The principle of operation of the flow filter for water purification

You can observe a typical picture: tap water is clear, but after a few minutes it becomes cloudy, becomes yellowish, and then a white precipitate forms on the bottom. When the concentration of iron is 1.3 mg / l and more, the water gets an unpleasant taste. Solve the problem will help flow filter for water purification in the apartment.
The cost of equipping the house water treatmentequipment is very small, if we take into account the undoubted advantages that the owners provide the house with quality water. This is the health of all family members, and reliable, durable service of heating boilers, underfloor heating, plumbing. The selection of the filtration system should be carried out only after carrying out a water analysis. It is recommended to resort to the help of specialists, because they are much better oriented in the constantly new products on the market. Modern filter for running water in the apartment is able to provide owners with excellent water, regardless of its original quality. It will be enough just to open the tap!

The main component of the success of flow filters -This is ease of use and easy replacement of a replacement cartridge. After all, the kitchen still remains the realm of women who persistently care about the health of their loved ones, but, as a rule, do not particularly want to delve into the technical details of the installation and operation of complex water purification systems.

As a rule, in the replaceable filter cassette isactivated carbon and ion exchange resins that purify tap water from organic compounds, as well as heavy metals. The technologies allow the processing of activated carbon with silver, which prevents the growth of bacteria inside the filter. The best activated carbon is not made from birch, but from stone fruit. To date, experts have shown that coconut activated carbon has the highest sorption properties and, therefore, optimally suited for the production of interchangeable cassettes. "

Advantages: Aquaphor water flow filter is compact, convenient and does not require a special connection to the water supply. Perhaps the only drawback is the lack of a large amount of water at a time.

A very common misconception is thatFlow-through water filters for washing different types can produce distilled water that is harmful to health. This is not true. The water passing through the filtering elements contains all the components inherent in pure natural water. All flow filters for water purification extract only some specific impurities from the liquid (in the case of hardness reduction systems, the background of calcium and magnesium salts is brought to acceptable values), while complete desalination or purification to a “chemically pure” state is not in question.


Ultra-compact flow filter for watertrunk height of only 65 cm, simultaneously removing hardness salts, iron and impurities in the form of mist. This is the most effective and economical of all the proposed. It combines three functions: it softens water, reduces the content of iron in it, filters out mechanical impurities with a diameter of more than 20 microns. The device is equipped with a hardness level regulator (in accordance with the desire of the consumer). The installation uses an efficient ion-exchange filtering material of a new generation and a patented system of economical washing. Automatic regeneration requires only 1.5 kg of tableted salt and 60 liters of water.

Performance filters - 1500 and 2000 l / h. The price is 1750 and 2050 dollars respectively.


Reverse osmosis flow filter for waterMERLINTM (USA). Its distinctive features are continuous three-stage water treatment, which does not require installation of a storage tank, and high performance - up to 2800 l / h (almost 3 l / min!). The system provides excellent quality of purification and is intended for domestic and commercial (cafe, restaurant) use. Price - $ 620

Now you can not go for such trickssimply purchase a flow-through ceramic water filter, buy a cartridge for hard water, but if you are afraid of caries, you are welcome - a cassette with fluorinating action. Household water purifiers, or, quite simply, filters, allow a person to make additional purification of tap water at home. This is the most simple, affordable and economical way to get drinking water suitable for cooking. In our market, there are filters of domestic and foreign brands ("BARRIER", "Aquaphor", Brita, Instapure).

Without territorial reference

The latest generation water purifiers are automatic drinking water dispensers (AQUA AM 3500, AQUA AM 500 and AQUA Q-TOP).

They connect directly to the plumbingnetworks using a standard adapter (like any filter installed under the sink) and provide an unlimited amount of valuable moisture. Such machines are not necessarily "geographically tied" to the kitchen. Drink, you see, may want to, and in the billiard room, and in the office, and in the private pool. The machine can be installed in a favorite corner of your home or office, and a flexible hose, which is easily decorated or hides under the ceiling false panel, will connect it to the plumbing. The machine itself has a stylish design and quite “livable” character - it does not create noise and takes a very modest place in space at a distance of 50-70 meters from the place of connection.

It has more miniature dimensions, easyit is transferred from place to place, but at the same time it performs all the functions of an automatic dispenser: it performs 5 steps of water purification with preservation of natural mineralization, disinfection and, if desired, the addition of ultraviolet radiation. Automatic dispenser is configured for different temperature regimes in the range from 4 to 97 degrees. This quality is especially valuable for the fitness industry: for a body warmed by exercise, only water at room temperature and, of course, of impeccable quality, is beneficial. The set of cartridges is designed for 2.5 thousand liters. Thus, office tea drinking for 30-40 people can be stretched for three months, and family tea for a year. Special indicators of the quality of water treatment will prompt that it is time to change the cartridges.