Fridge magnets. For home, for yourself and for business

A person who appreciates minimalism in the interior is always perplexed: why do other people cling on magnetics on a refrigerator in such an inconceivable amount?

What is the tendency to decorate household appliances with meaningless knick-knacks that are completely different in style and color and create some chaos in the kitchen?

To stop reasoning in a similar way,you must purchase or make yourself at least one pretty decorative magnet that reminds you of something dear to your heart. After all, in fact, magnets are a psychological tool available to everyone, positively influencing mood and stimulating the brain and soul to pleasant memories.

Why do we love them so much?

During the short time of the existence of the decor in the form of magnets, three categories of people appeared directly connected with them:

  1. Manufacturers that provide a wide consumer audience with uncomplicated products and earning it.
  2. Sellers who are also engaged in providing the market with finished products.
  3. Collectors who buy magnets and create whole home galleries out of them

Needless to say that the representatives of allcategories just love souvenir fridge magnets? Implementers and manufacturers for the fact that this simple product remains running and provides them with earnings, buyers for the fact that this type of souvenir products provides them with moral and aesthetic satisfaction and for being inexpensive and affordable. This means that the collection can be expanded to infinity.

Magnetism and human psychology

There is no such psychologist in the world who would notconfirmed the theory of magnetism. In a nutshell, it sounds like this: like attracts like, any thought is material, our life is a reflection of our thoughts realized on the physical plane.

That is, all the well-known and very few people testedphrases stating that thoughts of joy, happiness and wealth attract joy, happiness and wealth, and thoughts of opposite things, respectively, attract them.

What does the magnets have to do with it? And despite the fact that this is a mini-reflection of our dreams and aspirations. So to say, a picture from the future frozen in clay (or in the photo): a car, a fashionable resort, a new office or a new job. On the fridge, you can attach any of the pictures, keep it all the time before your eyes and in your heart, and wait for a happy exercise. If a suitable plot was not found in the souvenir shop, you can make a magnet on the refrigerator with your own hands. The effect of such crafts, according to esotericists, will be even stronger - because you have invested your soul into it, or, in other words, have programmed yourself to fulfill your dream.

Psychologically, the propensity tocollecting allows an adult to satisfy subconscious needs. This is the presence of a small cozy world, and the ability to indulge in memories, and the presence of a special aura - something native and old, from childhood, from youth, when it was not shameful to collect trinkets.

And if you like the magnetism of a particular metal, and you are happy to decorate your home with lovely souvenirs, then you will have everything in order with the magnetism of your soul.

Theme and style

When choosing this souvenir collectors pay attention to:

  • the subject of fridge magnets (dog loverscollect images of these animals, cat lovers - respectively, from various representatives of the cat family; someone prefers a geographic theme, someone pays attention to the material and style of production and chooses only clay-topped clay magnets in the collection;
  • manufacturing style: flat or volumetric;
  • material: clay, wood, ceramics;
  • practicality: the content on the magnets of useful information (contacts of the necessary services or the right people), the ability to close the scratches with a magnet on the door of the refrigerator.

  • Fridge magnets, besides aesthetic,they still have a practical function: they can be used to update the interior, to place bright accents in the kitchen, and finally, to “disguise” the unsightly door of an old refrigerator.

    Magnets of own production

    Although the fridge magnets (photo originalprovided) have always been included, are included and will be included in the lowest price segment, making several copyrights is a matter of honor for every creatively oriented person.

    Creating the simplest “refrigeration” decor does not take much time and effort, brings a lot of pleasure and gives a person the status of an extraordinary person.

    Even a child will be able to make the simplest magnet; you just need to motivate and show the work order step by step.

    Option 1. Pretty glass

    Materials and tools:

  • several round magnets;
  • equal to the number of them the number of glass or transparent plastic circles (you can take a magnifying glass);
  • original pictures of the author's performance or magazine clippings;
  • glue.

  • Manufacturing:

    1. Glue the selected image to the surface of the magnet.
    2. Wait until the glue has completely dried (4-6 hours) and glue the glass (plastic) on top of the picture.
    3. Wait for drying again and you can safely attach your piece to the door of the refrigerator.

    Option 2. Mini-garden on the fridge

    In this case, you will have to deal with live plants, so do not limit yourself to just making magnets, they will also need care.

    Materials and tools:

  • magnets;
  • corks from wine bottles;
  • gun with glue;
  • knife;
  • fertile land;
  • screwdriver;
  • young plants (or dwarf).

