Classic style living room furniture

The classic style of interior design does not passtheir positions for several decades. Such interiors are not chosen by chance, because they are able to emphasize the status of the owner of the property, the subtlety and elegance of her taste. Furniture for the living room in a classic style should be chosen appropriate, because the main task is to create a harmonious interior.

The secret of popularity

Creative concepts of the past are still foundreflected in modernity. As a result, manufacturers offer chic samples of furniture that preserve the beauty of antiquity, but look modern in style and comfort. Thanks to perfect proportions and laconic forms, classic living room furniture is a model of quality, style and perfection. But it is still distinguished by its fundamentality, elitism and elegance, while maintaining functionality and comfort.

The composition of classical furniture: showcase

Showcase for the living room (classic) - this is the mostbeautiful attribute of a furniture set. It harmonizes with roominess with color and decorative solution. Therefore, such kits ideally fit into any classic interior. The showcase in the living room is a compact but spacious wardrobe, complemented by transparent glass doors. This element of furniture has its own specific features, as it can consist of completely glass sections or have one or two closed. In the traditional version of the doors are decorated with glass - frosted or transparent, welcome decoration with gilding or silvering, which gives the furniture a chic appearance.

When choosing, you should pay attention to some nuances:

  1. Type of display case: it can be open or combined, that is, with closed sections.
  2. Features of installation. The showcase can be located and positioned as a separate cabinet, and can go as an addition to a solid classic headset.

Attention to the sofa

Even the classic interior style suggeststhe presence of a sofa in it. To meet the trends of this direction, it is important that the sofa was made of valuable wood - walnut, oak, yew, beech, cherry. The classic sofa for the living room is expensive, has a simple design, but no one has canceled its chic appearance. For emphasis on luxury, upholstery is made with expensive textiles - velvet, brocade, satin, and sometimes precious metals. So, the decoration of sofas can be quite made with semi-precious stones - agate, amethyst, jasper, lapis lazuli ...

Especially spectacular interior can be createdusing a one-piece furniture set consisting of a sofa, armchairs, a dresser and a coffee table. Made from natural materials, they are finished with varnish and veneer, complemented by decorative design of semi-circular backs and carved curved legs.

Furniture sets

Furniture for the living room in a classic style in the photo looks fashionable, despite the preservation in the production of traditional trends. Such elements of furniture immediately catch the eye:

  • light or dark wood is used for production;
  • finish is made of gold, carving;
  • upholstery with natural fabrics - velor, velvet, tapestry, elegant patterns are particularly relevant;
  • use for decoration of facades silk screening technique, which imitates different effects;
  • high-quality coating that provides a glossy gloss, protecting the furniture from mechanical impact;
  • highlight of the furniture in the living room in the style of a classic - in curved backs and legs, which tell about the aristocracy of your interior;
  • chic headsets can be complemented with inlaid precious or semi-precious stones.

  • The wall in the living room in a classic style should be symmetrical and unique in terms of design. In this case, the headset will be in harmony with any space.

    Chic Italian Furniture

    Supplier of the most stylish and most genuineClassic furniture are Italian manufacturers. So if you want to emphasize your sophisticated taste, this can be done through the collections of leading world brands - Cassina, Savio Firmino, Francesco Molon, Poltrona Frau. In the collection of these brands there are samples of Venetian furniture of the XVII-XVIII centuries, when legs were used in the form of a “lion's paw”, silver leaf and patching, and artificial aging of the tree. Such touches can give furniture eternal value.

    Exclusive classic living room furniture(photo shows all the variety of such sets) can be performed in the English style and the direction of Baroque, Gothic, Rococo. These headsets are elegant, although they are different restraint and monumentality. Emphasize the individuality of the interior with stylish classic furniture!