Studio apartment design 18 sq. M

To the studio apartment of 18 square meters. m was the most functional, you need to work hard to create an interior in this room and to think over every detail of it.

When creating an interior studio apartment, it is important to think through every detail

It is clear that the design of such a room requires an individual approach. It is important to think over every little thing and equiphousing in such a way that a person does not feel discomfort due to the small size of the apartment, and at the same time it should not be too cluttered with various furniture and other interior items.

Design studio apartment requires an individual approach

The main task of the designer is that hemust create such an interior studio apartment 18 sq. m. m, which could combine the original approach and properly organized space. And, of course, take into account the basic needs of the client. Usually in such an apartment all partitions are removed and an open space is created, otherwise it is called “open space”. Here there is a kitchen-studio and several separate zones that are used for sleeping and relaxing. Also an important role is played by the taste of the customer. Initially, you need to discuss exactly what style in the interior the client prefers, and only then proceed to the development of the floor plan.

When creating an interior studio, it is important to combine an original approach and a properly organized space.

If in the process of creating a floor plan is nota professional designer is involved, then the owner of this housing should independently study the recommendations of experienced professionals. This can be done through the Internet or various specialized sources of information.

Usually in a studio apartment, all partitions are removed and an open space is created.

How to choose a style?

So, as mentioned above, a studio apartment of 18 square meters. m can be decorated in different styles. Of course, most often choose the modern version of the layout. It is based on conciseness and increased level of comfort. For a small room is the best option.

Compact and functional studio apartment

Modern style includes several features, namely:

  • concise lines;
  • discreet colors;
  • all separate areas of the apartment are harmoniously combined with each other;
  • choose a comfortable compact and multifunctional furniture;
  • all furnishings should be compact and maximally transformable;
  • maximum comfort with everything necessary for the life of a modern person.

  • When decorating an apartment it is better to use discreet colors.

    It is clear that the layout of the studio apartment is 18 sq. M. m provides maximum use of all space. For example, this may be a sofa, which is transformed into a bed. Or a cabinet that turns into a table. TV with retractable panel. In order to separate, for example, the sleeping area from the living room, special mobile partitions can be used, which will also replace the bookcase.

    Wardrobe foldable bed

    But the most important thing to pay attention to is the exclusion of bulky items. The space of the room should be as free as possible, then it will turn out to make it visually larger.

    Furniture transformer

    What should be remembered when organizing living space

    So, we remember the main postulate of a properly organized space in a small apartment.

    Attention! Properly organized layout is the basis of the interior.

    In other words, the main task in arrangingsuch housing is that you should properly think through every detail and properly arrange the furniture. It is also necessary to think in advance how to use every corner of the apartment as efficiently as possible, which partitions to remove and which to transfer, and the rest of the nuances. Below are tips on how to equip the bathroom, kitchen, hallway and hall in such an apartment. If you use all these tips, then even from a small apartment of 18 square meters you can make a beautiful and comfortable accommodation.

    Properly organized layout is the basis of the interior.

    Zoning of this housing begins with how many people will live indoors. After that, you need to consider what function each zone of these square meters will perform.

    Zoning housing starts with how many people will live indoors

    If you look at the numerous photos on the Internet, it becomes clear that ideally a studio apartment of 18 square meters. m should have the following layout:

  • an entrance hall or a small entrance area where there is a place for storing outer clothing, as well as a shelf for shoes;
  • a kitchen or a place where food will be cooked;
  • a room that will be isolated from prying eyes, there will be stored all household equipment;
  • bathroom (by the way, it can be combined with the above room);
  • living room.

  • Planning a studio apartment

    I would also like to note that suchthe layout is divided into two types. In the first case, the kitchen is separated from the living room by a wall, and in the second, open space is used. Most often choose the option that provides for the arrangement of the studio apartment. It is open space that allows you to make an apartment more spacious and comfortable.

    This open space allows you to make the apartment more spacious and comfortable.

    Hallway - highlights

    Above it was said that the designstudio apartments of 18 sq. m. m implies the mandatory presence of the hallway. Of course, this zone does not differ too much space. But still you should make sure that it includes all the necessary furniture. This can be an open coat rack and shelf for shoes, which is located under the coat rack.

    Hallway in studio

    In the modern world there are many options that allow you to use any furniture as functional as possible.

    Advice! For example, if we are talking about a shelf for shoes, then you can choose one that easily transforms into a bench.

    Usually this design, at the top of which is the seat, and on the sides of the shelf for shoes. If the seat can be lifted, there will be a box inside that can hold any necessary items.

