Fluorescent lamps - a modern trend in lighting rooms

Thanks to the rapid technologicalThe development of fluorescent lamps quickly infiltrated the interior of every second home. More recently, this type of fixtures was a wonder, but now it is not just a fad, but high-quality, economical lighting and an exquisite art object. In the process of long-term development and testing, the luminescent lamp has gained additional advantages - safety and harmlessness. Silent work is one of its important advantages.in comparison with those devices that were used previously. At the moment, these devices are of different sizes, including light bulbs, used as a source of lighting.

Applications, value, history

Light emitted by fluorescentlamps, creates a comfortable atmosphere for activities. The means of lighting is not only in demand in the office or at home, it is indispensable in general educational and health facilities.

Fluorescent lamps have one importantadvantage - consume less electricity than the lamps of the previous generation. It is thanks to the energy-saving technology that they have gained such wide popularity.

Everything else they have protectiveproperties: dustproof and water resistant. Due to such characteristics, they can be used in the shops of factories and plants, in indoor pools, laboratories and production workshops, the air which contains a large amount of moisture and dust. For the lighting of such rooms, ideal fluorescent ceiling lamps dvuhlampovye (2 x 36), we will tell about them just below. In the house they should be installed in the bathroom.

There are several types of fluorescent devices:

- ceiling;

- wall and ceiling;

- desktop;

- portable.

Fluorescent lighting products appearedalmost at the same time with all the incandescent lamps. But in view of the technical problems that arose, they were not able to gain popularity After some time, they re-entered into everyday life, their second birth occurred at the end of the twentieth century. Today, fluorescent lamps have a different name - energy-saving, they can be considered the main artificial source of lighting. Their widespread use in the world is associated with the prohibition of incandescent lamps in some countries.


The light emitted by fluorescent lamps is slightly colder than that emitted by other lamps.

Depending on the emitted light, the devices are divided into 3 groups:

  • bluish color (or as they are called "fluorescent lamps");
  • warm white color (diffuse calm yellow light);
  • white color (create lighting in brightness and saturation average between the above options).
  • Fluorescent lamps can emit light of different shades. In each of the listed lights, you can find almost the entire spectrum - from bright white to blue and green tones.

    If we talk about their use of lamps, the yellowish shades will best fit into the interior of the living room, as they will create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere conducive to rest and relaxation.

    Blue light emitting devicespreferred for office space. They can also be used as table lamps. Thanks to this lighting, other shades will be better perceived and adjusted to the working mode.

    Tip! Fluorescent lamps are appropriate as a supplement to natural lighting. They should not be used in wardrobes and museums. It is not recommended to install such lighting in stores and supermarkets, as it distorts the perception of surrounding things. They are ideal for office space and bedrooms.

    Lamps are widely used in the design of rooms. Thanks to the use of flasks with a varied coating, they emit light of different shades and colors, creating amazing decorative solutions. In view of the wide choice of design products for such lamps, they can fit into any interior, whether it is a laconic modern, colorful country or noble classics.

    The widespread use of fluorescent lamps has contributed to their compact size, suitable for lamps of any design.

    Wall lights

    Similar type of luminaire with fluorescent lampdesigned primarily for indoor use. He received the name "wall" because of the mounting features - the device can be hung or mounted on the wall.

    To choose the right wall light,it is necessary to take into account the features of the place where it will be installed. When choosing an overhead option, you should pay attention to the technical features of such lighting. Do not lose sight of the design moments to decorate the interior of the apartment / house accordingly.

    Wall models emit different degrees of lightbrightness. It can be light with a minimum blinding effect. Compact fluorescent light bulbs - a good solution for such models. The range of application of such lamps is quite wide, but most often they are used in houses, apartments and public premises, because of their ability to save electricity and produce high-quality light.

    There are models that emit reflected light. The principle of their work is in the dispersion of the light flux due to the external reflector. Such devices are perfect for lighting paintings, as well as some parts of the interior. The lamp can be equipped in the place where it is necessary not too intense night lighting.

    In health care facilities and hospitals oftenuse wall lights located above the bed. They give a soft individual glow. It is comfortable and safe to read under such a lamp, eyes will not get tired and feel the load.

    Wall mounted devices that useT16 lamp, perfectly generate bright light rays, providing the room with "daylight". However, they also have energy-saving properties. Most often, these lamps are used as a supplement to the main lighting or embedded in furniture modules.

    Ceiling models

    Important! If you are set on trying to install fluorescent lamps in your apartment, you can buy them in stores that specialize in similar products. However, before the purchase it will be useful to find out about certain restrictions on their use in apartments.

    If the temperature of the product will create heatbackground greater than 60 C, it is fraught with slackening of the tension fabric. That is why installing fluorescent lamps with a capacity of more than 60 W is by no means impossible.

    Types of fluorescent ceiling lamps

    1. Overhead lights are mounted onplastered ceilings or those made of plasterboard. A wide range of models allows you to choose the right option for both the apartment / house and public space. Fixing such fixtures is carried out using screws, dowels and screws. You can also use metal cables.
    2. Recessed fixtures mounted on the designsuspended type, on slatted or suspended ceilings. It is quite simple and rational to insert them into the ceiling during the initial fixture. Fixing fluorescent lamps can also be carried out using clamps.
    3. Raster fluorescent lamps (4 x 18)Armstrong type installed both in offices and public spaces, and in medical institutions. Their popularity is due to practicality. They are equipped with a diffusing grille that is mounted in a suspended ceiling instead of a single section. Affordable price, as well as ease of use make raster devices an excellent option for lighting public spaces. The use of this type of lamps in the home interior is not so common.

    four. Rack luminescent lamp, the price of which is quite affordable, is mounted directly into the ceiling design. The grille of the lamp diffuser is made directly with the main module.

    five. Models of spotlights have a different size, color and shape. They are appropriate in the lighting of small rooms. When mounting luminaires in suspended ceilings, models should be used whose power does not exceed 30 watts. Before use it is necessary to conduct a mandatory thermal insulation devices.

    How to choose the right device

    According to the light distribution fluorescent lamps are divided into several types:

    - the direct direction of the rays (the range of distribution of such models is limited, they are used to highlight some parts of the room);

    - radiation of scattered rays (rays are directed in all directions from both the walls and the ceiling);

    - a combined model (the predominance of a certain proportion of both direct and scattered rays, thereby ensuring uniform illumination).

    Lamp options

    The laid on lamp luminescent (2 x 36) onArmstrong type is quite functional, so it is very popular in office space. The simple design, minimal power consumption and large illumination area explain its wide popularity. The luminescent ceiling lamp dvuhlampovy most often used as additional lighting to ensure uniform illumination.

    Special love of the people enjoy the lampsDust and moisture protection which are rationally used at the enterprises. They are equipped with protection against foreign bodies, dust and moisture. The most popular representative of this line is the luminescent LPO 2x36 Iceberg, which is not afraid of these factors.

    Choose fluorescent appliances in the bathroomshould be with extreme caution. After all, there is the likelihood of moisture entering it, resulting in the failure of the device. Before you buy a fluorescent lamp should study in detail the attached technical documentation. The IP54 marking is applied if the luminaire is equipped with a splash guard.

    In the bathroom, you need to think about all the details of lighting, to ensure the mobility of devices to direct the light flux into the desired plane. Do not forget about the decorative lighting.

    In the kitchen, it is recommended to arrange the lighting in such a way that they do not dazzle those sitting at the table. In such a room is necessary diffused light.

    Should I change the usual fluorescent lamps? Definitely worth it. First, they are economical and safe to use, and secondly they are able to bring fresh notes into the interior.