Choosing a coffee table on wheels

Some suit in the recreation area mini-bar oreven the bar, others are limited to the service for tea or coffee. Recently, fashion has once again made a curtsy towards the East, so it is appropriate to have a set of dishes in the living room. In principle, the recreation area involves any whims of the owner. In it, for example, musicalinstruments - even a violin, even a grand piano. The center of the living room was always not a sofa, but a coffee table. Often this piece of furniture becomes central, and therefore it must be chosen carefully and intelligently.

On wheels

Coffee table optional but comfortable andan elegant piece of interior, which enjoys unchanged popularity. Its main advantage is its low height, which allows it to be used while sitting in a chair or on a sofa (that is, with the greatest comfort).

Coffee tables can be as large asvery compact and very large. The latter require a spacious room, and are usually installed once and for all in a certain place (for example, near the sofa). Small tables that can be moved around the room have a much greater demand. Given this need, manufacturers produce coffee tables on wheels, facilitating their movement.

Depending on the size, design, materialand style coffee table on wheels can find application in different rooms. Relatively small tables of metal, plastic, glass can be used as a serving. They do not require delicate handling, they are easy to wash, they are lightweight and can easily move around the apartment. Often this piece of furniture has two or even three tabletops, which greatly increases its capacity. In a small apartment there will be a convenient folding table on wheels: when not in use, it can be folded and put away in a closet or put on a wall.

Coffee tables on wheels made of wood muchharder, so they are inconvenient to carry from one room to another. As a rule, the wheels serve to move the table within the room itself, depending on where it is needed at the moment. It can be used instead of a TV stand, and then you can watch TV shows from anywhere in the room. Having moved the coffee table to your favorite chair, you can work at a laptop comfortably.

It looks interesting "nesting" journaltable on wheels: several identical in design and different in height tables, which can be grouped together, creating the effect of one table with several table tops. The wheels allow you to easily move and push the components of such an ensemble. When choosing a coffee table, be sure to take into account the permissible load on the tabletop; This is especially true for glass tables. The modern variety of materials and forms creates a diverse range of models in which everyone can choose the best option for themselves.

The nuances of choice

Decide whether you want to make the centerexactly this thing? If so, remember that a coffee table on wheels should fit the interior of the room, but not merge with it. Otherwise, buy a single-color table, the shape of which will reflect the pattern of wallpaper or will be standard. In the first case - this is a kind of "drop of originality." In the second - the easiest option. Fortunately, there is a fairly wide range of specialized furniture on the market that can be entered in an arbitrarily small apartment, in whatever avant-garde or, on the contrary, classical style. And at the same time do not take away living space with such difficulty. And with the existing price range - $ 80-3000, depending on the configuration, size, manufacturer, style and material of execution - anyone can find a suitable option.

If you prefer to focus exactlyon the coffee table on wheels, look at the available offers: these tables are quite different, and when viewing existing ones, you might have an interesting and original idea. Demand is mosaic. Despite the fact that previously it was more applicable to floors and walls, it now smoothly migrated to furniture. This happened due to the originality of the patterns, because from a mosaic you can make absolutely any drawing! It looks original, and can be used multifunctional. Do you like chess or checkers? So much for the finished field! Want something bright - it's here! Little flowers? You are welcome!


If the tabletop is faded, rubbed, coveredscratches and stains, the table can be repainted. Before painting the surface must be cleaned with sandpaper. The simplest thing is to paint the table in one color, but you can also find a more interesting solution: for example, dyeing a checkered border or applying a pattern using stencils cut from thick paper. Bright colors make the coffee table fashionable.

Or maybe you, on the contrary, want to "grow old"your table? This is easy to do with paint. Look at old things: they are always a little darker around the edges. Draw such a web with a darker paint - and you can give a coffee table for your great-grandmother's favorite furniture. Painted surface must be coated with varnish. To enhance the effect of antiquity, you can use the craquelure varnish: the surface is covered with a grid of cracks, simulating the impact of inexorable time.

Give the old table a trendy and original look.It is also possible with the help of decoupage, when the surface is pasted over with pictures cut from paper napkins, creating the effect of hand-painted or mosaic. This technique, although not particularly complicated, has its own subtleties.

Fittings are the easiest. If the wheel is broken - replace them.