Types of baking tins: how to choose the right ones?

Many housewives try not to buy pastries instore, and make it yourself, using special forms. However, how to choose baking tins, so as not to spoil the products and get in the end what was planned.

Probably, many would agree that there is nothing better than home baking. Of course, not everyone can create from flour,water and a few additional ingredients are a real confectionery masterpiece, but many are improving in this regard and very successfully. Now in the shops you can find a lot of different devices that will be great helpers for the hostess. An exception is not the pastry, for which the mass of various forms was invented.

Often, to please their loved onesdelicious food has to work hard. It is very disappointing when, after so much effort, the result is far from ideal, and the cake or cake does not look too edible. Sometimes, even in cases where the hostess is trying to do everything according to the recipe, nothing happens. Much depends on the correct form.

If the host arsenal has a large selectionquality baking dishes, problems should not be. This type of kitchen equipment is very important in order for the dough to fit properly, not to stick to the walls and not to burn.

Varieties of baking tins

It is very difficult for novice confectioners.decide on the vast and diverse world of bakeware. The range offered by manufacturers is so wide that, if you don’t know exactly why you are going to the store, you can choose for a very long time.

To help the hostess offered fixturesvarious sizes and types, rectangular baking dishes, round, silicone, metal, glass and others. They can be made from different materials. Most often, customers are offered metal, silicone, glass, paper and ceramic products. Forms can be in the form of simple geometric shapes, for example, a square, a rectangle or a circle, or in the form of animals, plants, vehicles, toys. These baking tins are well suited for children baking. In addition, they can be used to make cupcakes and pastries for the holidays. For example, on New Year's Eve, it can be baking in the form of Christmas trees and snowmen, and for Christmas products the Lamb baking dish is very popular.

Silicone forms

This kind of kitchen utensils are wronglong ago appeared in Russian kitchens. However, silicone gained its popularity very quickly. There are several reasons for this. The first is that silicone molds allow you to cook any food so that they will not stick. It is incredibly convenient, therefore, both beginners and experienced cooks often stop their choice on silicone.

The second indisputable advantage of suchShapers is a huge variety of different options for making muffins and cakes. This type of kitchen equipment is most suitable for holiday and children's baking. Also, their silicone make convenient forms for cupcakes. Baking dishes of 5 centimeters in diameter are in the greatest demand, as well as large, 18 centimeters.

The convenience of silicone forms is not only intheir diversity, but also in the ability to use these dishes in gas and electric ovens. Moreover, silicone does not hurt even the microwave and aerogrill. The only minor drawback is that for baking you need to observe a special temperature regime. Silicone forms are not recommended to heat more than 240 degrees.

Silicone molds are very convenient, and costingthey are much cheaper than products from some other materials. They are excellent for making cake pans, muffins and cookies. In this case, the latter can greatly please the children, if you buy a cookie cutter in the form of your favorite cartoon characters or animals. Forms for baking cookies are quite small, so they can be used not only for baking, but also for freezing, for example, to make fruit ice.

Some people think that silicone molds are verythey are dangerous, because when heated they release special fumes that are harmful to human health. In fact this is not true. Silicone can not be called absolutely safe, but in its properties it greatly exceeds the Teflon non-stick surface, which has been so popular lately. It all depends on the temperature of heating. If you do not exceed the recommended mode, there should be no problems.

Silicone baking molds are heat resistant, butwhile cooling down quickly. This is another advantage over metal. In addition, they are not afraid of shocks, and therefore more comfortable than ceramics and glass.

Metallic and non-stick

Such options were popular when pies andCupcakes baked by our grandmothers. Metallic square and rectangular shapes were perfect for baking bread, and round ones were used as a cake mold. Today, a baking dish is not so popular because these products are much easier to buy in the store or cook in the bread maker. But the round forms for cake layers are still very popular. They are equipped with removable walls, which allows you to remove baked goods without damaging it.

An excellent option are non-stick molds.coated, they are available in various types and sizes. For example, it is very convenient to bake cupcakes in special metal baking dishes with a cutout in the middle. This design allows the dough to be better baked, do not dry up and do not burn.

