Gas cooktop

The kitchen is a room in which not only is cooking andeat food, but also a place for pleasant conversations over a cup of hot coffee. Much depends on the completeness of the room and the correct placement of furniture. Depends even more on the quality of household appliances and its functionality. Gas panel cooking - modern technology, which saves space, but not everyone knows about the intricacies of its choice.

In modern stores a range of brewingsurfaces has up to two thousand species. There are not so many manufacturers of such equipment, so you should remember the popular ones. Pricing policy allows the average buyer to find a suitable model for the cost.


The dimensions of the gas surface depend onspecific model. In standard versions, the width of the product varies from 60 to 90 cm, while the height - 3-10 cm. Manufacturers of hobs have developed special models for small-sized kitchens. All models of such products are combined in one line with the name "Domino". The width of this technique does not exceed 30 cm.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of gas panels include:

  • instant on and off technology;
  • there is the possibility of an accelerated change in the intensity of combustion;
  • low cost. This is especially noticeable in comparison with electrical and induction counterparts;
  • The shortcomings include:

  • open fire;
  • low, but still there, the likelihood of a gas leak;
  • high efficiency, because when burning a part of the gas just evaporates;
  • difficulties in the care;
  • Material

    For gas panels, as well as forelectrical, the main parameter is the material from which they are made. It depends on him the cost of cooking surfaces, features of their care and additional features with which the manufacturer can equip them. For example, a built-in gas hob can be not only 4 hotplates, but also have 5 or more additional sources.

    To choose the right product of this typeit is necessary to get acquainted with all the proposed options, the benefit of the modern market gives you the opportunity to choose, and the producers with each new season replenish it.

    So, a built-in gas hob is:

    1. Enamelled

    The low cost of the model range allowsto save the family budget, while the kitchen presentability will not suffer at all. For design ideas here, too, there is something to make a profit, because the enameled gas surfaces are presented in a wide range of colors.

    Care for panels of such materialhard enough, because abrasive substances or too hard washcloths can scratch them. Although enameled products and have high strength, but their surface is quite sensitive to mechanical damage.

    Gas panels of this type are not toomodern version, but they can boast almost the largest number of models (about 600), including many budget options. Gas cooktop bosch is also on the list.

    1. Stainless steel.

    Cooking surfaces from this materialmore popular than their counterparts, described above. In the modern market there are about 800 models. The pricing policy for such products allows the average buyer to consider several options.

    Stainless steel panels - the most practicaloption. Among their characteristics, the high strength of products, resistance to scratches and chips. To clean the surface of dirt you will need less time and effort than you spent on similar actions for enameled products.

    Stainless steel gas panels come in twospecies: polished and matte. The first variety looks quite impressive, but it quickly becomes dirty, since fingerprints and other spots are clearly visible on its surface. To clean the stainless steel panel you need to purchase special tools.

    1. Glass ceramics.

    In electric cooking surfaces thisthe material is used quite often, despite the high cost, but for gas panels, manufacturers use it infrequently. Glass-ceramic products look amazing, and special care is not needed.

    High conductivity of heat, which canboast material suitable for electrical panels, but in gas products this characteristic is undesirable. The market can offer only 60 models of glass-ceramic surfaces. The cost of such products is above average, but it fully pays off with high technical indicators.

    Gas cooking panels, the price of whichrises due to unnecessary characteristics, will never be in demand, although fans will still find. Given this fact, manufacturers have created an alternative.

    1. Tempered glass.

    This material appeared not so long ago, but already foundhigh popularity. Presentable and modern appearance played a significant role in this, although other characteristics were taken into account. Externally, tempered glass panels resemble glass-ceramic products, but their cost is slightly lower. The number of models that can be found on our market is close to 500.

    Clean tempered glass panels onepleasure. Their surface is so smooth that the leftover food is washed off with one easy movement. There are drawbacks to such products - they are easy to scratch, so you need to handle them very carefully. You can buy this type of gas hob at any specialty store.


    In standard models from 3 to 5 gas sources,which is optimal for the average family. In order to save space, you can choose a model such as a 2-burner gas panel. Surfaces of this type are only 25–30 cm wide, which is an indisputable advantage. In professional gas panels, the number of burners reaches 7.

