallergenic, without treatment with varnishes and paints.

    Other furniture

    It is not difficult to furnish the nursery, the newborn does not need a lot of furniture. For mom's convenience and compliance with the regime are needed:

  • a chest of drawers where clothes, necessary things, toys are stored;
  • changing table or combined table-dresser;
  • a sofa or chair where mom can sit feeding a baby;
  • separate box for small toys.

  • Room for newborns must be provided with all necessary furniture.

    Furniture should be made of materials environmentally friendly, covered with non-toxic paints, preferably without sharp corners.

    Furniture placement

    1. Children's room for the baby should not be cluttered with furniture.
    2. Based on the layout of the room, all itemsshould be put so that they do not interfere with the parents to move, and in the future do not prevent the child from learning to crawl and walk. The minimum amount of furniture helps to reduce the amount of dust harmful to the baby, and creates a feeling of spaciousness.
    3. If it is not possible to remove a bookcase from a newborn's room, it should be glazed.
    4. Carpets should be discarded.
    5. It is impossible to store unnecessary things in the newborn's room, but if there is no place to put them, you should use closed plastic containers and wipe them more often from dust.
    6. In the infant room should not be a lot of soft toys and decor of dried flowers - this is a great dust collectors, without which it is better to do.

    It is better to store toys in a box so that they do not accumulate a lot of dust.

    How to decorate a newborn's room with your own hands

    Many parents are waiting for the babyto decorate the children's room with their own hands, putting all their love for the unborn child into needlework. Being engaged in the decoration of the nursery, you should not clutter it with handicrafts, including flags, balloons and posters that are popular at children's parties. All these objects attract dust, which is harmful to the health of the baby.

    How to decorate a room with your own hands:

    1. An excellent solution - to make a curb in the crib. This thing really needs a child during the first 3 years of life. The curb will save the baby from a draft, the child will not hurt, rolling in a dream, will not stick out the handle or the leg.

    Even a beginning needlewoman can sew a border. For this you need:

  • examine photos of finished products;
  • purchase a natural cotton fabric, padding;
  • to carve a border in the form of rectangles in the size of the crib, not forgetting that everything is done in double quantity;
  • sew the halves, folding face to each other, at the corners inserting the tape to attach the curb to the bed.

  • You can decorate the room for the newborn baby photos

    1. It is useful for parents organizer for storing diapers, cotton swabs, jars and tubes. It is easy to perform in the form of a funny little man or the face of a beast.
    2. A wonderful decoration - a large family photo in a beautiful frame. Psychologists believe that even a photo of loved ones has a calming effect on children.
    3. The game zone can be allocated with his own hands.made a developing rug. On special sites you can find a lot of ideas, each mother will be able to make it out of scrap materials. Such a rug is useful, starting from three months of age.

    Clean and tidy room of the newborn

    Humidity and airing

    It is harmful to the baby’s airway.dry air, and excessively humidified, the optimum humidity in the room is 50-70%. An excess or lack of moisture causes the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

    In order for the baby to breathe better, you can install a humidifier near the crib

    1. Dry air occurs in winter in rooms withcentral heating. To correct the situation, you must install a humidifier. If there is no ready, you can use the old method and dry on batteries wet clean towels, as they dry again, wet them.
    2. Too humid air that may appearin the autumn - spring period, is also not suitable, so the number of airing at this time should increase. But it is very important to ensure that the child does not blow through, and he was comfortable.

    Any children's room should be ventilated at least 3-4 times a day, be sure to air before bed.


    Ideal if installed offlineheating system that allows you to independently regulate the temperature in the house. A newborn in a light blouse and sliders most comfortable at 20 - 22? C. While arranging the room, you need to hang a thermometer and keep track of how many degrees it shows.

    If a child is bathed in the same room where he is constantly located, then immediately before bathing the room is additionally heated, the air temperature is 25 - 28? WITH.

    As soon as the child begins to actively move, the constant temperature in the room drops to 18 - 21? C, because overheating is bad for the well-being of the baby.


    According to sanitary norms, wet cleaning in the child’s room is carried out daily. Cleaning includes:

  • wiping all surfaces from dust;
  • mopping;
  • shaking up bedding.

  • It is very important to keep the room clean for the newborn, since the baby’s immune system is still very weak.

    Once a month it is necessary to wash the curtains and wash the windows, once inthree months - do wet cleaning of wall coverings. It is undesirable to use chemical products (varnishes, polishes, and household chemicals for cleaning).

    Ideas for a newborn's room: photo

    In the above photographs there are many ideas of interesting and beautiful design for children. After studying them, you can choose the appropriate options for your apartment and implement them.