Metal and non-stick forms are very durable. With proper use and care, this type of kitchen equipment will last a very long time. It must be remembered that the non-stick coating does not tolerate scratches, so it must be cleaned only with a special sponge, but in no case should metal brushes be used.

We should also note the metal forms forbaking nuts. They are familiar to many, but now they are used very rarely. Oreshnitsa itself is a pair of pans with grooves and inserts that are fastened together. A small amount of dough is poured into each hole, then the pan is closed and heated until the dough is fully prepared.

The feature of this device isthat it does not require the use of the oven. The basis for nuts can be prepared on a gas stove. After cooling the cookie itself, it is filled with boiled condensed milk, which can be mixed with peanuts. It turns out incredibly tasty and much cheaper than in the store.

In our time, you can buy electricoreshnitsy, for which no stove is needed. You can cook in them on the same principle, but at the same time, it is enough just to turn on the device in the socket to get tasty cookies. Modern oreshnits often have a non-stick coating, so it’s a pleasure to cook in them.

The cost of hazel depends on many factors. First of all, the manufacturer plays a big role. In addition, the type of coating and the number of cut-outs for cookies are important. You can buy a miniature version for six nuts or a nutcracker for a large family for 24 cookies. Power electrical device plays an important role in the price.

Ceramics and glass

The most beautiful in appearanceconsidered ceramic baking dish. They can not only cook, but also serve food on the table. Professionals recommend ceramics for the preparation of certain types of baking. Here the dough has the ability to "breathe", so it will be baked evenly. This is very important for some biscuits and other pastries.

In ceramic forms it is very convenient to prepare a la carte dishes, and then immediately serve them on the table. It can be a variety of puddings, casseroles or souffles that need to be served hot.

Heat resistant glass also looks very good. In this dish it is very convenient to bake and serve dishes immediately. But it is worth remembering that the dough will stick to the glass coating. Therefore, if you prepare a cake in this form, which you will need to extract afterwards, it is worthwhile to precoat the surface with oiled parchment paper.

Despite the fact that glass bakewareMade from heat-resistant glass, they are quite whimsical to use. If they are used incorrectly, the molds simply burst. This is very disappointing, as the dish will be spoiled, the guests are unhappy, and the hostess will have a lot of reasons for frustration. It is worth noting that ceramic and glass forms are not cheap, so buying a new one will be an extra expense from the family budget.

To eliminate such trouble as crackedglass baking dish, you need to be able to cool it properly. Such kitchen utensils do not tolerate sudden temperature changes. Both heating and cooling the form should be gradually. It is impossible to transfer heat resisting glass at once from the refrigerator to the heated-up furnace.

Cast iron and paper forms

This kind of baking utensil is quite convenient.and gives you the opportunity to get good pastries. Thick walls allow the dough to bake evenly, but everything quickly sticks to them, so before you start cooking you need to lubricate the form with oil or other fat.

Cast iron utensils for the kitchen is already usedlong and beautifully established itself. A special advantage is that, due to frequent use, the baking pans made of cast iron become stronger. They are durable and do not require adherence to special rules when caring for dishes.

For those who have no desire to mess with dirty dishes, paper molds can be recommended. It is convenient to bake cupcakes, tartlets and Easter cakes in them.

In paper forms, you can not only bake, but also serve dishes. So they will keep well and will not lose their original shape even during long-term transportation.

Forms for cupcakes

This type of kitchen equipment has severalunusual shape. Molds for muffins can be made of various materials, but silicone and metal are most often encountered. They are equipped with a hole in the middle, which gives the hard dough perfectly baked. Molds for cupcakes come in various sizes. Baking dishes of 18 cm in diameter are very popular.

Every lover of pastry in the kitchenThere should be many different baking dishes. For tartlets and cookies, you should keep silicone or paper versions on hand, for cupcakes - with a notch in the center, for souffles - ceramics, and for cakes, bakeware metal with removable sides.