    In modern models, there are expandableburners. This means that initially a small source of gas expands at the expense of additional sections, turning into an oblong or increased in diameter ring. This function will be needed by those who often cook dishes in a duck pod or use large pans.

    Gas hob can havethe same size and size of the burner or different. In standard models, the sources of gas in the diameter of 60-70 cm, while their power is 2,000 watts. On the gas panel can be auxiliary burners with a capacity of 3 500 and 1 000 watts. To increase the power of the burner, manufacturers began to make it with two or more rows of flame.

    There are also specific sources of gas, the purpose of which can be determined by the name:

  • hot plate fryer;
  • barbecue;
  • grill;
  • It is necessary to choose the amount of gas sources independing on the number of family members. By choosing a panel rather than a whole slab, buyers tend to "save" space. Manufacturers took into account this desire, so the hobs are placed on the principle of dominoes.

    Additional features

    The built-in gas cooktop can have such additions:

    1. Timer burner.

    Built-in mechanism shuts off gas aftercertain time specified by man. In some models, this additional element may emit a beep to alert you when food is ready.

    1. Gas control.

    Built-in mechanism that responds to temperature changes. With a sharp decrease in temperature due to accidental attenuation of fire, it will not allow gas to spread;

    1. Electrical ignition

    Eliminates the need for self-igniting burners.

    Choice of functional panel

    The functionality of the gas hob depends on the additional devices with which the manufacturer equips it. When choosing a panel, be sure to pay attention to the additional elements.

    1. Lattice stand.

    This product must have each gas hob on 4 burners. The grid-stand has several varieties, separated by the amount of captured surface. So:

  • whole;
  • individual;
  • sectional;
  • Individual coasters are very comfortable. This becomes especially noticeable when you have to wipe out runaway food. Stands can be cast iron, steel and made of enameled steel.

    1. Gas horns.

    This is another mandatory element of gascooking rings. The average number of burners on the panels is from 2 to 4, while they are all of different sizes. Cooking hob gas can have more gas sources.

    Modern models are equipped with multi-levelburners. These products produce much more gas than simple burners, and use them to prepare special dishes. There are sources of gas with opposite characteristics, that is, the gas supply to them is reduced. Such rings are used most often for cooking various cereals, vegetables and other dishes.

    The control system in gas panels is of two types: mechanical and electromechanical. In the second case, electric firing is provided, so it is safer from the point of view of the inclusion of burners.

    Switches are rotary (suchlocated in simple panels) and retractable. The latter type is famous for the fact that in the off state it completely “sinks” into the stove and it becomes impossible to regulate the gas supply. Modern magnetic switches completely remove it when removed from the panel.

    What panel to purchase?

    A wide range of products can confuse a simple buyer. To prevent this from happening, you need to know certain information.

    Gas hob must choose the hostessat home, because only she knows about cooking your favorite family dishes the most. If there is enough space in the kitchen, and the family is big and everyone loves tasty food, then it is better to buy a panel with four burners. This will allow you to cook as quickly as possible.

    Cooktop with lots ofburners can be purchased in cases where special utensils such as wok or roaster are used in daily life. It is the best of all to choose the laid-on lattice of individual or section type, because with their help the cleaning of the panel is simplified.

    Among materials, preference is best.give cast iron, as it is the most practical. Cast iron products are not amenable to deformation, and for a long time they keep the forms clean. Cast iron is a rather heavy material and it will be especially noticeable when choosing solid gratings, but for individual and sectional ones this characteristic remains practically imperceptible. If the financial side of the issue is not discussed, then preference should be given to cooking surfaces with electric ignition.

    Design, colors and more

    The appearance of the hob can be eitherclassical type, and modern. Among the colors there is also a small variety. The surface can be black, brown, white, silver or beige. Modern manufacturers tend to diversify their products, so the stores already have hobs with a unique design of the heating zone.

    About the main producers of gas cookingsurfaces you often hear on television. Here you can see some of the presented models, but you need to evaluate their functionality when visiting the store.

    All kitchen assistants should be practical andfunctional and gas surfaces are no exception. Modern models can not only heat the water, but also turn off the gas if the flame is flooded with water. Among the features, self-ignition, a time-controlling timer, practical regulators of gas supply and many others can be mentioned. Do not forget to check the serviceability of equipment in the store.