Making hand-made postcards

DIY handicrafts are nowat the peak of popularity, after all, ordinary postcards printed in a printing house have long since lost their relevance and many are trying to acquire or make original and unique greeting items with their own hands. Such cards will certainly leave positive emotions to the addressee, who will keep a piece of your soul.

Homemade birthday cards as a gift to mom

From an early age we are used to giving our motherDIY hand-made postcards After all, mother is the most dear person in our life, who shares sorrow and joy with us. Therefore, to whom, if not to her, to give a part of yourself, invested in the creation of a beautiful card. Whether it's March 8 or Birthday, or maybe some other reason, mother accepts our gifts with a smile. This tradition is so entrenched that even now it is very important to make such postcards, especially since a lot of modern materials have appeared that will help you create a truly masterpiece.

A hand-made postcard will always be a very valuable gift for mom.

If you decide to make a postcard, tofor example, for a birthday, with their own hands, then, apparently, they have already managed to get acquainted with the technique of application. Especially beautiful look volumetric applications made from ordinary, as well as unusual materials. For example, you can create dandelions or asters with the help of shavings from pencils, and beautiful butterflies from silk shreds, which are then attached with glue or threads.

You can make various elements for a postcard from pencil shavings, such as dandelions.

In fact, there are many techniquesthat allow you to create an original postcard. Later we will look at the main ones, but for the simplest you will need the usual materials that you have on hand. So, you can take a cardboard, draw on it a vase and a bouquet outline. You will also need colored paper, which you need to cut into small squares of different sizes, roll them into balls, with which you should then fill in the outline of the bouquet, after having planted it on glue. The result is fluffy flowers.

Paper lumpy appliqués will help to make a postcard.

Note that this card can be donatedonly mother, but also grandmother, teacher and even beloved woman, only decorating a postcard with the queen of flowers - a rose, which can be made with curly scissors, cutting a circle in a spiral and twisting the figure with a quilling tool.

Roses for cards can be made of paper, cut them in a spiral

Making cards using quilling technique

Handicrafts with their own hands in the technique of quilling are very popular, because it is quite clear and simple, and even children can master this technique.

To make such a postcard, you will need to stock up on colored paper, scissors, special tools for quilling, glue, and you can proceed. So:

  1. Take colored paper, distribute in 2 piles: in one there will be light shades, in the other dark ones. To create chrysanthemums, you need to cut light paper into strips of 2 cm, and dark - 3 cm.
  2. Put together the stripes of the same color, walk on them with scissors, making a fringe along one edge.
  3. Cut orange strips for the middle of chrysanthemums with a thickness of 5 mm, a special tool for quilling, twist them into circles. And to keep them well, glue them.
  4. Glue to the middle of a strip of dark color,Twist, fasten the tip with glue. It is important to glue the paper only end-to-end to get a beautiful transition. Then go to the light strip, which also needs to be fixed with glue, to twist and glue the tip.

Quilling card with chrysanthemums

Next, you should bend out layer by layer of chrysanthemum petals with the help of the same tool for quilling. The result will be volumetric flowers, and dark petals bend inward.

Postcard decorated with buttons

Perhaps, in each house there is a stock of variousButtons that can be successfully applied for making handmade DIY cards. For example, you can depict a tree figure on a postcard and decorate it with multi-colored buttons.

If it is necessary to characterize the time of the year on a postcard, you can do it with the help of the buttons that match the color

Advice! It will be appropriate to use the color of the buttons according tothe season in which the addressee was born. So, if he celebrates this event in winter, then white, blue, and blue will be most welcome, if in the fall, then red, brown, yellow, and in summer, various shades of green.

So, you need to take a light colored cardboard.A4 format, bend it in half. Then you should draw the outlines of the tree on green cardboard, cut the crown, fix it on the base with double sided tape.

Take the buttons, glue them to the crown. More beautiful will be handicrafts if they will be many. It remains to decorate the card with a fabric bow, which can be fixed anywhere in one of the corners.

A popular motif of postcards with buttons is the decoration of the crown of a tree.

Advice! By the way, this way you can decorate notebooks,make paintings and even decorate clothes. Looks very attractive and unusual. Moreover, the cost of materials is very minimal and, as a rule, are always at hand.

Craftsmen can create amazing paintings from buttons

Buttons can be a great addition to the decor of notebooks

Buttons can also revive familiar clothes.

Do-bookmarks from postcards do it yourself

You can make not only cards with your ownhands, but also various crafts directly from the cards themselves, focusing on the photos of products of other artists or inventing something unique. This activity is very interesting and exciting, especially for children. And as the material can serve as old postcards. It is a pleasure to make from such material, because it is very bright and does not cause inconvenience in the process of work.

From any old cards you can make bookmarks for books and caddies.

In the number of simple crafts, constructed from oldpostcards do it yourself, bookmarks are included. These products will always be relevant, especially for book lovers who constantly spend their free time reading them. So, you can bookmark the cards in different shades in the technique of weaving.

Weaving a bookmark from paper

For the manufacture of crafts, bookmarks you will need:

  • postcards;
  • pencil for marking;
  • ruler for marking blanks;
  • scissors;
  • good mood.
  • So let's get down to bookmarks:

    1. You should take a postcard, draw stripes of the same size on it, say, 1 cm.
    2. Cut the strips and bend each of them in half, bend the ends inward.
    3. Take 2 received blanks, insert the ends of one strip into the hole of the other and tighten.
    4. Take another lane, insert it into the opening on one of the sides of the collected bookmark, thus attaching all the workpiece.
    5. After assembling all the strips, glue the ends of the latter so that the product will not disintegrate in the future.

    Это был лишь небольшой мастер-класс изготовления такой поделки из открыток своими руками, в результате которого получится довольно симпатичная и практичная шкатулка. Делать её хоть и несложно, но всё же аккуратности и терпения она от вас потребует. Украсить её можно различными декоративными элементами, например, ракушками или бусинками. А внутреннюю часть можно украсить бархатом, посадив его на клей для прочности. Такая шкатулка станет отличной хранительницей ваших украшений и прочих мелочей.

    Кухонные шторы из открыток

    Помимо поделок из открыток своими руками, схема изготовления которых, как вы успели заметить, довольно проста, можно ещё сделать и необычные шторы для вашей кухни или дачи.

    Для их конструирования вам понадобятся:

  • открытки;
  • обычные канцелярские скрепки;
  • ножницы.

  • Making curtains from paper clips and old postcards

    The article presents only the main options.handicrafts from postcards. However, it all depends on your imagination. In addition to the presented products, you can also make Christmas tree decorations from old Christmas cards. For example, it can be a Christmas tree, which is made by cutting circles of different diameters from them, or Christmas tree toys (balls, bells, an asterisk, etc.), a New Year's wreath on the door.

    An interesting version of crafts from such material incalendar view. So, picking up a picture according to the time of year, you can create an original thing that will decorate your house. And to make a festive atmosphere will help the garland of the cards, which can make even a child. To do this, it is enough to cut from them the triangles of the desired size and, having made holes in them, strung on a string. As you can see, there are a lot of ideas where to attach seemingly unnecessary postcards, so you shouldn’t rush to throw them away, but rather make an original thing out of them.