  • Manufacturing:

    1. Using a screwdriver, make a small recess in the cork, give it the shape of a flowerpot, being careful not to touch the walls.
    2. Glue the resulting mini-pots to the magnets.
    3. After giving the plugs an upright position, fill the ground in the grooves and plant the plants.
    4. Care for the "garden" regularly.

    Option 3. Bright clothespin

    If you want to daily contemplate something of your own: personal photos, notes from your loved ones, reminders, you can, of course, order fridge magnets from the manufacturer, or you can do this interesting craft yourself.

    The habit to post is still relevant and useful.on the refrigerator note-instructions for the day for their households. But one thing is simply to stick a sheet of paper from a notebook, crushing it with an unprovable magnet, and it is quite another to leave a neatly decorated original message to your home.

    Materials and tools:

  • magnetic tape;
  • wooden clothespins;
  • acrylic paints;
  • thin brush.
  • Manufacturing:

    1. Paint the clothespins according to your preferences: monochromatic in one color or multi-colored, add patterns on request.
    2. To give even greater brightness, use sparkles.
    3. Attach a magnetic tape to each clothespin.
    4. Place the clothespins on the refrigerator door, use them to fix photos or notes.

    Option 4. Clay miracle

    Clay souvenirs on the fridge - the mostcommon on trays and in stores. They are bought in the largest quantities, they are always in demand, because they resemble interesting toys, and to make such a magnet on the fridge to order does not constitute a big problem - a few hours of waiting and instead of a stamped souvenir you get a peculiar reflecting your inner world or lifestyle.

    For self-manufacturing such magnetsthe most difficult, but if you get your hand, then they will not take a lot of time, and if necessary, this ability will help to earn additional funds.

    Materials and tools:

  • magnets;
  • polymer clay;
  • rolling pin;
  • stamps;
  • glue gun).
  • Manufacturing:

    1. With a rolling pin, roll the clay into the formation no thicker than 0.5 cm.
    2. With the help of stamps, apply different patterns of clay to us in a chaotic manner, but so tightly enough, but so that they do not overlap each other.
    3. Bakeware cut blanks decor.
    4. Then follow the instructions: if the type of clay requires baking, bake the billet in the oven, if you only need to dry - air dry.
    5. Clean the finished samples with sandpaper and glue-free side to the magnets.

    Judging by the instructions, making fridge magnetics is a dusty activity, quite pleasant and accessible to a person without experience.

    Small business

    The manufacture of magnets can be counted assmall business in the literal and figurative sense: it requires neither fabulous investments, nor much space, nor much experience. And the finished product is obtained in the style of "mini".

    But it is of great importance both for the manufacturer and for the buyer. This is evidenced by a steady wave of demand for these products.

    So why not use the "wave" for your own benefit?

    Magnets is an ideal family business in which everyone is busy: together they serve and develop ideas, parents make, children sell.

    Standard can be implemented on your tradingpoint, you can provide products for sellers of souvenirs, you can make magnets on refrigerators to order - corporate and personal. 20-40-50 pieces of commemorative magnets, dedicated to a particular celebration - this can really earn.

    And if you slightly expand the scale of implementation andgo outside your city, you can earn at times more. But for this you need to start and promote your own resource on the Internet, constantly update information, advertise your products, offer fridge magnets to order with a photo - so that a potential buyer has an idea about your work.

    A simple and, as usual, ingenious solution forhome business - magnetic board on the fridge. Making such a gadget does not require a lot of investment and is in great demand among buyers: standard and figured, for romantics and pedants, you can put any stream on stream. And this is a profitable idea!

    Home shop for the production of photomagnets

    If there is a spare room at home, a high-quality printer, a computer with a photoshop program, and a certain amount of magnetic vinyl, it's time to think about organizing home production of photomagnets.

    It would be desirable to supplement this list with professional equipment for even trimming the edges of a photo (plotter), but if it is not there, you will have to carefully wield a sharp paper knife.

    Vinyl fridge magnets may well bejustify yourself as a competitive product, because in contrast to Chinese products, they will be of high quality, and the scenes on them will meet our realities: if you work within your city, then in the storyline you can use local landscapes, customs, traditions, events.

    Working for a wider audience, offer a creative: a photo in a non-standard perspective or non-standard execution.

    An excellent source of earnings will be photo magnets on the refrigerator to order.

    Implement your entrepreneurial beginning with the help of such a trivial thing as a magnet, perhaps in a matter of months. Here, desire is more important than starting capital.