Autumn wreath on the door: decorating ideas

Increasingly, you can notice the tradition of decorating the entrancedoor decorative wreath. As a rule, this custom is widespread for the New Year and Christmas holidays, for Easter, for March 8, and in the fall it can be done for Halloween or just so that the autumn depression passes away and a good mood reigns. Today we look at the options for decorating the front door with the help of autumn decor.

Look, such beauty inspires!

Autumn decorative door wreaths (ideas)

Making an autumn wreath with the help of variousfruits - great idea! Any autumn fruits will do — artichokes, apples, pears. The most important question to consider is how to attach these objects to the base of the wreath. If the frame of your wreath is made of dense material (for example, foam plastic), you can attach it with the help of toothpicks. For these purposes, you can use toothpicks or double-sided tape, heat gun.

Decorative wreath on the door of the autumn decor

Autumn wreaths look especially beautiful thenwhen on them there are a lot of various elements. Create such a multi-layered masterpiece. To do this, make the back layer of small branches, leaves or spikelets. The inner layer can be made from fezalis, acorns and cones. For accents, add a few bright rowan branches and a pair of decorative pumpkins and apples.

On our site there is a separate article on how to make a decorative wreath on the door of acorns.

Decoration of the autumn wreath on the door of fruit photo

Decorative door wreaths made from autumnleaves - a spectacular decoration. In addition, it is one of the easiest ways to decorate a wreath on the door. It looks great as a wreath of similar leaves, as well as a combined version. To make the wreath even more original, add pine cones, chestnuts, acorns, and artichokes to the leaves. The variety of natural materials will tell you how to decorate the house in the fall, without the hassle.

Using autumn leaves to decorate the door wreath

How to make a wreath of autumn leaves

Original wreath with pheasant feathers, complemented bynuts, cones, spikelets - a contender for the most interesting wreath in the district. To complete the image, you can attach a satin bow between bird feathers.

Original wreath with pheasant feathers

Use feathers to make a wreath

Spikelets of wheat - a symbol of harvest and fertility. Collect a small bouquet of leaves and weave a wreath from them. You can finish the original wreath with the help of small yellow leaves of the Canadian maple or with the “Welcome!” Sign.

A wreath of wheat spikelets

A wreath of only a few components, decorated with a bow. A similar satin or velvet bow will look very beautiful.

Decoration of the door wreath with ribbons

To decorate the autumn wreath on the door you canuse ripe pumpkins, but their main drawback is fragility. It is much more convenient to use artificial pumpkins, which are lighter and do not spoil.

Decoration wreath artificial pumpkins

We decorate a wreath

For making an autumn wreath on the door to usyou will need tree branches (or grapevine), pieces of cloth of brown, gray, deciduous color (you can use any autumn colors) / autumn leaves of trees, glue, pins, scissors, threads, paper.

In the shops for handmade, you can often find a ready-made base for a decorative wreath, but it is difficult to choose the necessary dimensions, and such foundations look gloomy.

If you look around and see how nature is generous with gifts - you can understand that you don’t need to buy anything, you should just not be lazy, come up with an idea and create!

Basis for decorative door wreath

The process of making a wreath on the door is very simple: first, we twist the branches of trees into a ring, then in several places we fasten the tips of the branches with the help of scotch tape and wire.

Create a base for a decorative wreath.

Attention! The size of the wreath should be commensurate with your door: too large a wreath will look ridiculous, and a small one will be lost.

The next step is you need to decide which wreath onthe door you will do - one-sided or two-sided. In the first embodiment, all the decorative elements will be attached from the "wrong" and from the front side, no doubt, this wreath will look more magnificent and more beautiful. In the second version, only the front side is decorated, but given that this wreath will be attached to the door in an upright position - the “wrong” side will not be visible. For decorating tables, doors, one-sided wreaths are perfect.

Decorative door wreaths in autumn style

When the type of wreath is selected, you need to make elementsto decorate it. It should be remembered that the decor should be a lot, the remaining elements can be used to make other decorations for the house. Materials for decorating a wreath should be chosen based on how long you plan to use the wreath. If you want the wreath to decorate the door for a long time, you can cut out autumn leaves from colorful pieces of fabric. If we are talking about seasonal decor, it will be enough to use natural leaves from trees.

Decorative leaves of felt

Use fabric leaves can be used to make such decorative wreaths:

Wreath on the door with fabric leaves

Decorative door wreath decorated with fabric leaves

Remember! Leaves and other natural materials are recommended to be dried before use, but not until they are completely dried, which will allow them to keep their shape in the finished decoration. If the leaves are dry, they will crumble in the process of making a wreath.

Acorns, apples, pears, cones beforeIt is recommended to fix the decorative wreath on a wire or with the help of a special stick, this is necessary so that they look favorably in the overall composition.

Decor to decorate the wreath on the door

Leaves, dried flowers, spikelets, grass woven single elements or small bunches.

We decorate the door wreath with hot glue orwire. You can use natural materials (grass stalks and flowers) as fixing elements. But in this case it is recommended to check their strength.
If you decide to use glue, you need to do it carefully so that the glue remains are not visible.

Attach a wreath to the door and enjoy the result!

Decorative wreath on the door of autumn leaves

For lovers of video tutorials, we suggest watching the step by step process of making an autumn wreath.