How to make a hanging chair with your own hands?

Peace and tranquility - one might say, ofthe most important criteria when arranging the interior of a room in a house (apartment) or when refining with the help of a landscape design of a country yard. Suspended chair do-it-yourself will bring in this picture not only visual calm, but also physical relaxation and serene relaxation during its operation. Suspended chair is designed to lull a person and lead to a philosophical and thoughtful inference, with its direct use - dimensional rocking.

Types of hanging chairs

There are at least 6 versions of the hanging chairs that can be installed both indoors and in the inner summer courtyard, under the canopy of trees.

So this:

  1. Wicker hanging chair. It is a frame of two hoops, one of which is like an entrance to a chair, and the second is directly a seat. Braided this design with ropes. To enhance the skeleton of the composition, supports can be additionally installed between the hoops in the form of segments of other hoops corresponding in length;
  2. Hanging chair hammock. This form of a hanging chair is also comparable to a soft-hanging car seat, entwined with a cloth. Convenient in that it has comfortable adjustable dimensions and ease of installation;
  3. Suspended chair to the ceiling or vice versaprototype? hanging chair, which is installed on the rack. The advantage of hanging design on the rack is convenient in that it is portable. However, the chair suspended from the ceiling also has its zest - the design will take less space in the room and will withstand the greater weight of the person resting in it;
  4. Suspended rattan chair with a rigid frame. It is made from a rod, acrylic or durable plastic. At the same time, it is very difficult to perform this type of mounted chair by yourself. For a comfortable stay in such a chair, its seat is decorated with soft pillows or miniature mattresses;
  5. Suspended chair cocoon. It is remarkable by the fact that three-fourths are hidden by rope braided walls, made using the macrame technique. Ideal modification of a trailing chair for those who dream of solitude;
  6. Chair swing hanging in the form of a drop. Such a chair is more suitable for children, as it has an association with a small cozy house, in which the child can feel like in a shelter and forget for a while about the surrounding world.

All these models can be found in many Ikea stores, while the hanging chair itself, as well as its component parts, are relatively expensive, and buying it will be just a matter of time and desire.

However, for those who intend to make suspendedarmchair with your own hands, also do not despair. Make your own? individual and ordinary hanging chair, you can follow the elementary scheme below.

Standard design of the suspended chair

In order to make an elementary and simple hanging chair, you will need to purchase the following list of materials and tools:

  1. Two hoops, different in diameter from metal-plastic, or PVC pipes, which then will need to be rounded off and give them the desired round shape.
  2. Strong cords and polyamide yarns for fastening hoops.
  3. Slings, wooden rods and foam tapes (you can use either adhesive tape or glue instead of tapes).
  4. Construction tape measure (or measuring tape), scissors, needles, cotton threads and a knife.

In the case, if the seat is supposed to be subsequently sheathed with a cloth, then in addition you will need to purchase a little padding polyester, for padding the seat and backrest.