Wedding Invitation: Design Ideas

Wedding is a bright and solemn event ineveryone's life. Long before this day, preparations begin. It is very important to send a wedding invitation to your friends, family and relatives in advance. To make it unusual, bright and memorable, you need to think through every little thing. After all, I want guests to receivewedding invitations, left them on the shelf for beauty, as a reminder of the anniversary of this solemn event. Such invitations can be ordered from professionals. But this is not the only option. In order to get something original and unusual, you can make invitations to the wedding with your own hands.

By the way, first of all, long before the weddingCelebrations should begin to think about the choice of invitations. After all, guests need to give them - preferably early so that the guests have time to pick up gifts and prepare for this unforgettable, bright and festive moment.

Important points before making invitations

Before you begin the search for invitation cards or start making them yourself, you should consider the details of the wedding:

  1. Where will the celebration be celebrated?
  1. It is necessary to decide on the time of the main events - this applies to the bride price, painting in the registry office, a wedding walk, a banquet.
  1. Style wedding theme.
  1. What will be the style of the wedding? Must be pre-thought out design - color and floral, accents on accessories.
  1. How will newlyweds be dressed? Many heroes of the occasion make invitations in the tone of their wedding dress.

Unique invitations - making dreams come true

Remember how the children you were engaged in the manufacture of various handicrafts? It's time to stock up on everything you need and get to work.

  • Vintage wedding invitations do it yourself. You will need a thick paper sheet - it must be folded in half. Lace will look great as a supplement - glue them together. And here the bow will be appropriate. Now the wedding invitation is written inside. It must be thought out in advance, so that each of the guests will be pleased to read a postcard. The highlight will be the next moment: the card in color should match the tone of the bride's wedding dress.

  • Classic with an unusual addition

    Classic postcards, complemented by beautifulbows made of natural silk. For such invitations you will need a 2-sided cardboard in a dark tone - this will be the base. In addition, you can not do without a ruler and pencils. The same applies to scissors and colored paper. Still needed figure punch and double-sided tape. Glue and jewelery should be added to the list of necessary helpers, as well as silk ribbon and a lighter.

    How to create this beauty?

    1. It is necessary to prepare all the details to createinvitation card. Print on a colored sheet of paper plates, which says "Invitation" - the size should be 4 x 1.5 centimeters. The text you want to write to guests will be located on different sheets of size - for example, 9 x 9. Now, in the A4 format, the necessary number of cards are laid out on the computer. Then you should choose an unusual, beautiful font and adjust the size of the text. It remains to print and cut. At the same time, decorate corners of cards with curly scissors, decorate with a hole punch. Next, take a cardboard, cut a square with a side of 10 centimeters, and then a rectangle - 20 x 10 cm. The tape should be cut into pieces from 25 to 30 centimeters long and melt the edges with a lighter so that they do not crumble. Next, tie a bow.
    1. Cardboard sheet 20 x 10 cm should be folded in half -in half. On the outside of the postcard, glue the decoration and the invitation card. Next, a bow of beautiful silk should be fixed on the cardboard with scotch tape. The tips of the ribbon are wrapped inside the postcard and fixed with the same tape. In order that the ends of a tape were not visible, the cardboard rectangle is pasted inside. Now it remains to paste the text of the invitation - print it on colored paper. Unique, unique and simply elegant card is ready.

    The easiest way

    You can purchase ready-made invitations - theysold in stores. But choose those where there are no decorations, because you will add them yourself. Home decorate them as you want. This will save time, as well as searches for the purchase of designer cardboard. And the text is no longer necessary to invent. On such cards it is appropriate to attach satin bows. And you can use rhinestones. For gluing the best glue suitable.

    A poster is a great choice for wedding invitations.

    The poster is very unusual, interesting.invitations. And make them quite simple and easy. Depending on what will be the style of the wedding, you can choose any topic. The photo editor makes a wedding flyer. Next, the leaflets are printed on glossy paper. Very original and unusual. All guests will love such invitations.

    Invitations in a box

    Roll the cardboard beautiful boxes. Also for this purpose dense color paper will approach. Very original invitations are received, and they look pretty solid.

    Balloon as invitation

    When choosing a wedding invitation, choose a templateyourself. Think up the text in advance, order beautiful and original balls. It is appropriate to hand over or blown away, so that the guests first read the invitation text, and then inflate the balloon, or already finished, inflated.

    Of course, this is not all ideas of invitations towedding They are much more. Simply turn on your imagination, and everyone will be able to come up with something else interesting and unique. Dare, because there is still time. Long before the wedding, it’s worthwhile to create invitations for guests, because there is still so much to do, preparation for this celebration takes a lot of time, but it's worth it. After all, a wedding is the best day in the life of the heroes of the occasion, and the guests are always happy to go to such a joyful and solemn event. This is an exciting and colorful event.