How to wash fresh or dried blood from clothes?

Choosing what to wash the blood from clothes, you need to pay attention to modern synthetic powders and gels, which contain special supplements that destroy protein.

Blood stains are classified as food contaminants.

Blood stains are classified as food contaminants. They contain protein compounds, have a yellowish tint and over time acquire a dirty gray color due to the fact that dust is attracted to them. To remove protein from tissue, its structuremust be destroyed. Conventional detergents do not contain components that decompose such organic compounds. You need to buy washing powder with enzymes. So called enzymes, organic substances, accelerating reactions in protein chains, completely destroying them. They perfectly cope with all food stains and spare delicate things.

To remove blood stains from clothes, you need to buy washing powder with enzymes

Enzyme laundry detergents have been speciallycreated at the request of housewives, asking how to clean the blood stains on clothes so that they are not left a trace. Synthetic bio powders are often used for hand washing. Their use involves pre-soaking in water not lower than 30? С and not higher than 42? С. This is the optimum temperature, allowing enzymes to destroy protein compounds, and optical bleach to give the fabric a smooth tone.

Synthetic bio powders are often used for hand washing.

Removing blood stains from clothes

How to wash blood from clothes, how to do itmake every girl should know. Fresh blood stains are easiest to remove from the tissue. For this you need cool water and bio powder. Things need to be washed manually, because in the machine the water temperature is high, and this contributes to the folding of blood proteins on the fibers of the tissue, after which it will be impossible to remove the stain.

Fresh blood stains are easiest to remove from tissue.

Important! Immediately after the blood gets on the laundry, the thing should be removed and the contamination formed under a stream of cold water.

Blood stained items must be washed by hand.

Delete it completely during primary processingwork out. The remaining gray stain is covered with detergent, which contains enzymes, and soaked it in cold water for a while. After the stain has completely dissolved under the influence of enzymes, the clothes are rinsed in clean water, and then hung out to dry.

Hydrogen peroxide will help cope with a gray spot after removing blood from clothes

If the underwear is cotton, and the gray spot is notremoved, then you can apply hydrogen peroxide. The stain is treated with a solution, wait a few minutes while there is an active process of bleaching tissue, then wash it in warm running water.

On sale you can buy a spray to remove blood stains.

You can get rid of the remaining gray spots withusing stain remover, which is designed to remove food stains on colored clothing. Modern sparing stain removers are used by following the instructions. First, they treat the dry thing, rub the dirt with a brush, and then wash, adding the same tool to the water.

Remaining gray stains can be removed with a stain remover.

On sale you can buy sprays, pencils, powders and gels. All of them work equally well if they contain biologically active components.

When the tissue is completely clean of blood, a gray nondescript spot will remain on its surface.

If the question arose how to wash dried bloodwith clothes, you should remember that this is a difficult process. If stains appeared not so long ago, then the thing can be tried to be put in order. To do this, first dunk the thing in cold water. If necessary, change the water several times.

Blood stained items should be soaked in cold water.

Attention! When the tissue is completely cleansed of blood, a gray nondescript spot will remain on its surface. It can be treated with bio powder.

An old bloody stain turns black with time

If it is decided how to wipe away the old blood withclothes, you can try to clean the fabric of protein compounds using gentle stain removers that are suitable for white and colored linen. You need to choose a means of coping with food stains, and it will destroy the protein. The result will not always be satisfactory.

Thing soiled with blood, you can soak for a day in cold salty water

Blood is a complex structure containing in itscomposed of many biochemical compounds. In the external environment, it is destroyed by microorganisms, which additionally decompose tissue impregnated with biological fluid. An old stain becomes black, and the fabric under it decays.