Bonsai tree defies the laws of gravity

Flying skateboard, speakers floating in the air ...It seems that a person is ready to break the laws of gravity at every opportunity. But, despite the attractiveness of the idea of ​​having Marty McFly’s means of transport or unusual audio equipment, at this stage of technological development, the magnetic field finds its application in a decorative rather than practical context.

The invention of the company "Hoshinch" looks trulymagically: a tree hovering in the air rotates above a magnetic electrified platform. It does not carry any practical value, but it looks very, very cool.

This young, but already successful project,It is a system of two parts: the platform and the small sphere in which the plant is located. The device is capable of holding a sphere weighing up to 300 g at a height of just over 1.9 cm.

According to the laws on the import of goods company "Hoshinchu" notcan send sets with bonsai trees. Therefore, she works with manufacturers of bonsai trees and other plants in the United States to be able to coordinate their delivery. Otherwise, buyers would be forced to purchase a set worth $ 200, which would have to be collected independently. And yet such a plant can significantly diversify the interior and become one of the favorite home decorations for lovers of creative.