    Care should be taken to ensure that the entrance hall includes all necessary furniture.

    As for the finishing of this area, it is notshould be performed in dark colors. It is better to give preference to light shades, because we must not forget that there is almost no daylight. Usually, light wallpaper is chosen for the walls or they are simply plastered and painted. If you want something more original, you can choose wallpaper that mimic the laying of white brick. In combination with a forged coat hanger, such a finish will look particularly advantageous. As a result, the entrance hall will look very modern and elegant.

    The hall is better to make out in bright colors.

    Modern kitchen and its features

    It is difficult to imagine that this room insmall apartment has a large space. As already mentioned, the design of a studio apartment of 18 sq. M. m implies the absence of a partition between the kitchen and the main living space, but there may be apartments where these two zones are separated by a mobile wall made of transparent glass; photos of these two different interiors allow you to make a final choice.

    Original Studio Apartment

    Very often the kitchen in a small apartmentequip by reducing the size of the hallway. But here it is important to understand that there should be a partition between these zones. It will help protect the kitchen from dust and dirt, which is brought from the street.

    You should also consider what should be in the kitchenbe all the necessary furniture and surfaces for cutting food and cooking. Here, as in all other rooms, you should use multifunctional furniture. For example, hanging cabinets should reach the ceiling, and the furniture that is located below should be equipped with various drawers in which products can be stored. It is also important to clarify that in such a kitchen is not set a soft corner and a large table. It is better to give preference to the folding table and stools on wheels, which can be moved to another place if necessary.

    Typically, the design of a studio apartment of 18 square meters. m implies the absence of a partition between the kitchen and the main living space

    If we talk about the finishing of this room, here, as in the case of the hallway, it is better to choose light shades. Be sure to place the plate, wall tiled.

    By the way, the furniture is also better to choose light shades. Then there will be no feeling of piling up, the space will seem more spacious and cozy.

    For small rooms, walls and furniture is better to choose light colors.

    As you know, a studio apartment of 18 square meters. m assumes the presence of only one window. Therefore, in order to ensure that enough light gets into the kitchen, it is necessary to install good lighting fixtures. Also for this purpose, a special opening is made in the partition between the living room and the area.

    Kitchen area

    If we are talking about open space, here withLighting is much easier. The kitchen is one with the living room. True, this design option assumes the presence of a good ventilation system and a properly designed color scheme. Visually, these two zones can be divided using the floor using different materials. For example, the floor of the kitchen area is covered with tiles, and you can leave parquet or linoleum in the room.

    The kitchen is one with the living room

    Decorating the bathroom and living room

    Bathroom studio apartment 18 sq. M. m (in the photo) as well as all other rooms will not differ too large dimensions. Usually, it is equipped with a shower cabin, which replaces a bulky bath. Better yet, a small-sized shower that has regular glass partitions will fit in here. Next to it is a toilet and a hanging washbasin. It is better to use plumbing bright colors and transparent partitions. This way you can slightly expand the space. The walls are tiled in white, in combination with light fixtures it will improve the illumination in the room. Well, do not forget about the mandatory presence of lamps.

    Usually in studio apartments bathroom is equipped with shower

    And of course, the hall. This room, like no other, should be thought out to the smallest detail. Interior studio apartment 18 sq. M. m involves the use of rooms, both as a bedroom and living room, a lot of photos that are easy to find on the Internet, confirm this.

    Interior studio apartment 18 sq. M. m involves the use of halls, both as a bedroom and living room

    That is why a sofa is installed in the room, andnot a bed. It is used both as a bed and for receiving guests. True, recently came up with a more original version of upholstered furniture. On the usual sofa set bed-attic. In the afternoon, it can be raised to the ceiling, and lowered to the floor in the evening. If the apartment has ceilings over 3 meters, then you can easily make a special stand with steps, on which there will be a sleeping bed.

    If the ceiling allows, you can organize a loft bed

    To the studio apartment of 18 square meters. m looked stylish and original, you need to think over to the smallest detail of its design and interior. For example, if everything is clear with facing of walls (it should be only in light tons), then it is a bit more complicated with furniture. It should be chosen in bright colors.

    It will look good green or green sofa in a room with light walls.

    For example, it will look good green or green sofa in a room with light walls. Or some bright shade and pastel shades.

    Advice! That is, one and two bright interior items are enough, and the apartment will seem very stylish and modern.

    Well, do not forget about the necessary equipment, it is better that it was built-in or mobile.