Tomato - balcony miracle

Recently became popular "balcony"varieties of tomatoes. These compact plants will delight urban residents juicy harvest at any time of the year. Grow a tomato - a balcony miracle can be from spring to autumn, depending on the climate. You can also grow fresh tomatoes on the glazed insulated balcony or windowsill in winter.

The most popular and well-proven“F1 Balcony Red”, “Pearl Red”, “Garden Pearl”, “Balcony Red Solo”, “Balcony Miracle”, etc., for themselves. Low-growing, short-ripening varieties are chosen for the balcony garden. Height of growth of such plants - no more than 50 cm, suitable for planting in ordinary flower pots capacity of 5-6 l.

The fruits of the miraculous balcony of the tomato are characterizedhigh taste qualities, are used fresh, for preparation of salads and preservation. We will try to learn as much as possible how to grow tomatoes on the windowsill by yourself. The ripening period is 85-100 days from the time of planting. Some varieties do not require additional support, others require props.

To grow tomatoes on the balcony can be through seedlings or planted immediately in pots

Sowing seeds for open balconies begins atlate March - early April. For tomatoes, a soil mixture is used: leaf soil, peat, clean river sand in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. You can use a ready-made mixture for tomatoes or universal for vegetables.

Grow tomatoes on the balcony throughseedlings or planted immediately in pots. 2-3 seeds are planted in pots. In a week sprouts will appear, in two weeks it is necessary to choose and leave one strong plant in a pot. The rest is broken, but not removed, so as not to damage the roots. The optimum temperature for germination is 19-22 degrees during the day and 15-16 at night.

Tomatoes are demanding on illumination, forplacement of bushes suitable southern and south-eastern balconies. In winter, it is necessary to increase the light day for several hours. They react badly to overmoistened stagnant air; the room for growing tomatoes needs airing. Watering is done 1-2 times a week. Excessive dampness and overflow leads to rotting of the roots and the development of fungal diseases.

When growing balcony tomatoes in the winter it is important not to allow drafts. Ventilate the room should not be earlier than 3-4 hours after watering.

During the flowering period, the bush must be shaken toprovide better pollination. Crop should be harvested as the fruits ripen, so as not to overload the plant. Plants need prikormka as they grow and with active fruiting.

With proper care, the harvest from each bush reaches up to 2 kg of fruits weighing 50-60 grams.

Tomatoes on the windowsill in winter are among the mostfavorite vegetables among gardeners. They are tasty, healthy, well suited for preservation and, most importantly, you can get a very solid crop with proper care.

The meaning of seedlings

And really, why then mess with the seedlings,if you can plant seeds right away on a garden bed? The question is justified, because indeed, the seeds of legumes and pumpkin crops are planted immediately on open ground. But the thing is that the above-mentioned plants germinate from large seeds, therefore, their shoots will be quite large. But the shoots of tomatoes are small and they need more careful care. On the way to the formation of a young plant from the seed, many dangers lie in wait for it, and where it would be more expedient to plant healthy seedlings of tomatoes grown at home in the ground on the balcony. This is especially true for the northern regions, because the vegetative period of tomatoes is very long and in such conditions they can be grown only through seedlings.

With proper care, the harvest from each bush reaches up to 2 kg of fruits weighing 50-60 grams

Time for planting seedlings

When is it more favorable to plant tomato seedlings? If there are lighting lamps and the ability to replant seedlings several times, it can be sown as early as February, 6-8 weeks earlier than the time set by the seed manufacturer. But it is important to take into account that since the last frost in the planting region, at least 7-9 weeks have passed, so that planting seedlings into the soil is not too premature.

Tanks for seedlings

To plant seedlings of tomatoes can be as inindividual jars, and in the box, which will grow in several shoots. You can purchase such containers in a special gardening shop. It is also possible to make similar tanks with your own hands (for example, to make a small wooden box) or use an ordinary sour cream jar or a trimmed bottom of a plastic bottle. It is important to note that the root system of tomatoes is particularly susceptible to damage, so utmost care should be taken when transplanting seedlings.

Seeds should germinate at a temperature not lower than twenty degrees


As the land for seedlings can be usedspecialized soil mix from a gardening shop or harvested in advance of humus, ordinary building sand and land taken from the garden. An important condition for seedlings is high-quality lighting, so jars with it should be placed on the window sill, since spring time is good enough for good growth of the seedlings. In the greenhouses use special lamps.

Seeds should germinate at a temperature not lower than twenty degrees. At the same time contain seedlings should be in the temperature range from 15 to 19 degrees.

Land with seedlings should not dry out, but it is also extremely undesirable to oversaturate it with moisture. For tomato seedlings, the rule is to water more often, without overdrying.